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Who's Fault Was The Massacre In Uvalde, Texas?
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Minister Ty Alexander
When the Uvalde, Texas school shooting happened last week, I knew I would need to speak about it because people continue to wonder why God would let children be murdered, and they incorrectly focus on gun control as the best way to deal with shootings like this.

Ten days before that shooting was another broadly covered mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, and just yesterday, another mass shooting happened at a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma[1.1]. The gunmen in all three of these shootings used AR-15 style assault rifles and two of them were only 18 years old.

The nation is right to be angry about these incidents, and many people want to raise age limits and enact restrictions for assault rifles and other military style firearms, including President Biden as he said in his national address last night. But are these legal restrictions going to prevent further mass shootings or other gun violence?

There’s more to these issues that the Lord wants me to speak about, as I saw that the Uvalde shooting happened only 3 days before the NRA (National Rifle Association) held its annual meeting in Houston, Texas, and just yesterday, I found the Uvalde shooting was the 213th mass shooting in the United States this year. 213 is not only a high number for only 5 months, but the Lord also gave more meaning to the number 213 years ago (see 213 in The Meaning of Numbers for details).

It relates to the very end of our age, which we are living in now, just before the return of Christ. But moreover, the Lord has guided me to speak much in recent months of Biblical prophecy unfolding now and that God’s judgments are coming upon the whole world, including the church and believing communities (see God’s Alarm for more).

In those proclamations, I stated many times that because of His People’s sin, God will forget the children (Hosea 4:6), and so in recent months, especially, we have seen much tragedy happening to children and families, like in Ukraine and now with recent shootings. But these are not recent trends. They started long before this year and before the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the more recent tribulations, like the pandemic, much increased violence and crime since then, and other more frequent and severe natural disasters, are God’s exclamation points or more serious alarm calls to make the world, and especially His People, take heed.

These tribulations fulfill Old Testament prophecy about the Day of the Lord being dark and not light and full of terror, pit, and snare (Amos 5:18-20; Isaiah 24:17-18). So the 213 link with the Uvalde shooting also has to do with the end times, The Day of the Lord, and how they bring the Lord’s judgment on communities who have let sin overrun their lives.

How can so many grade school children be killed when schools, law enforcement, and communities have been preparing to prevent and mitigate school shootings for many years now? It’s because they’ve lost the protections and blessings from the Lord because of unaddressed sin. That not only removed blessing and protection from God, but it brought the opposite – judgment from God – which is what we are also seeing in Ukraine and why you saw the Uvalde shooter did not get much resistance from law enforcement for so long. He killed nearly two entire classrooms and was in the school for about an hour.

Instead of superficial remedies, nations and communities should be focusing on fixing their darkness and sins. They are focusing on fixing the wrong things, like increasing security and trying to restrict gun ownership.

It’s true more restrictions for firearms can prevent crime and death, like when there was a ban on assault weapons decades before. This is a point why the Uvalde shooting and NRA meeting were closely timed. The Lord is trying to point out that gun advocates are too blinded by freedom and greed to enact sensible restrictions, such as raising the age limit to buy assault weapons and having universal background checks for all firearms.

However, restricting firearms is not the biggest issue and gun access is not the root of the problem. There was also a large increase in violent crime since the pandemic started in 2020[1.3], many of which are not gun related. This was why 213 and sin was brought up.

What is turning people, some very young, into violent criminals and killers? Can you make righteous judgment?

It is not the guns. It is the fault of society, families, teachers, and leaders that allow so much sin to saturate their lives that they do not prevent children, like these recent 18-year-old shooters, from becoming so isolated and hopeless, or so isolated and deceived by lies, that they turn into hateful, remorseless, lost souls.

The 18-year-old Uvalde shooter was isolated and bullied in his small community[1.2]. The Buffalo shooter was a young white supremist full of hate. But the Tulsa shooter was a much older black man. What do these people have in common with each other and all violent criminals?

Sin from the community and themselves had so saturated them in the years leading up to their crimes, that they were desensitized to what is wrong and they lost their sense of morality. And because they did not have sufficient Godly moral support or love, the forces of evil that try to derail us all got complete control over them.

It is their communities and families that have failed to uphold what is right, which in turn allows children to grow up without correct morals, so that their own sins further compound the sin and darkness their communities have allowed to remain. I speak of believing communities in the same light as all others. What I’ve seen happening in communities and congregations professing to be People of God is absolutely shameful. Too shameful to repeat here.

What are your spiritual and community leaders doing to address what is in front of them? Let it not be like the bishops in the Twin Cities here urging more security in schools, but instead may you and your leaders make wise and righteous judgment.

Remove sin and darkness from your midst, do not tolerate bullying, sexual harassment, or any indecent behavior, and instead of isolating individuals who are having trouble, give them empathy, encouragement, and love, so you’re not cultivating another generation of immoral, lost souls, or condemning your own communities in the times ahead.

Wisdom, discernment, and strength to combat the challenges in your communities be on you all, through Mashiach Yeshua (Christ Jesus). Amen.

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Update - God's links with Uvalde and Highland Park Shootings 7/6/2022
In the original Uvalde mass shooting post, I noted that God marked it with the number 213 for a reason. Now, just a couple days ago on July 4th, America’s Independence Day, I also noted the Lord marked the mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois...
, where a gunman killed 7 people and shot about 40 people attending a small-town Independence Day parade.

Soon after initial news reports about the shooting, I also saw reports that it was the 309th mass shooting in America this year[2.1, 2.2]. The Lord marked Uvalde as shooting number 213 to reinforce the fact that the harsh times of the very end of this age are bringing God’s judgment into all communities because of their sin.

Now the Lord marked the Highland Park shooting with 309, which is a number I was guided on to mean “To go too far or act fruitlessly,” so on July 4th, I updated The Meaning Of Numbers to note what God was referring to with this shooting and 309.

Because the shooting happened on Independence Day and I know the Lord is very angry with this country’s handling of sin and what is right, I also knew the Lord was saying the United States, especially, but also Western Society that emulates American values, is in the state of 309 now and has gone too far into societal corruption and has acted fruitlessly with insufficient gun laws.

If this society does not return to true righteousness with God swiftly, it will not be able to experience God’s renewal, peace, or blessing without having to go through much more judgment and Tribulation. I fear it is too late now for it to turn away from its ways. Sin and darkness - hate, anger, lust, greed, fear, and pride – are not so easily given up by the people.

Some years ago, I already thought it was too late for America’s problem with violence in communities and in law enforcement, because society is too saturated with violent, hateful, and fearful values, and the most threatening individuals are lethally armed. People have suggested law enforcement be trained more in de-escalation and non-lethal tactics, but when you are an officer faced daily with a belligerent and lethally armed public, can you blame law enforcement for being fearful of their lives and more anxious to use force?

Many people in minority communities complain about being fearful of law enforcement, but think more carefully why law enforcement is so anxious. Do not be so quick to blame when you have not walked in their shoes.

Still, it does not excuse the overuse of force by law enforcement, such as in the police shooting of Jayland Walker in Akron, Ohio last week, where eight officers fired 70-some rounds at Jayland when he ran unarmed[2.3]. Law enforcement stated that the officers acted as they were trained, some of them reloading their gun clips after emptying it. What justification is there to fire more than a few bullets into an unarmed person? Officers should be trained to assess threats before and after firing, instead of simply neutralizing perceived threats.

But critiquing law enforcement is not the main purpose of this post. I also noted that the number of deaths from the Highland Park shooting climbed to 7, which reminded me of the meaning of that number and how God also used it to say that other deadly events were judgment from Him, so like the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, the Highland Park shooting is also God’s judgment on the community.

It is another big EXCLAMATION POINT to the world to say that God’s blessings and protections on peoples, communities, and nations is removed and God’s judgments will continue to come, whether they are believers or not. Many victims I've seen in tragedies are Christian and Jewish (at least three people killed in the Highland Park shooting were Jewish).

The United States and nations were warned that God’s blessings were being removed decades ago when He allowed terrorists to attack New York City and the Pentagon on 9/11 in 2001. Jonathan Cahn talked about this reality in his 2011 book, The Harbinger, (also see 9/11 Prophecy) and noted that like the protection of the Northern Kingdom of Israel in ancient times was removed to allow the Assyrians to invade because of her sins, the 9/11 attacks were also God’s warning of protection and blessing removed from the United States and Western World.

Jonathan also noted that if the country did not repent and turn away from sin, further and worse judgment would come, which did happen to the rest of Israel after northern Israel fell. The Southern Kingdom of Judah centered at Jerusalem fell to the Kingdom of Babylon under King Nebuchadnezzar because of the people’s continued sin, and the whole nation went into exile.

This ancient history foreshadows what is to come for God’s People today, because like Jonathan stated, referring to Isaiah 9, the people are prideful and arrogant of heart (Isaiah 9:9), unable to see or accept their wrongs, so when they see their bricks have fallen down, they say, But we will rebuild with smooth stones. The sycamores have been cut down, but we will replace them with cedars (Isaiah 9:10).

They are stating they will build back better and stronger to withstand future attacks. Doesn’t this sound familiar? One of President Biden’s slogans is, “Build back better,” and former President Trump emphasized making America strong again. Jonathan also noted in his book that multiple prominent politicians made similar comments after 9/11, and I’m sure many of you remember those sentiments decades ago – America will be resolute and stand strong; We will rebuild.

But what is happening when people don’t see the reason why they have to rebuild? Instead of seeing their sins brought God’s judgment, they think they are blameless and were not brought down by God, but only by evil in the world. There is no recognition of their sin, so God says, Therefore the Lord Yahovah raises superior adversaries against them… and provokes their enemies… and they devour Israel with gaping jaws. In spite of all this, His anger does not turn away, and His hand is still stretched out (Isaiah 9:11), and so the rest of Israel came to judgment.

Did you see God’s linking to the terrorist attacks on 9/11 with the last verse? It is Isaiah 9:11.

Let you not be blind as the rest of the world is to sin and darkness in even your believing communities, but have the strength and wisdom to leave it and keep walking into further maturity and righteousness with the Lord, so that you would be blessed and protected in these times. Leaving the ways of the Harlot Babylon as I have been talking about is an important part of that (see God's Alarm for more), so be of sober mind to walk in the truth, through Mashiach Yeshua (Christ Jesus). Amen.

[2.1] "USA has so far witnessed 309 mass shootings in 2022; including Chicago, Illinois massacre: Gun Violence Archive". Times Now. 2022 Jul. 4. Retrieved 2022 Jul. 4

[2.2] Saeed Ahmed. "Halfway through year, America has already seen at least 309 mass shootings". NPR (National Public Radio).2022 Jul. 4. Retrieved 2022 Jul. 4

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Update - God gives more proof of His judgment 7/17/2022
Last week, I noticed news reports stated the Uvalde shooter was in the school for 77 minutes before law enforcement confronted him[3.1, 3.2]. After video was made public that showed the police waiting in the hallways for over an hour while the shooter was still firing, many expressed outrage at the lax and cowardly response.

This made most people blame the police for all the deaths, which included 19 young children. That kind of response to obvious threats truly highlights the problems in society that I've been pointing out - insufficient and lax response to sin in our communities is the main cause of so much more violence and crime being perpetrated.

But if you read the previous posts here, you also know that it was God’s judgment that is another cause for this and many other tragedies. It was God’s will the police did not take down the shooter until 77 minutes passed, as 77 is two sevens, and seven is a significant number that goes with God to mean completeness and divinity.

Earlier this year, I pointed out sevens in a tornado disaster to say it was God’s judgment, and in the last update I brought up Jonathan Cahn’s book about 9/11, which also showed that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were God’s judgment. Now, the Lord is highlighting sevens again with Uvalde, so I will also bring up that Jonathan’s book after The Harbinger brought up much more evidence about the shemitah, or seventh sabbatical year, that links it and the number seven to God’s judgments on the world and especially the United States.

In that book, The Mystery Of The Shemitah, Chapter 15, “The Mystery Of Sevens,”[3.3] is full of references to the number seven that miraculously link to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, such as 9/11 happened seven days before the stock market crashed, the market lost 7% of its value in that crash, 777 stock market points were lost in the last day of the seventh (shemitah) year, and when periods of hours and minutes were tracked, Jonathan found that the 9/11 airplane strikes happened within the seventh hour and a cycle of seven minutes.

These sevens show obvious links to God’s judgment, just as I have been showing with other numeric guidance through the years. So despite the insufficient response from law enforcement in the Uvalde shooting, people still need to see the real reasons why their communities are suffering major tragedies. God is saying, Look at yourselves before making accusations and change your ways to come out of sin. That is how you will come to know the better parts of seven – God’s blessings and divine protection.

[3.1] Gareth Evans. "Uvalde shooting: Families express anger at leaked video of school attack". BBC News. 2022 Jul. 13. Retrieved 2022 Jul. 17.

[3.2] Uriel J. Garcia. "Uvalde residents frustrated with officials over finger pointing, conflicting accounts and leaked video". The Texas Tribune. 2022 Jul. 15. Retrieved 2022 Jul. 17.

[3.3]  Cahn, Jonathan. The Mystery Of The Shemitah. Chapter 15. "The Mystery of Sevens". pgs. 147-153. Lake Mary, Florida. FrontLine. 2014. Print.

Update - God gives more proof of the Day of the Lord 6/9/2023
I recently noticed a news article citing gun violence trends are at all time highs and now amount to 1 person being killed every 11 minutes, and more than half of those deaths are suicides[4.1]. I noted the 1 every 11 minutes was a 111 number link that goes with the numeric links God already gave with gun violence before (above).

In this thread, God linked gun violence to the numbers 7 and 213, which referred to God and His judgment coming at the end of the age, respectively. 111, though, refers to the beginning of this age. Why would He have the link come up a year after showing the links with 213 about the end of the age?

The number 111 also represents God's presence and power coming to completeness for the Christian Age (see 111 in The Meaning of Numbers for details), and this time the Spirit revealed the 111 link here gives more affirmation to Biblical prophecy about The Day of the Lord, which I proclaimed had begun in recent years beginning with the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. This Day of the Lord is when judgment upon judgment (terror, pit, and snare) is coming upon all people of the world, which I have noted many, many times includes people of believing communities (see God's Alarm for more).

God is giving more affirmation that prophecy and His judgments at the end of the age, our days now, are truly coming to fulfillment. This goes with multitudes of affirmation or wonders in the sky and on the earth (Joel 2:30) that I have been speaking of for years now (see Predestined and God's Alarm for more) and which accompany the great and awesome Day of the Lord Yahovah (Joel 2:31; Isaiah 24:17-23; Amos 5:18-27). If you have seen my testimonies, you know how much and significant God's affirmations of the truth are - they cannot be faked by any human nor devil - yet God sees it fit to continue giving affirmation like this.

Why? Because His people everywhere are stubborn and cling to lies and false teaching, not showing much change despite being given clear rebuke and correction. They give partiality and remain loyal to their own, which is against righteous judgment (James 2:1-9; 1 Timothy 5:21; Leviticus 19:15; Deuteronomy 1:17, 16:19; Job 10:13; Psalm 82:2; Proverbs 18:5, 24:23, 28:21). How forceful must the Lord be for His people to heed? Many of the chosen will continue to turn away, but praise be to the Lord in His lovingkindness, He continues to give these signs and affirmations to everyone and anyone who would heed and change. May you be one of those who understand and come to walk in purity of loyalty to God through Christ as He has been urging... (see God's Alarm for more).


[4.1] Scott Neuman. "Gun deaths hit their highest level ever in 2021, with 1 person dead every 11 minutes". MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) and NPR (National Public Radio). 2023 Jun. 6. Retrieved 2023 Jun. 9.

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