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  • Why $18? The number 18 symbolizes Life because the Hebrew word, chai ( חי ), has a value of 18. Pronounced like English, Hi, but with more of a 'k' sound, it is a popular word used to symbolize life in God. Chai pendants are common and Jews often like to donate in multiples of 18 because of these links.
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When you help here, you help God's kingdom heal from the wounds of sin and affliction

You also get the most detailed and accurate teaching from God that was never given anywhere else.
Go through it here and see for yourself if that is not true...

It was refined from decades of hands-on exerience in God's good fight,
so may you heed God's counsel when He said,

Buy from Him, gold refined by fire so you would be rich,
white garments so the shame of sins would be covered,
and eye salve so that you would see true
(Revelation 3:18).

The refined gold this ministry shares is unlike what is found elsewhere
because God prepared it for the end of this age which we are living now.

The eye salve here will let you see the world and God's kingdom in much truer ways, as well,
because what is false and impure was removed from teaching through many years of doctrinal evaluation.

And the white garments you put on from this ministry's help and teaching will atone
and break the chains of darkness in ways that other ministries often fail to do,
because of their lack of real world, "field" experience in spiritual matters.

Would you rather be treated by doctors who learned simply from social media and reading books,
even if it was the Bible and in seminary or religious academia?

Or would you want doctors approved by God through many years of field experience?

True Biblical prophecy, was and continues to be revealed by this ministry unlike all others,
but if you do not seek further knowledge or help to share it,
then how do you benefit your spiritual growth or the well-being of God's kingdom?

Remaining in the same ways and teachings that have had God's people
living in sin now and through the millennia won't heal God's kingdom or the people.

Alternately, you may support us with a one-time or recurring donations here...
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*NOTES: For details on what tithe funds are spent on, see the Donate page. A standard transaction fee of about 2.6% will be taken out of your payments by the payment processor (PayPal), so half of a subscription going to tithe refers to half of funds actually received from the payment processor.

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