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How Much Do You Value Pure Living Water?
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Minister Ty Alexander
Water purification has been a subject I've been interested in for some years because of the need to verify local well water for household use. And long before that, I noted LifeStraw, a portable water purification straw, was something useful for an outdoor enthusiast. I remember when LifeStraws first started becoming popular to American consumers about 10 years ago. I heard of many reports of people rushing for the novelty of having this small device you could take to drink water anywhere - lakes, streams, and mud puddles wherever you could pitch a tent or hike.

The novelty of it outweighed common sense, though, as I also heard of people posting videos of themselves using LifeStraws with raw sewage. The claims of the early LifeStraw products to filter out 99.99% of bacteria, protozoa, and parasites made people feel very comfortable using it anywhere they thought they could, even with sewage. However, popular water filtering products like LifeStraw, Pur, Brita, etc., often do NOT filter out chemicals, like sulfur, chlorine, and salt, and smaller contagions, like viruses, that are also often found in ground water and sewage (some higher end LifeStraw and other water filtering products can filter out most viruses and some types of chemicals).

I found out the limitations of water filtering products when I looked for the best ways to make well water drinkable. Purifying water isn't as simple as it seems, and that analogy very much goes with God's Living Water in scripture and other spiritual guidance and teaching. Ever since I started ministry, I've seen believers, new ones, especially, come into the novelty of a brand new, blessed life with God that very much is the same as how naive water filtering customers ran about sucking up sewage, thinking they were totally protected from harm.

Some ministries and denominations even make claims, like water filtering companies do, saying they filter out 99.9999999% of contaminants. "Pure," "Uncorrupted" doctrine, "Inerrant scripture," and the "Original Teachings" of Christ and His disciples are claims I've seen in sects of all kinds, but what God has clearly taught me in the decades since He brought me to ministry is that even the most learned are often also the most blind about what truly is false teaching and false spiritual guidance.

You should be very wary with any ministry or preacher that claims "pure, inerrant, or original" teaching, because the people of God in all sects - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - have been drinking up vast amounts of horribly contaminated water for the millennia, thinking they have infallible LifeStraws to protect them from the influences of demonic doctrine and the darkness of their own incorrect interpretations of God's word and guidance.

Unfortunately, since the last days of the first apostles, there have been no religious sects in Christianity or anywhere else to even have close to 99% purity in the teachings they've made and consumed, even when they've been blessed by God's Spirit within - God's Mind which we must have to correctly understand and interpret the scriptures, For who knows the thoughts of a person except the spirit of the person that is in him? So also the thoughts of God no one knows, except the Spirit of God (1 Corinthians 2:11).

Those who are experienced and wise in God's counsel know these things and will never claim infallibility with scripture or spiritual guidance, because they know how translation, interpretation, and the influences of the dark spiritual powers affect thinking and spiritual guidance. There is no truly pure source of God's Living Water in people today, and knowing the reality of spiritual things, I doubt anyone ever had a pure, infallible connection to God. Even Moses/Moshe failed to walk with God in perfection and so God never allowed him to enter the Promised Land (Deuteronomy/Devarim 3:23-2, 34:1-7).

Where do you think that puts every other preacher who has lived a life of drinking badly contaminated Living Water?

Though I cannot claim perfection, I can state my anointment as an approved workman for God in Mashiach Yeshua (Christ Jesus) is true (see Predestined and The meaning of 727 for more). The Lord has commended my teaching and dedication to Him and what is good and true. He assigned me to a higher station which has given you many insights into scripture and the reality of our days that you cannot get with any other teacher for the Lord. If you do not believe that, then why do you remain here?

And so I must go back to the analogy of purifying water, which making 99.99999999% pure is not simple or easy. Most of this ministry's work has been to clean up what the church has gotten wrong and it was not done with a quick and easy "LifeStraw," but with much hard work walking with the Lord to show me in first-hand, real-life experiences what is good and true. This ministry is not based simply from book learning and academic study, but also from much hands-on spiritual work.

How much is the wisdom, help, and counsel that God gives in this ministry worth to you?

Like a high quality water filtration system that removes 99.99999999% of harmful and undesirable chemicals, parasites, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens (bad and false teachings and spiritual guidance), this ministry cannot function cheaply.

If you value the spiritual health of yourself, your loved ones, and that of all of God's people, then you would value what this ministry does. May you help with your subscription or donation. Thank you for anything you give with the grace and blessings of Yahovah El Elyon, God Most High, in Mashiach Yeshua, our Eternal and Sovereign Savior Messiah. Amen.

3rd Compass -> Group News and Articles -> How Much Do You Value Pure Living Water?


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