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Terms of Service & Account Usage Policy (Reference)
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Minister Ty Alexander
All Website and Account Users at 3rdCompass.org are required to adhere to the following Terms of Service:
  • You (User) acknowledge that use of the 3rdCompass.org site or your account constitutes acceptance of the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.
  • User acknowledges that Content at 3rdCompass.org is copyrighted by Christ Hephzibah Church and relevant authors and producers of material. All rights are reserved to the copyright owners.
  • User acknowledges that access to any 3rdCompass.org content does not give rights to redistribute, resell, or use Content in unauthorized ways. Content cannot be used for profit without written permission. Permission is granted for making short quotations with appropriate citation and to use 3rdCompass.org Content for private, personal use. Use of Content for external ministries is granted as long as proper reference and citation to the author(s) and/or website link is given with the material. Citation text can be gotten from the Cite button on the right side of 3rdCompass.org pages.
  • User agrees to use common rules of social conduct when participating in public discussions or collaboration and when posting material (such as in comments, forums, articles, blogs, journals, etc.). Obscene language or images, personal attacks, pornography, criminal activity, and anything judged inappropriate by 3rdCompass.org Administration will not be tolerated.
  • User will not use any 3rdCompass.org services, identity, or Content for illegal purposes, including but not limited to spamming, sending unsolicited advertising, phishing, identity theft, distributing viruses, spyware, malware, or for posting or sharing copyrighted images, text, files, music, video, media and other materials that are not in the Public Domain or under User's copyright without permission of the copyright holder(s) unless it is judged to be "fair use" by 3rdCompass.org Administration.
  • User acknowledges that children under 14 years old are not allowed to request or maintain an account at 3rdCompass.org.
  • User acknowledges that 3rdCompass.org Administration or Moderators may edit or remove material that is in violation of this agreement. Serious misconduct may result in the User being removed from participation and membership.
  • User acknowledges that conduct in violation of this agreement may have their account(s) terminated at 3rdCompass.org Administration's discretion, and that refunds for subscription services may not be issued to terminated Users.
  • 3rdCompass.org Administration reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time.

3rd Compass -> Group News and Articles -> Terms of Service & Account Usage Policy


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