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Oh, Israel, if only you knew what makes for peace (Prophecy)
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Minister Ty Alexander
Recently, I saw news reports of 222 hostages still being held by Hamas in Gaza after their attack on the border towns of Israel on October 7th[1.1]. This number does not include the four female hostages that were released in the past week or so, but what I noted about 222 here was that it reminded me of speaking about the meaning of that number only a couple of days before (see Gems That Prove Destiny, True Love, and Christ Are Real).

What was important about my speaking of 222, or really re-stating it, because the contents of the article were originally posted about a year and a half ago at a different site that is tailored more for nonbelievers and the less spiritually mature. If you saw the Gems That Prove Destiny, True Love, and Christ Are Real posting on Friday, you know that God’s meaning of 222 is all about full and true love from and for God, which must include obedience to His commands.

So when I saw that 222 hostages were still being held, I felt the Lord wanted me to talk about why they and Israel are in this situation in the first place. Now, I’ve been seeing a lot of news and commentary, mostly from the Jewish and Israeli communities, that are hyper-defensive about being blamed in any way for the Hamas attack on October 7. Many people are also shunning “victim blaming,” which largely comes from trying to reduce the trauma of victims.

However, if you read what I stated about the Hamas attack, you also know it was God’s judgment on Israel and the Jewish community, which is proven by God’s own words of prophecy (see The significance of Israel under attack on Shemini Atzeret 2023 for more), and the truth that Judaism continues to fail in fulfilling the Law of Moses/Moshe as God said is required, as well as address other sins (see God's offering to All in Judaism for more).

Trying to prevent victim blaming may seem good on the outset, but one thing it prevents is acknowledgment of things done wrong that contributed to what happened. In other words, it prevents repentance and coming out of sins, so you should not be surprised that eliminating victim blaming is not what God wants. We should be as sensitive as possible for a situation, but we should not ignore things that are significant factors in bad events. Keep that in mind as you read this.

Many will label me insensitive or even antisemitic for placing any blame on Israel or Jews, but I will remind that seeing things as they truly are and making righteous, unbiased judgment, instead of covering your eyes and ears will bring you to maturity and blessing when you leave the sins that brought these things, because you acknowledged God and the truth. Remember how God is most gracious to and blesses those who repent, but the stubborn and arrogant He will leave to their own devices (Psalm 81:11-12/Tehillim 81:12-13; Proverbs/Mishlei 1:23-33; also Titus 3:9-11; 2 Thessalonians 3:14-15).

After all I’ve said before about these events, if you cannot see how God turned away from Israel and Judaism in the attack by Hamas and the consequent war, then I urge you to seek temperance, zoom out, and refocus to see the whole picture. It is a more complicated picture than many people want to portray because of their biases.

Israel stopped issuing visas to UN (United Nations) officials because they condemn UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ words about the Hamas attack, like “[It] did not happen in a vacuum”[1.2] because “The Palestinian people have been subjected to 56 years of suffocating occupation. They have seen their land steadily devoured by settlements and plagued by violence; their economy stifled; their people displaced and their homes demolished. Their hopes for a political solution to their plight have been vanishing”[1.3].

In response, an Israeli lawmaker said, Guterres’ remarks were “truly insane,” and the Israeli Foreign Ministry stated, “The UN Secretary-General must retract his words, engage in deep personal soul-searching and apologize for his statement, which distressed millions of Israelis who are still experiencing the consequences of the murderous terrorist attack of October 7”[1.2].

After seeing all these ultra-defensive responses and lack of any accountability by Israel and Judaism, I lament and am reminded of when the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) approached Jerusalem and wept over it, saying, If you had known on this day, even you, what is needed for peace. But now it is hidden outside of your eyes (Luke 19:41-42), and it has remained so to this day.

I translated Yeshua’s words, But now it is hidden outside of your eyes when most translations only say hidden, because the original Greek uses two words that are translated as simply hidden by most Bibles, εκρυβη απο (krypto apo). Krypto, which means to hide or conceal, is familiar to most because of its relation to the word crypto. But apo modifies krypto and means “of separation; of separation of a part from a whole; any separation of one thing from another; of origin; of origin of cause”[1.4].

The meaning of apo in this verse is very telling of what God is saying about Judaism when He cried over Jerusalem – They do not know what is needed for peace because they chose to cover up the truth of their sins; separated the truth from the whole picture, which also covered up the origin of cause for their troubles and not having peace.

The real meaning of 222 is about full, complete love from and for God, which must include obedience to His commands, so God wants this number highlighted with the remaining hostages to also highlight the origin of cause for what is happening and what has happened throughout Jewish history. Secretary-General Guterres was right that the attack on Israel didn’t happen in a vacuum, but it isn’t all about Hamas or Palestinians either. It is about Israel and Judaism not being able to leave ways that have them living in sin.

The other week I said The Times of Israel removed all public posts from their articles because I had responded to Israel and Judaism on various issues. They were God’s appeals to have them understand the whole truth and leave the Old Law. Today, I saw that The Times of Israel put back public posts, which I was glad for because God’s words would continue to reach Judaism. However, the Lord had me double-check their site on a different web browser where I was not logged in.

I saw that many public comments were still not made public and the ones I made, which I could see on my usual browser, were also hidden from sight for everyone else. Before you blame The Times of Israel for being deceptive or sneaky, you should know this hiding of comments is also done on Facebook and YouTube. They say it's supposed to defuse arguments. Still, preventing people from seeing things that are meant to help them is not good. It makes apparent the destructive cycle that Israel and Judaism continue in to deliberately reject God and the truth, to krypto apo – hide and separate – them at great loss to their path to peace with God.

So now, in order that God’s words may come to any who may find them, I will post here what was posted at various Times of Israel articles in the past but were not already copied on this site, such as at What Man Has Broken, God Can Fix, Daughter Israel, Make Right Your Ways, and Another Call To Israel.
9/28/2023 Comments in “Tel Aviv’s Yom Kippur struggle could have been avoided” about the public fighting between Orthodox Jews and Israeli legislative overhaul protesters on Yom Kippur 2023. (https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/tel-avivs-yom-kippur-struggle-could-have-been-avoided)

elieberman0552: no offense, but considering that it is repeated many times in the bible that if you dont follow it you are turning away from god i dont see how what you say could possibly be true. Also "righteousness" is about being good, but being good is dictated by god, soooo......

Minister Ty Alexander: Yes, righteousness is defined by God, but Judaism lost her sense of righteousness long ago and had not been listening to God as she should have. I suggest all Jews reach for God as He has been calling more urgently now. May you see God's Offering to All In Judaism at the 3rdCompass site to understand better what has and is happening.

zahavchana: The Western Wall is not a public space, it is a religious space and has meaning to those who believe that there was a temple there that G-d commanded be built there etc. What meaning does that have for reform and conservative affiliated Jews? If you say it is a religious affiliation the only stream of Judaism that has a connection to that spot and holds it as one of the holiest places in the world (based on docterine of the movements) is Orthodoxy. Would it make sense for a hareidi person to be a bar tender in tel aviv and claim the bar is super important to them and they must pray there how they wish? No. The vast majority of people who pray at the kosel are orthodox, I used to go every single day for years and women of the wall only come once a month.

Stephanie Z Bonder: I'm afraid you are misinformed. All streams of Judaism pray toward the East, toward the Kotel. It is not reserved for only Orthodox Jews. I am a Conservative Jew and go to the Kotel whenever I am in Israel. It is an extremely important place for me. When my daughters were both bat mitzvah'd, they had their ceremonies at Robinson's Arch and read Torah there. It was extremely important to them. To say that the Kotel Plaza belongs only to Orthodox Jews is simply wrong. All Jews deserve a place and a space to pray in their own custom. Who says a Hareidi person cannot be a bar tender in Tel Aviv? If that is what he does to earn a living, that is fine with me. You cannot erase the religious needs of Jews who practice differently than you.

The hate that was engendered by the prayers during our holiest day of the year was heartbreaking. Whether you agree with their style of prayer or not, screaming, yelling, threatening others who are trying to observe Yom Kippur in the Jewish homeland is simply wrong. In most areas, I agree with the protestors, but in this I feel they went a step too far.

Minister Ty Alexander: A house divided cannot stand. And who should stand against God's will? Shouldn't the people recognize when God is against them and that He wants them to see it? It is God that brought the mocking and strife against Judaism, not just recently, but through the millennia, but instead of acknowledging it and their sins as King David did when Shimei threw stones and cursed at David as he and his followers fled Jerusalem because of David's sin (Shmuel II/2 Samuel 16:10), Judaism thinks she does no wrong and raises her nose against God. May you see God's Offering to All In Judaism at the 3rdCompass site to understand what Judaism has done wrong and how she is against El Elyon, God Most High.

elieberman0552: what he meant to say is that Judaism does not follow what one feels should be moral, rather Judaism, as being the word of god, presents what the proper morals one is supposed to have for themselves

Minister Ty Alexander: What God gave in the Tanach [Jewish Bible/Old Testament] is His word, but for some 2500 years now, Judaism has come a long way out of God's ways because she does not recognize God's voice or those who spoke for Him after the last prophets of the Tanach. Oh Israel, when will you recognize the Old Law was for an age long past? Let what is to die, die, and what is to perish, perish. May you see God's Offering to All In Judaism at the 3rdCompass site to understand what Judaism has wrong and how she is against El Elyon, God Most High.

10/2/2023 Comment in “Worshipers hail ‘remedial’ priestly prayer in Jerusalem after Tel Aviv confrontation” about prayers at the Western Wall being a remedial (remedy or correction) renewal for Jews after the Yom Kippur strife preventing public prayer in Tel Aviv. (https://www.timesofisrael.com/worshipers-hail-remedial-priestly-prayer-in-jerusalem-after-tel-aviv-confrontation)

Minister Ty Alexander: Daughter Israel, when will you see what is remedial and what is not? For you reject your God’s, Yahovah Saboath’s (of hosts’) rebuke, being unlike King David who said, If Yahovah tells him to curse David, Who has the right to ask, ‘Why are you doing this?’… Leave him alone and let him curse, for Yahovah has told him to (Shmuel II/2 Samuel 16:10-11). But instead, you are like proud Ephraim who says, The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with cut stone. The sycamores were cut down, but we will replace them with cedars (Yeshayahu 9:9; Isaiah 9:10) – Disaster has fallen on us, but we will rebuild stronger.

Like other proud peoples, you do not ask why God has done this to you nor seek to understand what you do wrong. Ask your kohanim [priests] what God says of this. They will not know, nor speak from El Elyon, God Most High, for they are not the closest to Yahovah our God as you think.

Israel, like many peoples and religions, you exalt the joy of celebration more than what is right and true from El Shaddai, God Almighty. How many of you, under your sukkot during this time recall why Yahovah your God made you live in them for another 40 years in the wilderness?

The prophet Yeshayahu/Isaiah was quoted above with verses just after some very important ones that El Elyon, God Most High, had sung during the first holy gathering of Sukkot. See for yourself what you are not understanding in the Sukkot/Tabernacles 2023 Day 1…” high holiday service at the 3rdCompass site. May you all see what is right and true from Yahovah Sabaoth. Amen.

10/10/2023 Comment in “A lament for these times: ‘Oi Meh Haya Lanu’,” a poem lament 4 days after the Hamas attack where the phrase, “Oi Meh Haya Lanu – What has happened to us?” was repeated many times and ended in a call to God for renewal and restoration. (https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/a-lament-for-these-times-oi-meh-haya-lanu)

Minister Ty Alexander: "Oi Meh Haya Lanu – What has happened to us?" I feel your laments, my people Israel, but I also feel great sadness that you do not truly understand what has happened to you. I have spoken of God's judgment on this site before, and invited everyone to see the truth, but most of you turn your shoulders and harden your hearts. God wants you to see what is right and true, so may you see that in His own words. Yeshayahu/Isaiah chapter 27 prophesied of this attack on Israel and our days now, so see my explanations in "The significance of Israel under attack on Shemini Atzeret 2023" on the 3rdCompass site.

10/11/2023 Comment in "This time, it’s different" about how the Hamas attack was the same yet different as all the other attacks on Jews throughout their history. (https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/this-time-its-different)

Minister Ty Alexander: Oh, Israel, though יהוה אל עליון - Yahovah El Elyon, God Most High - turned away these past days, He has not been hiding. Time and again He approached you with appeals to see the truth. You lament over your repeated history of many horrors over the millennia, but rarely have I seen you truly understand or acknowledge why this has been happening and continues to this day.

I gave clear explanation before and said the Torah states, Cursed is the one who does not fulfill the words of this law by doing them (Devarim/Deuteronomy 27:26) and God said, If you do not obey the voice of Yahovah your God, to carefully observe ALL His commands and His laws which I am commanding you today, then all these curses will come upon you and overtake you (Devarim/Deuteronomy 28:15); a multitude of curses, including allowing your enemies to rise up and defeat you (Devarim/Deuteronomy 28:7). And so you have seen God’s words come in full all these millennia.

When, Israel, my people, will you heed our God’s appeals? God has turned away from you, but He is not hiding. Yahovah Saboath (of hosts) wants you to see what is right and true, so may you see that in His own words. Yeshayahu/Isaiah chapter 27 prophesied of this recent attack on Israel and our days now, so see my explanations in "The significance of Israel under attack on Shemini Atzeret 2023" at the 3rdCompass site, and if you would acknowledge the truth El Elyon gives, then take His offering to you all written at God's offering to All in Judaism on the site.

May God’s many appeals to His first people, the Jews, reach, restore, and renew those who acknowledge Him in the name of Mashiach Yeshua (Christ Jesus). Amen.

[1.1] Emanuel Fabian, Staff and Agencies. "Israel steps up strikes on Hamas targets as 222 confirmed being held hostage in Gaza". The Times of Israel. 2023 Oct. 23. Retrieved 2023 Oct. 23.

[1.2] "Israel halts UN staff visas as officials pan Guterres’s ‘truly insane’ Hamas remarks". The Times of Israel. 2023 Oct. 25. Retrieved 2023 Oct. 25.

[1.3] Staff and AFP. "Israel demands UN chief resign after he says Hamas attacks ‘did not occur in vacuum’". The Times of Israel. 2023 Oct. 24. Retrieved 2023 Oct. 25.

[1.4] "Entry for Strong's #575 - ἀπό (of separation; of separation of a part from a whole; any separation of one thing from another; of origin; of origin of cause). Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition. BibleSoft, Inc. 2002, 2003, 2006, 2011.


I copy it here:
The other day I noted a comment in a Times of Israel article that compared the great failure of the Israeli military to intervene in the Hamas attack on October 7th with the failures of the Parkland and Uvalde school shootings. Because God had guided me to speak on shootings and Uvalde, I had to also comment on how the failure of Israel compared to those situations. However, after giving The Times of Israel a day to let my comment post publicly, they still kept it hidden from public view as of this writing.

Both the Parkland and Uvalde shootings had elements that allowed the shooters to kill many people without opposition. Both events had law enforcement officers on the premises before the shootings started, yet nothing was really done to stop the shooters. In the case of Uvalde, the shooter was shooting and killing victims for 77 minutes before law enforcement confronted him.

The Times of Israel article, "Hundreds of soldiers waited outside Be’eri with terrorists still inside, survivor says," gave a witness account of only two survivors from the kibbutz community of Be'eri. In it were several remarks about the military being stifled from action that were very similar to the inaction of law enforcement in the Parkland and Uvalde shootings. Armed help was in the area but did not act.

If you read the article, you see remarks about the military refusing to engage the terrorists because "the field isn't sterile" or because they did not have permission to fire munitions into the kibbutz. And while two elite military units did try to engage, they failed and the residents were left to Hamas for many, many hours - basically the entire day from the start of the attack early in the morning until around 6:30 pm when Israeli troops finally took the community. By then it was too late, just like at Parkland and Uvalde.

I previously said how the Israeli communities where alone and abandoned during the attack, which fulfilled Old Testament prophecy from Isaiah/Yeshayahu. What was reported from Be'eri only put an exclamation point on the fact that judgment from God was and is on His people, so keep that in mind as you read the copied comments from the article:
jpx_123: So now we see that this was actually like a Parkland or Uvalde situation. Would someone in the Community be kind enough to explain to me please what the soldiers meant when they said "the field isn't sterile". What was their thinking at that time? The article didn't explain that and I am confused by that. Also, can someone kindly explain what the reasoning was for the helicopter not having permission to fire inside the kibbutz. We know now what a terrible decision that was, but what was the thinking/mentality at the time. I am confused by that also, and I just want to understand what the mindset was on the part of those soldiers at that time. It seems to me that the article left out a lot of context and background and actually raised more questions for me than it answered. Can someone help me fill in those blanks? Thanks so much.

ExUSPara: Good analogy. The poor excuse for an Uvalde Incident Commander (pencil pushing school police chief), who was later fired, gave the order to stand-down--in essence turning the event into a barricade (it took 70+ minutes to breach, leading to more deaths). In Active Shooter events we've learned that you have to go in right away when innocents are being killed. Period. Delay also means injured will bleed out. I'm sure lessons will be learned, but leadership has to lead the way, and disregard orders if they are unlawful or not practical. It's difficult to judge, but it sounds like the elite special ops troops led the way and didn't hesitate to engage, and saved the day, but there probably wasn't enough of them.

denleendemannen: The field not being sterile refers to there being active enemy combatants not yet cleared out from the air (as only then would the soldiers enter the area to secure it against further waves of terrorists); this combined with apparent orders for helicopter pilots to not engage targets inside the kibbutz seems to have led to a situation where ”no one was doing anything” other than watch it all unfold.

This purely based on the accounts quoted in this article.

jpx_123: Why would there be orders for the pilots not to engage targets in the kibbutz? What's the reasoning (at the time)?

newsman120: Were some of the Hamas wearing IDF uniforms and equipment? If so, maybe prudent for a helicopter gunship at least,  to not engage until it knows who's who?

Minister Ty Alexander: The comparison with gun violence and especially Uvalde is very appropriate here, but it really is not about the failures of leadership, though that is a factor. Such extreme failures like these that allow enemies to have great success show what it is like to have God against you. If God is with you, there is much blessing and protection to prevent such things or great loss in them, but when God is against you, it is your enemies and misfortune that are blessed. When, Israel, will you see this? For as when Yahovah El Elyon, God Most High, decided to tear apart the kingdom because of King Sh'lemo/Solomon's sins and rose an enemy to him in Yerovam/Jeroboam so that most of Israel would go to Yerovam instead of Sh'lemo's son, Rechovam/Rehoboam, so it is today in such great failures. It was God that made Rechovam respond foolishly to the people after he took kingship and so thereafter the kingdom of God's people was divided under two kingships (1 Melachim I/Kings 12:1-24). And so today, it is God that is against the people, making their leaders fail. If you do not want to believe it, then I urge you to see what Yahovah El Elyon has shown with Uvalde, gun violence, and the Hamas attack at 3rdCompass
The point of my comment was that the great failures of Israel and its military were not simply about poor leadership as people are blaming, but was because God is against them. So like other believing communities that have been seeing horrible events, like mass shootings and other disasters, God has shown to Israel what it is like to be an enemy to Him.
Israel, Remember the whole of the Law 1/27/2024
It is International Holocaust Day – a remembrance of atrocities against Jews - but it has been months now that Judaism has been shouting, “Never again!” since the war with Hamas began. And in all that time I see Israel, Judaism, and their supports lament but reject any kind of accountability, over and over again. O, Israel, how your state is so much more lamentable!

I quoted in the first post here someone who you’ve turned away from, but in whom is your healing, If you had known on this day, even you, Jerusalem, what is needed for peace. But now it is hidden outside of your eyes.

I explained how that quote used words that conveyed the Jews had covered up the truth of what they’ve done wrong and separated and removed it from their conscience. And so, Israel, you continue to do so to this very hour.

In the Tanakh (Bible), God uses the words, לא יוסיף עוד , which are often translated as never again… The words actually mean, “No-Not do-again continually-going-round-still-again,” so it is better translated in this case to be, “Never continually doing again.” But, Israel, without acknowledging why you have continually needed to lament over thousands of years, you will certainly continue to lament again and again.

I had given explanation why that is, but you continually turn away from the facts, even though they are spelled out for you in the Torah. My people, be no longer like the peoples whom know God as well, yet only cling to what is sweet and good; for you only bring forward God’s words that are full of joy and blessing while your shut out the whole or what you simply do not like.

So, my people, I urge you for your healing and deliverance, remember what El Elyon, God Most High, says. His words are true, and you have seen them fulfilled in your laments through the centuries and before your eyes, continually, again and again. As a people who should know the Torah, you must see the whole and not only what you wish to see – chosen and blessed; bring the rest to your minds and hearts - the Torah is both a blessing and a curse (Devarim/Deuteronomy 11:26-28, 27:26, 30:1-2, 30:19-20; Nechemya/Nehemiah 10:28-29).

So it will be when all of these things have come upon you, the blessing and the curse which your God placed before you, and you return them to your hearts in all the nations where your God has scattered you, and you return to your God and listen to His voice with all your heart and soul in accordance with everything that He commands you today... I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I placed before you, life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants, by loving your God, by obeying His voice, and by holding close to Him (Devarim 30:1-2, 30:19-20)

So if great evil falls upon you, a chosen blessed people of God, shouldn’t you accept God turns away for reason and seek to understand what you’ve done wrong? Israel, you love God and hold close to Him, but you have missed in recognizing and obeying Him. God has made it plain in all His appeals to you before.

So be mindful of what have you not listened to in God’s voice, Israel and all my kin in Judaism. Why are chosen ones of God given worse penalties when they fail?

Are not the Chosen held to higher standard? Those who are given much, much will also be demanded of; to those whom are entrusted much, much will be asked of, so do not continually go about any longer in the ways that have you lament in disaster, but leave the curse of the Torah for that which God made to replace it (continue with God's Offering for All in Judaism).

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