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Time To Leave Israel or Fight For A Free Democratic Jewish State? (Prophecy)
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Minister Ty Alexander

A Times of Israel article recently talked about a Jewish family's debate to emigrate from Israel. The author, Mishael Zion, is a Sabra (native-born Israeli) but lived in the United States for a time. They brought their family back to Israel to raise their children as Israelis and was proud to be in the historical homeland of the Jews. But all the major conflicts and violence in the region had them debate about the right time to leave. Was there anywhere better, even? Antisemitism has increased greatly around the world in the last few years.

The author is a rabbi and Jewish tradition leader, so he thought that "the ideal of a liberal democratic and Jewish state" is key to the future and salvation of Israel. Because of his ideals and to address the anxieties of the people, the Lord had me make the following comment in the article, "How will we know when it’s time to leave?" (additional comments in red):
Minister Ty Alexander: The dream of Israel from El Elyon, God Most High, was to bring mankind to righteous lives with Him in the forefront, but this dream was done in many steps, from the giving of the Torah [Law of Moses], to the walks and teachings of the prophets, and progressed throughout this age in ways inexplicable to you, Israel. Many steps were needed for mankind because their hearts are hard as stone, unyielding to the ways of God, because paradoxically, the hard hearts of mankind ruled by everything of the flesh. And so, God first gave the strict Torah as a test as well as guide for those times past. You know well, Israel, how you have performed in the test, for the promised curses of God in the Torah have come through the ages.

Mishael thinks a liberal, democratic, Jewish state is the right path for Israel, but those three words are oxymoronic. The Torah was not given for a liberal democratic state and cannot be enforced in one; Israel will only continue to fail in the Torah and bring God’s indignation, as it has been.

And so fears of ultra-right and Orthodox [ultra-religious] rule comes to people’s minds, giving comparisons with the U.S. left and right, liberals and the Trump camp, where the opinions of each have brought chaos, violence, dysfunctional government, bigotry, and prejudice. This is a familiar tune within Israel. And so God’s dream of Israel for mankind is still not fulfilled. Yahovah El Elyon is truly longsuffering. Each follows after their own notions of God and “Torah” which they have made up in their own minds, following what pleases them and their own sense of what is right.

Mishael said “double down” on what needs to be done to stay in Israel, but strengthening in the wrong notions is a shade of Trump’s “fight like hell” for the country. Who to support when no one is righteous? Yet do nothing and let gangs, dictators, and militants rule. This conflict has been going through the ages and will not stop when everyone follows their own.

Judaism will not save Israel. Democracy will not save the world. And Liberalism will continue to let everyone do their own whether right or wrong. A peaceful and free world will never happen that way, nor will a peaceful Israel, so it does little to flee. Stay in Israel. Only El Elyon will save Israel and the world. Look for haMashiach [the Messiah] when Israel is the last to stand.

3rd Compass -> Group News and Articles -> Time To Leave Israel or Fight For A Free Democratic Jewish State?


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