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There was not enough oil but the menorah remained lit - Proof most of Daniel's Sevens fulfilled (Prophecy)
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Minister Ty Alexander
(Ty Huynh)
  12/27/2022 10:22 PM
The menorah remained lit until the 8th day despite not having enough oil

When the Maccabees took back the second temple in Jerusalem from the Greek-Syrians in the 2nd Century B.C., they had to rededicate it back to God and His purposes because it was occupied and defiled by pagan rituals. The cleansing and dedication ceremony took eight days, which comes from when God told the people to consecrate priests and the temple through seven days, so that the dedications could be held on the eighth day (Exodus 29:30; Leviticus 8:33-9:24; 2 Chronicles 7:8-9, 29:17).

However, when the Maccabees captured the temple, they could only find enough olive oil for one day of lighting the temple’s golden menorah lampstand. They decided to light the menorah anyways and through God’s grace and miracle, He kept the lampstand burning for the whole eight days and into the eighth night[1.1] (God uses the number eight to symbolize renewal). This miracle of rededicating the temple in Jerusalem is remembered with the holiday of Hanukkah, which comes from the Hebrew verb, חָנַךְ chanak [“hah-nahhk”], meaning “to dedicate, train, or inaugurate”[1.2].

But what does this dedication miracle have to do with Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus? That second temple was still standing when He walked in Jerusalem and decades after He was crucified. Why then does the New Testament record Him saying He would, Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up (John 2:19)?

After Yeshua - Jesus was captured, the Jewish leadership interrogated Him and sought evidence to condemn Him to death. Two witnesses came and told them, This man stated, ‘I am able to destroy the temple of God and rebuild it in three days' (Matthew 26:61; Mark 14:58). But saying He would destroy and rebuild the temple was not what condemned Him. It was acknowledging that He indeed was the Mashiach (Messiah) – Christ, the Son of the Blessed One – the Son of God, and stating He would be sitting at the right hand of power and coming on the clouds of heaven (Matthew 26:64). This confirmation equated Him to be equal with God and so He was convicted of blasphemy, which was punished with a death sentence (Matthew 26:65-66; Mark 14:63-64).

When Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus was nailed on the cross, passer-by’s mocked Him, saying, Ha! You that will destroy the temple and build it in three days, save yourself! If you are the Son of God, come down from the cross! (Matthew 27:40; Mark 15:29-32). The chief priests and scribes who condemned Him also mocked, He saved others, yet He cannot save Himself! Let this Mashiach – Christ, King of Israel descend now from the cross, so we may see and believe! (Matthew 27:41-43; Mark 15:31-32).

So when Christ died and the temple in Jerusalem remained standing long after, most of the people went on believing Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus was not truly the Mashiach – the Messiah King that God promised to them through the prophets, as He said through Jeremiah, ’Behold the days are coming,’ declares Yahovah, ‘when I will raise up for David a righteous Branch, and He will reign as King (Jeremiah 23:5), and to Daniel through the angel Gabriel, God gave a more specific timing of the Mashiach – Messiah - Know and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem until the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks and sixty two weeks. The street will be built again, and the wall, even in troubled times. And after sixty two weeks, the Messiah will be cut off and have no one (Daniel 9:25-26).

Did Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus fulfil the timing given by God through Gabriel? Did He come after seven and sixty two weeks or sixty nine weeks and get cut off? And how does that fit with His statement to destroy the second temple and rebuild it in three days?

Through historical records and the work of Sir Robert Anderson in his 1894 book, The Coming Prince, we now know Yeshua – Jesus DID fulfil the timing given by God. The Lord guided Anderson to see that Daniel’s sevens were periods of 360-day years from statements given in the Book of Revelation that said 1260 days were equal to 42 months or 3.5 years (Revelation 11:2-3, 12:6).

1260 days divided by 3.5 years = 360 days per year. This gave Anderson the measure of time that God was using in prophecy – one of Daniel’s sevens equals seven 360-day years.

Then Anderson knew from Daniel 9:25, the sevens began with a commandment to restore and build Jerusalem when the walls and streets would be rebuilt. He found that decree in the Bible in Nehemiah 2 where it says that in the 20th year of the reign of King Artaxerxes, Nehemiah asked the king to go to Jerusalem so he could rebuild its walls and gates (Nehemiah 2:1-8).

That king was Artaxerxes I, whom history outside the Bible records 465 BC as his first year of reigning[1.3, 1.4]. His 20th year would then begin in 445 BC, and more specifically went from April 13, 445 BC to April 2, 444 BC[1.5]. Does that timeframe match the timing given to Daniel and for the coming of the Mashiach – Christ? (Daniel 9:25-26) Anderson said it did match if Christ came and got cut off in 32 AD. He choose the coming of the Mashiach – Christ to be His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem the week before His death. This is celebrated by the church as Palm Sunday every year.

When I first heard of Anderson’s calculations, I thought it could be correct, but did not have time to double-check the timings. I set the revelations aside until this year when I felt I should look at this again. To double-check his calculations, I created a computer program to count the 69 of Daniel’s sevens as Anderson described, using “years” consisting of 360 days, starting from mid-April, 32 AD when Anderson believed Yeshua – Jesus was crucified. I chose April 15 to start counting back from, because Pascha/Easter and Passover when Christ died, on average, occurs in the middle of April.

I give the date calculations at bottom and list the sevens so you may double-check them. Each entry is a difference of 360 days going backwards in time from the death and resurrection of Christ in 32 AD. When the calculations gets to the first seven when Nehemiah should have asked King Artaxerxes to rebuild Jerusalem, the date should be within the 20th year of his reign. Does it line up?

The start date shown by the calculations is 444 BC March 20, which is indeed within the 20th year of King Artaxerxes I (445 BC April 13 to 444 BC April 2). God’s prophecies do not lie. We can see the dating given by Nehemiah for the rebuilding of Jerusalem matches non-Biblical historical records. This means the Mashiach – Christ Messiah did come and get cut off after the 69 sevens or 69x7x360 = 173,880 days, just as Gabriel told Daniel.

For Christians, this is an amazing confirmation of the faith we have in Christ, but I’m connecting this with Hanukkah to have our Jewish brethren take notice. Your Mashiach – Christ Messiah King is the very same Lord and Savior Yeshua – Jesus that died on the cross in 32 AD.

Some of you may be wondering, but this cannot be correct, because it is commonly known in the church that Christ died at 33 years of age after about three and a half years of conducting ministry - When He began His ministry, [Yeshua – Jesus] Himself was about thirty years old (Luke 3:23). If He died in 32 AD and not 33 AD, then things are one year off and so Daniel’s 69 sevens do not work with the historical dates for King Artaxerxes I.

The resolution to this problem is simple, though. Like many ancient cultures, the ancient Hebrews started dating a person’s age at 1 when they were born because they viewed life as beginning at conception. So indeed, scripture and God’s prophecy remain solid -– Yeshua – Jesus was 33 years old by ancient measure when He died and that timing in 32 AD does match historical timing given by Nehemiah and non-scriptural, historical records of King Artaxerxes I.

If you are a Jew who still does not believe in Yeshua - Jesus, may you heed this fulfillment of what you call The Prophets. It is time to leave the old Law of Moses and come forth to Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus. Sixty nine of the full seventy weeks given to Daniel was fulfilled in the time of Christ, for as Gabriel told Daniel, Seventy weeks are determined for your people and for your holy city, to finish transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy. Know and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem until the Mashiach - Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks and sixty two weeks. The street will be built again, and the wall, even in troubled times. And after sixty two weeks, the Messiah will be cut off and have no one (Daniel 9:24-26).

Jerusalem and its walls were rebuilt as you know from Nehemiah and The Prophets, and it happened in troubled times because there was violent opposition to this rebuilding (Nehemiah 4:1-23).

And it was Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus who finished transgression and ended sin, and reconciled for iniquity, for His death on the cross was atonement for all sin, as you have surely heard, and this atonement is eternal, for if you so choose to believe and remain in Him who cleansed all sin with His blood, you will receive the everlasting righteousness of which Gabriel spoke, for upon Yeshua – Jesus’s shedding of blood, He sealed up vision and prophecy to bring the New Covenant of which God promised through Jeremiah, Behold, the days come, says the Lord Yahovah, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah. Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, My covenant which they broke, although I was a Husband to them, says Yahovah. But this will be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; after those days, says Yahovah, I will put my law within them and write it on their hearts, and I will be their God, and they will be my people. And they will teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord, for they will all know me, from the least of them to the greatest of them, says Yahovah, for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more (Jeremiah 31:31-34).

Daughter Israel, the new covenant God promised through Jeremiah was promised in the last days of Jerusalem under the kings of David. It is the very same New Covenant that the Lord our God brought through Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus and the church.

These words from The Prophets have been fulfilled, for you and all nations now know the Lord, for the Gospel of Christ has reached the ends of the earth, and so as God said, we all know the Lord, and so they will teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother to know the Lord Yahovah. His fame has crossed the nations, for the Lord our God anointed the most Holy, our Eternal Savior and King, Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus.

He is the Son of Man whom Daniel saw when he said, I saw in the night visions, behold, one like a Son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of Days, and they brought Him near before Him. And there was given Him dominion and glory, and a kingdom, so that all people, nations, and languages, should serve Him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom will not be destroyed (Daniel 7:13).

It is no accident Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus called Himself the Son of Man and told the Jewish leaders who condemned Him that He would sit at the right hand of power of God, the Ancient of Days, and come on the clouds of heaven (Matthew 26:64). The priests recognized the words of The Prophets and so condemned Yeshua – Jesus for claiming to be who He actually was.

He was and is that Son of Man and the Son of God, for He was resurrected as the gospels record, and so returned to His everlasting state, one with God our Father, Whom Daniel called the Ancient of Days. The Mashiach – Christ shares the Father’s name, יהוה (Yahovah), which is no empty claim, for the Lord God said through Isaiah, I am Yahovah, that is My name; I will not give My glory to another (Isaiah 42:8).

So see that the Son of Man, Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus, was and is the fulfilment of another of God’s prophecies recorded by Isaiah, For a Child was born to us, a Son was given to us, and the government is on His shoulders. His name is called, Pele Ya’ats, El Gibbor, Ab Olam, Sar Shalom - Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. There is no end to the greatness of His government or peace on the throne of David and over His kingdom. Established and upheld with justice and righteousness. Now and forevermore. The zeal of Yahovah of hosts will accomplish this (Isaiah 9:6-7).

The titles given to Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus are unmistakable. They equate Him to God – El Gibbor (Mighty God) and Ab Olam (Everlasting Father) – truly the Lord our God does not give His glory to another, for He is one and the same in Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus. He was and remains the true King of Israel. The fulfilments of prophecies I shared here should make this truth plain.

But what is not evident is how Yeshua – Jesus destroyed the second temple and rebuilt it in three days. To understand this, we must go back to the miracle of Hanukkah. God’s miracle of renewing oil was temporary. It ended when the eight days of rededication for the temple was finished. But the miracle of dedicating God’s temple I alluded to with Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus is an everlasting one that comes with the New Covenant He inaugurated.

When Christ was on the cross, the priests and scribes mocked, He saved others, yet He cannot save Himself! Let this Mashiach – Christ, King of Israel descend now from the cross, so we may see and believe! (Matthew 27:41-42; Mark 15:31-32). How little did they know, they were condemning and mocking the King Savior God promised through the prophets.

And few could understand at that time, even Christ’s own disciples, that it was God’s plan for Him to die on the cross. Why was it necessary? Those who know the Law of Moses, know that blood sacrifice is necessary to atone for sin. This was ordained by God, and for Jews, it was most prominent on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, when the high priest would sprinkle the blood of the sacrifice on the ark of the covenant to atone for the nation’s sins. All of Israel is called to remember sin and God’s atonement on Yom Kippur, but that is the old way for the Old Covenant – the covenant God made with Israel when He led them out of the land of Egypt.

To replace it, the Lord our God said He would make a New Covenant and because a large part of it is to atone for sin, for of this covenant, He said, I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more (Jeremiah 31:34), blood sacrifice had to be made. It was His very own blood that God ordained would atone for the sins of humanity with – as the virgin Mary begat the Mashiach – Christ, not through means of flesh, but through the Spirit of God, and He would walk as a man to fulfil and seal prophecy, and make final the New Covenant which atones for all sin by shedding His own blood on the cross.

But what most Jews do not know is there’s another miracle that goes with the New Covenant. One that is a direct correlation with the dedication miracle of Hanukkah. God said, I will put my law within them and write it on their hearts, and I will be their God, and they will be my people (Jeremiah 9:33).

How does God put His law within us and write it on our hearts? A very important part of the New Covenant and becoming saved in Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus is our spiritual rebirth. Yeshua – Jesus spoke of this rebirth as absolutely necessary to enter the kingdom of God.

When a prominent Jewish teacher named Nicodemus spoke with Yeshua – Jesus, Christ told him, Truly, truly, I say to you, unless someone is born again, they cannot see the kingdom of God (John 3:1-3).

Of course, Nicodemus could not understand how a grown person could be born again, but Yeshua – Jesus told him further, Truly, truly, I tell you, unless someone is born of water and the Spirit, they cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not be amazed that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’ The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell from where it came and where it goes, so it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit (John 3:5-8).

Still, Nicodemus could not understand what Yeshua – Jesus was saying, so He affirmed that what He said is true and that if He told him earthly things, Nicodemus wouldn’t believe it, so how could he believe things of heaven?

Then Yeshua – Jesus tells him, As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, so that whomever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God so loved the world, He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but so that the world might be saved through Him (John 3:14-17).

Yeshua – Jesus was speaking of His own death in being lifted up, because He would have to be put on the cross for all to see, just as the bronze serpent God told Moses to make was put on a pole so that those who sinned could look on it and live (Numbers 21:8).

For the New Covenant, though, it is faith in Yeshua – Jesus and His eternal atonement that must be acknowledged for one to be saved into God’s kingdom and become born again – with water and the Spirit of God – as Yeshua – Jesus said. This rebirth is spiritual – from heaven – but very literal and not symbolic. The Lord taught this to Apostle Paul first, and in my walk with God, He had these details of the New Covenant re-iterated.

When we are saved in Christ, we are literally reborn with God’s Spirit. This is how God fulfills the promise of the New Covenant where He said, I will put my law within them and write it on their hearts, and I will be their God, and they will be my people (Jeremiah 9:33). Our spiritual rebirth with God’s Spirit within us, is how God places His law within and writes it on our hearts. Reborn believers have the desire to follow God and His commands because God’s Spirit within compels us to do right, though the degree to which the Spirit has strength in us is very much affected by sin and other factors.

But to continue, to enter into God’s eternal kingdom, to become one of His people, we must believe in Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus and maintain that loyalty to God through Christ publicly. The full details of this you may see in The True Gospel and Imposters.

For this writing, though, I will finish by revealing how the miracle of Hanukkah connects with the miracle of being saved in Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus. As I said, the miracle of renewing oil for the second temple’s rededication ended on the eighth day. The miracle of being reborn and saved into God’s kingdom through Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus is everlasting, so long as you keep faith and public loyalty to Christ, and it is this rebirth with God’s Spirit literally within us, that dedicates our bodies as temples to God, for as Paul told the brothers and sisters in Christ, Don’t you know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you were bought with a price, therefore, glorify God in your body (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

Now do you understand how Yeshua – Jesus destroyed the temple in Jerusalem and raised another in three days? When He died on the cross, He finalized the New Covenant which atones all sin for anyone who believes in Him, so that they may be atoned for and enter the kingdom of God. The temple of wood and stone in Jerusalem was destroyed spiritually by God with the New Covenant.

And when Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus was resurrected three days after His death, He raised another temple – one defined by the body of every believer who remains loyal to Christ, for not only was the Spirit of God promised to be within all who believed, but the resurrection of Christ gave the people the proof they needed to see that what He said was true – we too will be resurrected into eternal life as Christ was.

Today, almost two thousand years after the death of Christ, we near the end of the New Covenant age. The time is coming when the mystery of Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus is finished among the world, and God’s great gift of eternal grace will be shut. The third temple in Jerusalem will be built and the final of the 70 of Daniel’s sevens will begin.

God prophesied severe times for this period, but take heart. It is not too late now to accept the salvation of Christ and leave the ways that are bringing God’s judgment upon the world and to believers of every doctrine and community. See first to your faith in Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus, for the miracle of rebirth God promised with the New Covenant is the never-ending oil for the lamps of the temples of our bodies.

Unlike the oil of Hanukkah, it will not run out, so long as you keep your dedication for God’s temple through Christ in you alive. Then pursue the righteousness God wants of His people so you are not caught in the floods that come. Of this righteousness I have spoken of often.

If you have just come to faith in Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus because of what I’ve stated here, please speak out your belief to someone and never deny your faith publicly, even if you still believe, for the Lord has no pleasure in those who shrink back (Hebrews 10:38-39). Feel free to contact me as well. The joy and peace of Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus be on you all. Amen.

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Time Calculations of the 69 Sevens of 360 days counting backwards from the death of Christ on about April 15, 32 AD (69x7x360 = 173,880 days)

seven[69.7] 32 AD Apr 15 - The death of Christ
seven[69.6] 31 AD Apr 21
seven[69.5] 30 AD Apr 26
seven[69.4] 29 AD May 1
seven[69.3] 28 AD May 6
seven[69.2] 27 AD May 12
seven[69.1] 26 AD May 17
seven[68.7] 25 AD May 22
seven[68.6] 24 AD May 27
seven[68.5] 23 AD Jun 2
seven[68.4] 22 AD Jun 7
seven[68.3] 21 AD Jun 12
seven[68.2] 20 AD Jun 17
seven[68.1] 19 AD Jun 23
seven[67.7] 18 AD Jun 28
seven[67.6] 17 AD Jul 3
seven[67.5] 16 AD Jul 8
seven[67.4] 15 AD Jul 14
seven[67.3] 14 AD Jul 19
seven[67.2] 13 AD Jul 24
seven[67.1] 12 AD Jul 29
seven[66.7] 11 AD Aug 4
seven[66.6] 10 AD Aug 9
seven[66.5] 9 AD Aug 14
seven[66.4] 8 AD Aug 19
seven[66.3] 7 AD Aug 25
seven[66.2] 6 AD Aug 30
seven[66.1] 5 AD Sep 4
seven[65.7] 4 AD Sep 9
seven[65.6] 3 AD Sep 15
seven[65.5] 2 AD Sep 20
seven[65.4] 1 AD Sep 25
seven[65.3] 1 BC Sep 30
seven[65.2] 2 BC Oct 6
seven[65.1] 3 BC Oct 11
seven[64.7] 4 BC Oct 16
seven[64.6] 5 BC Oct 21
seven[64.5] 6 BC Oct 27
seven[64.4] 7 BC Nov 1
seven[64.3] 8 BC Nov 6
seven[64.2] 9 BC Nov 11
seven[64.1] 10 BC Nov 17
seven[63.7] 11 BC Nov 22
seven[63.6] 12 BC Nov 27
seven[63.5] 13 BC Dec 2
seven[63.4] 14 BC Dec 8
seven[63.3] 15 BC Dec 13
seven[63.2] 16 BC Dec 18
seven[63.1] 17 BC Dec 23
seven[62.7] 18 BC Dec 29
seven[62.6] 18 BC Jan 3
seven[62.5] 19 BC Jan 8
seven[62.4] 20 BC Jan 13
seven[62.3] 21 BC Jan 19
seven[62.2] 22 BC Jan 24
seven[62.1] 23 BC Jan 29
seven[61.7] 24 BC Feb 3
seven[61.6] 25 BC Feb 9
seven[61.5] 26 BC Feb 14
seven[61.4] 27 BC Feb 19
seven[61.3] 28 BC Feb 24
seven[61.2] 29 BC Mar 1
seven[61.1] 30 BC Mar 7
seven[60.7] 31 BC Mar 12
seven[60.6] 32 BC Mar 17
seven[60.5] 33 BC Mar 22
seven[60.4] 34 BC Mar 28
seven[60.3] 35 BC Apr 2
seven[60.2] 36 BC Apr 7
seven[60.1] 37 BC Apr 12
seven[59.7] 38 BC Apr 18
seven[59.6] 39 BC Apr 23
seven[59.5] 40 BC Apr 28
seven[59.4] 41 BC May 3
seven[59.3] 42 BC May 9
seven[59.2] 43 BC May 14
seven[59.1] 44 BC May 19
seven[58.7] 45 BC May 24
seven[58.6] 46 BC May 30
seven[58.5] 47 BC Jun 4
seven[58.4] 48 BC Jun 9
seven[58.3] 49 BC Jun 14
seven[58.2] 50 BC Jun 20
seven[58.1] 51 BC Jun 25
seven[57.7] 52 BC Jun 30
seven[57.6] 53 BC Jul 5
seven[57.5] 54 BC Jul 11
seven[57.4] 55 BC Jul 16
seven[57.3] 56 BC Jul 21
seven[57.2] 57 BC Jul 26
seven[57.1] 58 BC Aug 1
seven[56.7] 59 BC Aug 6
seven[56.6] 60 BC Aug 11
seven[56.5] 61 BC Aug 16
seven[56.4] 62 BC Aug 22
seven[56.3] 63 BC Aug 27
seven[56.2] 64 BC Sep 1
seven[56.1] 65 BC Sep 6
seven[55.7] 66 BC Sep 12
seven[55.6] 67 BC Sep 17
seven[55.5] 68 BC Sep 22
seven[55.4] 69 BC Sep 27
seven[55.3] 70 BC Oct 3
seven[55.2] 71 BC Oct 8
seven[55.1] 72 BC Oct 13
seven[54.7] 73 BC Oct 18
seven[54.6] 74 BC Oct 24
seven[54.5] 75 BC Oct 29
seven[54.4] 76 BC Nov 3
seven[54.3] 77 BC Nov 8
seven[54.2] 78 BC Nov 14
seven[54.1] 79 BC Nov 19
seven[53.7] 80 BC Nov 24
seven[53.6] 81 BC Nov 29
seven[53.5] 82 BC Dec 5
seven[53.4] 83 BC Dec 10
seven[53.3] 84 BC Dec 15
seven[53.2] 85 BC Dec 20
seven[53.1] 86 BC Dec 26
seven[52.7] 87 BC Dec 31
seven[52.6] 87 BC Jan 5
seven[52.5] 88 BC Jan 10
seven[52.4] 89 BC Jan 16
seven[52.3] 90 BC Jan 21
seven[52.2] 91 BC Jan 26
seven[52.1] 92 BC Jan 31
seven[51.7] 93 BC Feb 6
seven[51.6] 94 BC Feb 11
seven[51.5] 95 BC Feb 16
seven[51.4] 96 BC Feb 21
seven[51.3] 97 BC Feb 27
seven[51.2] 98 BC Mar 4
seven[51.1] 99 BC Mar 9
seven[50.7] 100 BC Mar 14
seven[50.6] 101 BC Mar 19
seven[50.5] 102 BC Mar 25
seven[50.4] 103 BC Mar 30
seven[50.3] 104 BC Apr 4
seven[50.2] 105 BC Apr 9
seven[50.1] 106 BC Apr 15
seven[49.7] 107 BC Apr 20
seven[49.6] 108 BC Apr 25
seven[49.5] 109 BC Apr 30
seven[49.4] 110 BC May 6
seven[49.3] 111 BC May 11
seven[49.2] 112 BC May 16
seven[49.1] 113 BC May 21
seven[48.7] 114 BC May 27
seven[48.6] 115 BC Jun 1
seven[48.5] 116 BC Jun 6
seven[48.4] 117 BC Jun 11
seven[48.3] 118 BC Jun 17
seven[48.2] 119 BC Jun 22
seven[48.1] 120 BC Jun 27
seven[47.7] 121 BC Jul 2
seven[47.6] 122 BC Jul 8
seven[47.5] 123 BC Jul 13
seven[47.4] 124 BC Jul 18
seven[47.3] 125 BC Jul 23
seven[47.2] 126 BC Jul 29
seven[47.1] 127 BC Aug 3
seven[46.7] 128 BC Aug 8
seven[46.6] 129 BC Aug 13
seven[46.5] 130 BC Aug 19
seven[46.4] 131 BC Aug 24
seven[46.3] 132 BC Aug 29
seven[46.2] 133 BC Sep 3
seven[46.1] 134 BC Sep 9
seven[45.7] 135 BC Sep 14
seven[45.6] 136 BC Sep 19
seven[45.5] 137 BC Sep 24
seven[45.4] 138 BC Sep 30
seven[45.3] 139 BC Oct 5
seven[45.2] 140 BC Oct 10
seven[45.1] 141 BC Oct 15
seven[44.7] 142 BC Oct 21
seven[44.6] 143 BC Oct 26
seven[44.5] 144 BC Oct 31
seven[44.4] 145 BC Nov 5
seven[44.3] 146 BC Nov 11
seven[44.2] 147 BC Nov 16
seven[44.1] 148 BC Nov 21
seven[43.7] 149 BC Nov 26
seven[43.6] 150 BC Dec 2
seven[43.5] 151 BC Dec 7
seven[43.4] 152 BC Dec 12
seven[43.3] 153 BC Dec 17
seven[43.2] 154 BC Dec 23
seven[43.1] 155 BC Dec 28
seven[42.7] 155 BC Jan 2
seven[42.6] 156 BC Jan 7
seven[42.5] 157 BC Jan 13
seven[42.4] 158 BC Jan 18
seven[42.3] 159 BC Jan 23
seven[42.2] 160 BC Jan 28
seven[42.1] 161 BC Feb 3
seven[41.7] 162 BC Feb 8
seven[41.6] 163 BC Feb 13
seven[41.5] 164 BC Feb 18
seven[41.4] 165 BC Feb 24
seven[41.3] 166 BC Mar 1
seven[41.2] 167 BC Mar 6
seven[41.1] 168 BC Mar 11
seven[40.7] 169 BC Mar 16
seven[40.6] 170 BC Mar 22
seven[40.5] 171 BC Mar 27
seven[40.4] 172 BC Apr 1
seven[40.3] 173 BC Apr 6
seven[40.2] 174 BC Apr 12
seven[40.1] 175 BC Apr 17
seven[39.7] 176 BC Apr 22
seven[39.6] 177 BC Apr 27
seven[39.5] 178 BC May 3
seven[39.4] 179 BC May 8
seven[39.3] 180 BC May 13
seven[39.2] 181 BC May 18
seven[39.1] 182 BC May 24
seven[38.7] 183 BC May 29
seven[38.6] 184 BC Jun 3
seven[38.5] 185 BC Jun 8
seven[38.4] 186 BC Jun 14
seven[38.3] 187 BC Jun 19
seven[38.2] 188 BC Jun 24
seven[38.1] 189 BC Jun 29
seven[37.7] 190 BC Jul 5
seven[37.6] 191 BC Jul 10
seven[37.5] 192 BC Jul 15
seven[37.4] 193 BC Jul 20
seven[37.3] 194 BC Jul 26
seven[37.2] 195 BC Jul 31
seven[37.1] 196 BC Aug 5
seven[36.7] 197 BC Aug 10
seven[36.6] 198 BC Aug 16
seven[36.5] 199 BC Aug 21
seven[36.4] 200 BC Aug 26
seven[36.3] 201 BC Aug 31
seven[36.2] 202 BC Sep 6
seven[36.1] 203 BC Sep 11
seven[35.7] 204 BC Sep 16
seven[35.6] 205 BC Sep 21
seven[35.5] 206 BC Sep 27
seven[35.4] 207 BC Oct 2
seven[35.3] 208 BC Oct 7
seven[35.2] 209 BC Oct 12
seven[35.1] 210 BC Oct 18
seven[34.7] 211 BC Oct 23
seven[34.6] 212 BC Oct 28
seven[34.5] 213 BC Nov 2
seven[34.4] 214 BC Nov 8
seven[34.3] 215 BC Nov 13
seven[34.2] 216 BC Nov 18
seven[34.1] 217 BC Nov 23
seven[33.7] 218 BC Nov 29
seven[33.6] 219 BC Dec 4
seven[33.5] 220 BC Dec 9
seven[33.4] 221 BC Dec 14
seven[33.3] 222 BC Dec 20
seven[33.2] 223 BC Dec 25
seven[33.1] 224 BC Dec 30
seven[32.7] 224 BC Jan 4
seven[32.6] 225 BC Jan 10
seven[32.5] 226 BC Jan 15
seven[32.4] 227 BC Jan 20
seven[32.3] 228 BC Jan 25
seven[32.2] 229 BC Jan 31
seven[32.1] 230 BC Feb 5
seven[31.7] 231 BC Feb 10
seven[31.6] 232 BC Feb 15
seven[31.5] 233 BC Feb 21
seven[31.4] 234 BC Feb 26
seven[31.3] 235 BC Mar 3
seven[31.2] 236 BC Mar 8
seven[31.1] 237 BC Mar 13
seven[30.7] 238 BC Mar 19
seven[30.6] 239 BC Mar 24
seven[30.5] 240 BC Mar 29
seven[30.4] 241 BC Apr 3
seven[30.3] 242 BC Apr 9
seven[30.2] 243 BC Apr 14
seven[30.1] 244 BC Apr 19
seven[29.7] 245 BC Apr 24
seven[29.6] 246 BC Apr 30
seven[29.5] 247 BC May 5
seven[29.4] 248 BC May 10
seven[29.3] 249 BC May 15
seven[29.2] 250 BC May 21
seven[29.1] 251 BC May 26
seven[28.7] 252 BC May 31
seven[28.6] 253 BC Jun 5
seven[28.5] 254 BC Jun 11
seven[28.4] 255 BC Jun 16
seven[28.3] 256 BC Jun 21
seven[28.2] 257 BC Jun 26
seven[28.1] 258 BC Jul 2
seven[27.7] 259 BC Jul 7
seven[27.6] 260 BC Jul 12
seven[27.5] 261 BC Jul 17
seven[27.4] 262 BC Jul 23
seven[27.3] 263 BC Jul 28
seven[27.2] 264 BC Aug 2
seven[27.1] 265 BC Aug 7
seven[26.7] 266 BC Aug 13
seven[26.6] 267 BC Aug 18
seven[26.5] 268 BC Aug 23
seven[26.4] 269 BC Aug 28
seven[26.3] 270 BC Sep 3
seven[26.2] 271 BC Sep 8
seven[26.1] 272 BC Sep 13
seven[25.7] 273 BC Sep 18
seven[25.6] 274 BC Sep 24
seven[25.5] 275 BC Sep 29
seven[25.4] 276 BC Oct 4
seven[25.3] 277 BC Oct 9
seven[25.2] 278 BC Oct 15
seven[25.1] 279 BC Oct 20
seven[24.7] 280 BC Oct 25
seven[24.6] 281 BC Oct 30
seven[24.5] 282 BC Nov 5
seven[24.4] 283 BC Nov 10
seven[24.3] 284 BC Nov 15
seven[24.2] 285 BC Nov 20
seven[24.1] 286 BC Nov 26
seven[23.7] 287 BC Dec 1
seven[23.6] 288 BC Dec 6
seven[23.5] 289 BC Dec 11
seven[23.4] 290 BC Dec 17
seven[23.3] 291 BC Dec 22
seven[23.2] 292 BC Dec 27
seven[23.1] 292 BC Jan 1
seven[22.7] 293 BC Jan 7
seven[22.6] 294 BC Jan 12
seven[22.5] 295 BC Jan 17
seven[22.4] 296 BC Jan 22
seven[22.3] 297 BC Jan 28
seven[22.2] 298 BC Feb 2
seven[22.1] 299 BC Feb 7
seven[21.7] 300 BC Feb 12
seven[21.6] 301 BC Feb 18
seven[21.5] 302 BC Feb 23
seven[21.4] 303 BC Feb 28
seven[21.3] 304 BC Mar 5
seven[21.2] 305 BC Mar 10
seven[21.1] 306 BC Mar 16
seven[20.7] 307 BC Mar 21
seven[20.6] 308 BC Mar 26
seven[20.5] 309 BC Mar 31
seven[20.4] 310 BC Apr 6
seven[20.3] 311 BC Apr 11
seven[20.2] 312 BC Apr 16
seven[20.1] 313 BC Apr 21
seven[19.7] 314 BC Apr 27
seven[19.6] 315 BC May 2
seven[19.5] 316 BC May 7
seven[19.4] 317 BC May 12
seven[19.3] 318 BC May 18
seven[19.2] 319 BC May 23
seven[19.1] 320 BC May 28
seven[18.7] 321 BC Jun 2
seven[18.6] 322 BC Jun 8
seven[18.5] 323 BC Jun 13
seven[18.4] 324 BC Jun 18
seven[18.3] 325 BC Jun 23
seven[18.2] 326 BC Jun 29
seven[18.1] 327 BC Jul 4
seven[17.7] 328 BC Jul 9
seven[17.6] 329 BC Jul 14
seven[17.5] 330 BC Jul 20
seven[17.4] 331 BC Jul 25
seven[17.3] 332 BC Jul 30
seven[17.2] 333 BC Aug 4
seven[17.1] 334 BC Aug 10
seven[16.7] 335 BC Aug 15
seven[16.6] 336 BC Aug 20
seven[16.5] 337 BC Aug 25
seven[16.4] 338 BC Aug 31
seven[16.3] 339 BC Sep 5
seven[16.2] 340 BC Sep 10
seven[16.1] 341 BC Sep 15
seven[15.7] 342 BC Sep 21
seven[15.6] 343 BC Sep 26
seven[15.5] 344 BC Oct 1
seven[15.4] 345 BC Oct 6
seven[15.3] 346 BC Oct 12
seven[15.2] 347 BC Oct 17
seven[15.1] 348 BC Oct 22
seven[14.7] 349 BC Oct 27
seven[14.6] 350 BC Nov 2
seven[14.5] 351 BC Nov 7
seven[14.4] 352 BC Nov 12
seven[14.3] 353 BC Nov 17
seven[14.2] 354 BC Nov 23
seven[14.1] 355 BC Nov 28
seven[13.7] 356 BC Dec 3
seven[13.6] 357 BC Dec 8
seven[13.5] 358 BC Dec 14
seven[13.4] 359 BC Dec 19
seven[13.3] 360 BC Dec 24
seven[13.2] 361 BC Dec 29
seven[13.1] 361 BC Jan 4
seven[12.7] 362 BC Jan 9
seven[12.6] 363 BC Jan 14
seven[12.5] 364 BC Jan 19
seven[12.4] 365 BC Jan 25
seven[12.3] 366 BC Jan 30
seven[12.2] 367 BC Feb 4
seven[12.1] 368 BC Feb 9
seven[11.7] 369 BC Feb 15
seven[11.6] 370 BC Feb 20
seven[11.5] 371 BC Feb 25
seven[11.4] 372 BC Mar 2
seven[11.3] 373 BC Mar 7
seven[11.2] 374 BC Mar 13
seven[11.1] 375 BC Mar 18
seven[10.7] 376 BC Mar 23
seven[10.6] 377 BC Mar 28
seven[10.5] 378 BC Apr 3
seven[10.4] 379 BC Apr 8
seven[10.3] 380 BC Apr 13
seven[10.2] 381 BC Apr 18
seven[10.1] 382 BC Apr 24
seven[9.7] 383 BC Apr 29
seven[9.6] 384 BC May 4
seven[9.5] 385 BC May 9
seven[9.4] 386 BC May 15
seven[9.3] 387 BC May 20
seven[9.2] 388 BC May 25
seven[9.1] 389 BC May 30
seven[8.7] 390 BC Jun 5
seven[8.6] 391 BC Jun 10
seven[8.5] 392 BC Jun 15
seven[8.4] 393 BC Jun 20
seven[8.3] 394 BC Jun 26
seven[8.2] 395 BC Jul 1
seven[8.1] 396 BC Jul 6
seven[7.7] 397 BC Jul 11
seven[7.6] 398 BC Jul 17
seven[7.5] 399 BC Jul 22
seven[7.4] 400 BC Jul 27
seven[7.3] 401 BC Aug 1
seven[7.2] 402 BC Aug 7
seven[7.1] 403 BC Aug 12
seven[6.7] 404 BC Aug 17
seven[6.6] 405 BC Aug 22
seven[6.5] 406 BC Aug 28
seven[6.4] 407 BC Sep 2
seven[6.3] 408 BC Sep 7
seven[6.2] 409 BC Sep 12
seven[6.1] 410 BC Sep 18
seven[5.7] 411 BC Sep 23
seven[5.6] 412 BC Sep 28
seven[5.5] 413 BC Oct 3
seven[5.4] 414 BC Oct 9
seven[5.3] 415 BC Oct 14
seven[5.2] 416 BC Oct 19
seven[5.1] 417 BC Oct 24
seven[4.7] 418 BC Oct 30
seven[4.6] 419 BC Nov 4
seven[4.5] 420 BC Nov 9
seven[4.4] 421 BC Nov 14
seven[4.3] 422 BC Nov 20
seven[4.2] 423 BC Nov 25
seven[4.1] 424 BC Nov 30
seven[3.7] 425 BC Dec 5
seven[3.6] 426 BC Dec 11
seven[3.5] 427 BC Dec 16
seven[3.4] 428 BC Dec 21
seven[3.3] 429 BC Dec 26
seven[3.2] 429 BC Jan 1
seven[3.1] 430 BC Jan 6
seven[2.7] 431 BC Jan 11
seven[2.6] 432 BC Jan 16
seven[2.5] 433 BC Jan 22
seven[2.4] 434 BC Jan 27
seven[2.3] 435 BC Feb 1
seven[2.2] 436 BC Feb 6
seven[2.1] 437 BC Feb 12
seven[1.7] 438 BC Feb 17
seven[1.6] 439 BC Feb 22
seven[1.5] 440 BC Feb 27
seven[1.4] 441 BC Mar 4
seven[1.3] 442 BC Mar 10
seven[1.2] 443 BC Mar 15
seven[1.1] 444 BC Mar 20 - When King Artaxerxes let Nehemiah go to rebuild Jerusalem (Nehemiah 2:1-8)

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