3rd Compass: Navigating Reality and the Last Days
by Tyrone (Ty) Alexander Huynh, Contributions by Bill Wilson;
248 pages (including color inserts)

A deeper perspective for anyone to see the wonder
and hope in a reality filled with turmoil and confusion.

3rd Compass is filled with inspiring memoir and amazing
testimony that captures the heart and moves the reader
to understand the greater reasons behind our existence.
The author uses scientific evidence and simple logic to show
that things are truly not as they seem.


Go beyond the surface.
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What do Art, Motorcycles,
Racing, and Astronomy
have to do with
understanding reality?

Find out in the book...
Reality Unwound and Rebound
You never thought it could be so deep or filled with so many hidden treasures.

The 3rd Compass dismantles all of reality and puts it back together to explain its foundations. Science and God are examined in minute detail as the blueprint of our universe and very existence is explored.

This Big Picture of Reality is measured and drafted up to see how the battles between Atheism and Theism, Evolution and Creationism, and even within and between ourselves is resolved.

The purpose behind our lives is revealed as the author takes you on the same journey he took in discovering the key to a life of fulfillment and unlimited possibilities - a Guide and Compass that is truly mind boggling and actually the key to more than just life but everything in existence.

After months of learning to understand and following the Compass, the author shares new revelations about the Biblical Age of the Last Days.
The insights revealed in this book will help you understand your place in the vast confusion of this reality.

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About the author
Tyrone grew up as a typical Midwestern kid in the urban areas of Saint Paul, Minnesota. He is a self-confessed Jack-of-all-Trades who has used his love for the arts and sciences through many avenues of expression, including writing, painting, graphic design, computer programming, architecture, photography, and videography. He currently concentrates on writing and web design work.

He is an author born out of the modern scientific age who uses his diverse background in computer science, engineering, psychology, literature, and the graphic arts to tackle the timeless questions of God, life, and existence. His story is chronicled in the 3rd Compass along with another witness to the many wonders of the true reality we live in.
Foreword by the author

What is reality, really? All of us have our own perspectives about the universe we live in. Our personal experiences and knowledge make our view of reality very subjective, but isn't there only one true reality? That is the absolute reality the 3rd Compass aims to highlight. It is the reality we all share together, and no matter how you may view it, our places in it remain the same.

This reality is so vast and has so many layers that measuring and understanding it completely is nearly impossible. The 3rd Compass does not try to explain everything about our reality - all the physics, the chemistry, the biology, and philosophy. The sciences cannot be wholly conveyed in one book. However, the sheer amount of information is not why this book focuses more on one topic or another. The 3rd Compass was written to bring a more complete understanding to the most important aspects of our true reality - the ones that explain all the rest and that have the most impact on us and our lives.

This book dismantles the modern age's tendency to prefer scientific facts and methods over everything else. This does not mean logic and reason are thrown out the window. On the contrary, the 3rd Compass explains exactly why the scientific view of reality is insufficient and actually incapable of understanding our absolute reality. In fact, science and logic are used extensively in this book to support that true picture of reality - the Big Picture.

It is only in the Big Picture of Reality that meaning to our existence can be seen. But not only that, it gives us the reasons for so many things that science cannot explain, such as why there is suffering and hardship in our world, why we struggle within and between ourselves, and even the reasons for the universal laws of morality.

The Big Picture resolves the debate between science and God, Darwinian Evolution and Creation, one religion over another, and other topics of conflict in the debates of life, nature, reality, and religion. The 3rd Compass aims to encompass everything into one single framework so that we can see the reasons behind it all - something science cannot do. So, if you are interested at all in these debates and the meaning of your life and everything else, then read on.
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