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Tribulation Preparatory Notices
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Minister Ty Alexander
(Ty Huynh)
  6/21/2022 12:26 PM
I have never been one to be anxious about preparing for disasters, as there has been too much speculation and fruitless doomsday preparation over the decades. I also know the Lord will guide me as needed to keep my family and I safe, so I simply depend on the Lord to warn me of anything I need to heed.

In recent months the Lord has been guiding and warning more about the troubling times we’re in (see God’s Alarm for more) and I know things will continue to worsen. I’ve also been feeling the Lord wants me to give notice of some things, so this document will share what I’ve been called to share and will list locations that I’ve gotten guidance about or have strong spiritual feelings to avoid or leave. I will also update the information here as I get more guidance to do so.

The strong feelings I get related to these things are like what I felt with other spiritual guidance, such as when the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, I felt the infection would subside but come back much worse, which it did, and when Donald Trump was elected president, I strongly felt he was an unrighteous leader and could not be trusted (see The People's Loss Of Discernment, God's Alarm, and God's Proof For Sin in 383 for more), which proved to be true, especially as his term neared end and he tried to overturn the 2020 Presidential Election results.

Prep Notices
  • Upper Midwest and Areas Around Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota - About a month ago, I got strong feelings to prepare for utilities, like electricity and heat, to be cut off for extended periods of time (about a week or two). I believe this will happen because of severe storms, like has been seen in many other parts of the United States in recent years.

    I felt I needed to get alternate power sources and methods to cook and heat the house that will last for 10 to 14 days. I don’t feel that stocking a lot of food and water are necessary at this time, but only to prepare for utilities to be unavailable.

    I already had a mid-size battery (standard automotive/deep cycle battery) with a power inverter that I used for camping and emergency power, but even a large battery will not run heating or cooking appliances very long. Just one of those kinds of appliances require high wattage in the range of 600 to 1200 watts, which will drain batteries very fast.

    The battery back-up is fine for low wattage use, such as to charge small electronics, like phones and laptops. I’ve used a standard car battery for those purposes and it will usually last about 2 days. Also note that most automotive, even many deep cycle batteries, can be permanently damaged if they are discharged (run down) past 50% full, so using a power inverter that tells you how much charge the battery has will help you know when to recharge it.

    For longer-term power back-up, I opted to get a 10,000 watt dual-fuel generator (runs on either gasoline or propane) that could power the house, so that heat and kitchen appliances could run. That is enough wattage to run a lot of minor appliances, plus one or two high watt appliances, like a range or microwave, at the same time.

    I also got solar panels to recharge the batteries I have and large kerosene containers to fuel a kerosene heater I already had, though, I likely won’t need these extra things because of the generator. They can provide additional back-up if I run out of fuel for the generator.

    Also note, if you will run a gas generator, always treat your gasoline with stabilizer. Otherwise, the fuel will deteriorate, absorb water, and become syrupy (turn into lacquer that will fowl your engines) after a month or more. Depending on the fuel stabilizer you use, it will preserve your fuel for a year or two. I’ve preferred to use Sea Foam stabilizer since my motorcycling days.

    Stabilizer shouldn’t be needed for kerosene as it can last a decade in an approved kerosene container.

Location Notices

High Risk – Areas I would avoid or relocate from relatively soon (within a year or two)
  • United States
    • Chicago and Areas Around Chicago, Illinois

Medium-High Risk – Areas I would avoid or relocate from
  • United States
    • San Francisco, California

Medium Risk – Areas where there will be many disasters in coming years
  • United States
    • East and West Coasts
    • East coast of Florida and areas in southern half of Florida (south of a line marked by Orlando)
    • The traditional hurricane states in the Gulf of Mexico
    • Pacific Northwest/Washington State

  • Israel
    • Tel Aviv

If you live in any of the "Location Notices" areas above, I would ask of the Lord to guide you on whether to stay or relocate. The Lord bless, guide, and keep you, through Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus. Amen.

3rd Compass -> Group News and Articles -> Tribulation Preparatory Notices


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