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A Purim Song Of Lament For God's Bride (Art/Poem/Song)
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Minister Ty Alexander
(Ty Huynh)
Updated 2/26/2021

For Purim and the lost ways of the church and Israel, a song of lament in the tradition of Esther and Mordecai on Purim to sing laments in remembrance (Esther 9:31).

Lament For The Lord's Bride
By Ty Alexander Huynh, 2015, revised 2016, 2019, 2021
This song may not be used for profit in any way without proper licensing.
Permission is granted to use this song for non-profit use as long as
there is no plagiarism (taking false credit) for the work.

Guitar chords are specified in green
Capo on 1st fret

My People are lost to lies...
Fallen in deceptions
Made of light and dark
She’s blind to her prison

Esus2/4  Esus2
My soul, is cast in sorrow
C#5          Esus4
God's Bride, is blind to folly
C#5                 Aadd9
He moved the world, to save her
E                      Em
But the enemy poisons, astray

Esus2            C#5
What can be done to save my People?
Esus4            C#5
What can be done to open her eyes?
Esus4         Esus2
Oil and light was given
C#5           E
But she left, with lanterns failing

C#5      Amaj9
Yahovah, let her see the dark
Esus4               E
What day will bring her release?
Aadd9     Esus4
Immanuel, lead her out
Aadd9   Esus4
Yeshua, bring her safe away

Esus2/4          Esus2
Though the skies are blue-gray
C#5           Esus4
And my People fall into earth
C#5            Aadd9
I keep my hope in the Lord
C#5                Esus4
To light the skies with the truth

C#5       Aadd9
My People will see the day
C#5           Aadd9
She will turn from death
C#5           Aadd9   C#5        Esus4on9
Let her glory in God, His truth, and ways
C#5           Aadd9       C#5        Esus4on9
Let her shine with Christ forever... in the City always

3rd Compass -> Group News and Articles -> A Purim Song Of Lament For God's Bride


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