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The Lord said of His People, "They are not a people of discernment" (Isaiah 27:11), which is just as true today as in the time of Isaiah. It is evident in all the sin, false teaching, and quick acceptance of false spiritual guidance and gifts in the church today.

This ministry tackles that by teaching the discernment that is lacking in the church, and in fact, the 3rd Compass name was divinely inspired to stand for drawing up and measuring the world, especially God's kingdom and spiritual things. And like there are different kinds of compasses that are tools for different purposes, this ministry is God's tool with different but essential purposes.

Some of them address the world's needs with a two-tiered approach:
  1. Aid to alleviate poverty and poor physical conditions
  2. Education in Godly wisdom to:
    • Get rid of chronic curses caused by sin
    • And to make ready a people prepared for the Lord (Luke 1:17)
These tiers work on problems in the present caused by actions of the past, and work to fix problems of the future by correcting the teaching of a world and church lost in darkness.

The church is united by the truth of Christ, but we are divided by the details. A reason for that is most of the church is not drinking pure spiritual water, neither in scripture nor other spiritual guidance. Some details are not as important to get correct, but others are critical.

Perhaps the most important is that of teaching the gospel correctly, since it is a sin to teach false gospels as Apostle Paul said, "if [anyone] is preaching to you a gospel contrary to what you received [from us earlier, they are] to be accursed!" (Galatians 1:8-9).

I've worked hard for more than a decade to get the truth and important teaching correct as I was guided by God to understand Paul's gospel and learned more difficult truths about spiritual warfare and God's kingdom. The results of getting purified water for the world are shown on this site.

Use that knowledge to compare with your own teachings, because spreading false teachings and false guidance also spreads the demons attached to them. May you attain the understanding God's People need, and come out of those things the Lord does not want us involved in.

May you also donate here... because we cannot give material aid in the present or effectively spread good teaching for the future without your help.


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