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Abortion Discussion - Why did God connect gun control with the fall of abortion rights?
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Minister Ty Alexander
(Ty Huynh)
On Friday June 24th, the United States Supreme Court struck down federal abortion rights that came from the 1973 ruling of Roe vs. Wade. This gave great relief and joy for those supporting the right to life, but it has sent people into a frenzy of anger and despair across the country for those supporting abortion rights. People are mobilizing everywhere to support abortion rights. Even major Christian politicians, such as President Joe Biden, Vice President, Kamala Harris, and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi expressed outrage at the Supreme Court’s decision and continue to work to protect abortion.

Pelosi quoted an Israeli poet, Ehud Manor, saying, “My country changed her face”[1.1], and used other lyrics from his song, “I Have No Other Land,” which expressed Manor’s protest for Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 1982. That failed invasion was meant to bring peace to northern Israel because of military conflicts between Israelis and Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian militants.

Ehud Manor could not recognize his country after she started an extreme invasion of Lebanon that went all the way into Beirut, the Lebanese capital. Many would agree that an invasion to take complete control of their neighbor was not the correct path to secure peace at the northern border, and Nancy Pelosi obviously linked Manor’s sentiments of an unjust cause to the fall of federal protection for abortion.

But is the overturning of Roe vs. Wade truly an unjust cause as Pelosi and, presumably, 61% of Americans and 67% of women who also support legal abortion[1.2], would proclaim?

There have been huge, angry crowds protesting the fall of abortion rights across the country since Friday. I can understand their sentiments. People are very worried about the health of women, personal rights, and to a lesser degree, the objectivity and trustworthiness of the highest court in the land. Afterall, if the Supreme Court can overturn past precedent, because, today, there are now enough court justices to support a new ruling, then, as many have brought up, it puts in danger other past rulings, such as with human rights, like same-sex marriage.

Opponents of the overturning of abortion rights have legitimate concerns, but as far as court rulings go, we must understand that, though, precedent often defines law and how future law is interpreted, those legal rulings are often not defined by absolute right and wrong, but on opinion that is based on the morality and legal perspectives of the people that are assigned to the case (the judges and juries). This point should be even more obvious in the case of supreme courts that give rulings based on a majority vote of the justices – the rulings are based on the majority opinion of the judges and not on unanimous agreement nor on higher order moral judgments.

That means legal opinions and precedent are not always absolutely or morally correct, so precedent needs to be qualified or weighed appropriately, and not considered sacred or absolute. There is no human court today that has that kind of absolute, morally correct authority that God has, so that is important to understand when considering how to weigh whether or not the Supreme Court’s change in ruling is valid or not.

Whether we agree with court rulings or not, I would still respect them in as far as we are told to honor and obey God-given authority (1 Peter 2:13-20; Romans 13:1-7; Colossians 3:18-25), but that was never an absolute commandment to obey unjust law, rulings, or rulers.

Another issue that is brought up by abortion rights proponents, is that Roe vs. Wade ruled that the right to abortion was a Constitutional right, but if we omit that Roe vs. Wade was a majority opinion of the Supreme Court in 1973 and not an absolutely correct ruling, there is still no legal right for abortion defined in the United States Constitution.

I recently heard a law professor say she would flunk any court justice for ruling abortion as a Constitutional right, simply because it is not stated anywhere in the Constitution. People had latched on to the rights for liberty or freedom and well-being stated in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence to also mean the right to have an abortion, but there is no Constitutional right to abortion written as law by the Founding Fathers.

So let’s turn to concerns for the health and well-being of women being drastically cut off by bans on abortion. There are legitimate health concerns here, as I’ve seen many stories of women having very serious life-threatening complications during pregnancy[1.3] (see Abortion Single-Mindedness Kills One-Fifth Of The World's Population for more). However, this issue is horrendously exaggerated because the percentage of abortions being performed to save the life of a mother is a tiny minority, less than 1% of abortions[1.4].

United States Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Koop stated publicly that in his thirty-eight years as a pediatric surgeon, he was never aware of a single situation in which a freeborn child’s life had to be taken in order to save the life of the mother. He said the use of this argument to justify abortion in general was a “smoke screen” or deceptive excuse[1.4].

The plain fact is, the great majority of abortions being performed terminate healthy babies and pregnancies that do not threaten the mother[1.3].

There are women who have health issues that risk dying or great harm during pregnancy or birth[1.3], but those people are not the majority of pregnancies and their actual risk of dying is only a guess. Another fact is, at least in the United States, even without federal support for abortions, medical professionals are still obligated to try saving the life of a pregnant woman and her baby if the need arises.

Electing to abort a healthy baby because of fear is not a sufficient reason to kill the baby. How would you make that decision if the baby were in your hands and not in the womb, but someone made a threat to your life and claimed they would kill you unless you killed the baby? Whose life would you choose then?

It seems that out of sight, out of mind holds much power over people.

The issues of mental and financial hardships are also brought up as possible valid reasons to perform an abortion. Even Israel allows abortion for cases where a woman claims to have mental health problems as the reason for wanting an abortion, as well as other reasons, such as pregnancy from infidelity (adultery) or from unwed sex, which has made many women lie about their circumstances so they could get an abortion[1.6].

Again, how would you make the decision to kill a baby if she were in your hands because you feared the mental stress of having her or because you could not afford to support her? Wouldn’t you find alternate ways to care for the child, like seek financial help or give the child up for adoption? Contrary to what some people would think, finding that help is not very difficult.

Out of sight, out of mind holds much power over people.

Something I noticed this last weekend was that President Biden signed into law on Saturday, the biggest gun control bill in decades, the very day after Roe vs. Wade fell. This was a bill that passed through Congress with support from opposing parties swiftly because of the great public outcry from mass shootings, like at Uvalde, Texas, in recent months. In previous decades, opposing parties had constantly made big changes in gun law impossible to pass.

Of the new laws, Biden said, “God willing, it’s going to save a lot of lives”[1.7], and I certainly hope that it does, but I noticed they did not pass any restrictions on assault rifles, which contributed much to mass shootings, like at Uvalde, nor did they instate universal background checks.

Also knowing that the root causes for more and more severe violence in society comes from unaddressed sin and darkness in our communities and not easy access to firearms, I’m afraid the new gun control laws will be insufficient to make the sweeping changes that society is looking for.

However, the close timing of Roe vs. Wade falling and the passing of new gun laws has meaning that God wants people to notice, or rather God wants people to see something they are overlooking – assault rifles make killing people relatively easy, and that is no different than Roe vs. Wade and the so-called “right” to abort babies under nearly all circumstances; easy abortion equals easy murder of infants.

Can you see how differently people react to bloody bodies they can see, like the many dozens of children murdered in mass shootings, to what they cannot so readily see – babies in the womb being killed?

Masses cry out for change to stop the killing of innocent people from mass shootings and rallied politicians on opposing sides to make legal changes, but when the Supreme Court makes a much more legally and morally correct decision to overturn federal support for abortion, the masses cry in outrage over overblown fears for women’s healthcare and bodily autonomy.

Like with gun control and extreme violence in society, people are not seeing or addressing the root causes of their problems that go with abortion.

Where are the billions of bloody baby bodies for them? Yes, that’s billions. A few years ago, I made an estimate of the number of healthy babies that were killed worldwide since Roe vs. Wade legalized abortion in 1973, and the number came to be 1.6 billion babies. That number must be surpassing 2 billion babies now, so instead of one-fifth of the world’s population being killed a few years ago, it is 25% or one-quarter of the world’s population today (from an estimated population of 7.96 billion).

Out of sight, out of mind has great power over people.

Another common issue brought up by abortion activists is that restricting abortion is racist and will especially harm Black women. Their concerns stem from studies showing that Black women are four times more likely to choose abortion[1.8] and three times more likely to die in pregnancy or postpartum (after giving birth)[1.9].

If we look at the numbers, though, Black deaths are only slightly less than 13 per 100,000 births[1.9], which is a fraction of a percent (0.013%), so we must remember that cases of pregnancy-related death is a very small minority of rare cases. This continues to show how abortionists use extreme exaggeration of risk to support abortion.

If we look at the other study showing that Black women are four times more likely to choose abortion, the numbers appear correct, but looking further at them, it is very disturbing to see that recorded deaths from abortions for a state like Pennsylvania, account for 24% (almost a quarter or 14,581 deaths from abortion) of White deaths in one year, while for the Black community, it was huge 63% or 13,151 deaths from abortion. These staggering numbers of babies being killed only give more credibility to the estimated number of abortions I calculated above.

International outrage came after news of Russia killing hundreds of children in Ukraine and after mass shootings, like at Uvalde and Sandy Hook, that killed dozens of young children, but where is the outrage with numbers of infant deaths from abortion ranging from 24% to 63% of all deaths?

Out of sight, out of mind has great power over people.

But as far as significant harm being done to the Black community, or any community for that matter, because of restrictions to abortion, I don’t see it. With abortion deaths as high as 63% of all deaths in the Black community, you can say abortion is hurting their communities a lot more than crime or health problems.

We need to look further and consider why four times as many Black women want an abortion in the first place, and why they are three times more likely to die, even if the death rate is extremely small.

Something I very rarely hear discussed by abortion or pro-life activists is why so many women are having unwanted pregnancies in the first place, or the other partner of that problem – the men. Nobody is talking about rampant lust or maintaining chastity. Nobody seems to connect popular culture that promotes lust and unwed sex to promiscuity and resulting pregnancies.

If you want to find why the Black community is wanting more abortions, then you have to look at why they’re having more unwanted pregnancies, and not simply label abortion banning as racist or the reason that causes harm to Black women.

Instead, look at how women are being treated in your communities and how men are behaving towards women. Men have not been brought up much in abortion debates, but they are equally responsible for why so many abortions are wanted. If anyone looks at the rate of rapes, it is not hard to see that men have serious issues to resolve.

But I’m not trying to shift all the blame to men, either. The common moral code that sex outside of marriage is ok or that it must be given to men for a good relationship is also responsible for leading women into very harmful promiscuous lives.

Everyone’s morality is at question here, and if you think that belonging to a believing community of God gives pass to be accused in abortion, promiscuity, and wanton lust, then you are mistaken. I brought up Israel’s abortion policies above for a reason.

I’ve seen communities claiming to be people of God live in horribly dishonorable lifestyles that are no different than the world they claim to be separate from. The things I’ve seen reported in both Jewish and Christian communities are absolutely shameful, yet they share and even promote their sexual behavior publicly.

And now just this morning, I see Israel passed law to make abortions easier to obtain on Monday[1.11]. How sad is it that the people who were God’s original chosen cannot see their own opposition to Him or what is right?

They do not apply God’s commands for everyone towards babies in the womb - You are not to endanger the life of your neighbor (Leviticus 19:16), You shall love your neighbor as yourself (Leviticus 19:18), and Do not plot harm against your neighbor, who lives trustfully near you (Proverbs 3:29; Romans 13:10). How sad is it that people do not consider unborn infants as people and neighbors that also need love and protection? Who relies more on trust of others than our youngest children?

Out of sight, out of mind has great power over people.

The sinkhole at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem

To show God's discontent with His people in this, also on Monday, I got an emailed article of a giant sinkhole that opened up at a Jerusalem hospital[1.16]. No doubt, this is a location where abortions are performed. Some linked the sinkhole to Korah's rebellion in Numbers 16 where 250 leaders of the people stood against Moses and Aaron, but I haven't heard anyone link it to the true reason why God would open up the ground at the hospital.

In Numbers 16, Moses put Korah and the leaders with him to a test to show who God chose as holy. Moses gathered them to the Tabernacle the next day, but God was angry at them and told Moses and Aaron to separate themselves from the rebellious leaders. Then He told Moses to get the people away from the tents of the instigators, and Moses told the people, "But if the Lord Yahovah brings about an entirely new thing and the ground opens its mouth and swallows them with everything that is theirs, and they descend alive into Sheol, then you will know that these men have been disrespectful to Yahovah" (Numbers 16:30).

God opened the ground and swallowed the households of Korah and those with him (Numbers 16:31-33), and now today, I see Israel's passing of law to support abortion goes with this sinkhole at the hospital was the Lord's sign that they are rebelling against Him.

Today, God’s People are just as guilty of sacrificing their children to Molech as they were in the days of the Old Testament (2 Kings 23:10; Jeremiah 32:35), except today’s Molech are their idols of self-determination, self-satisfaction, and perceived economic and personal well-being. How appropriate it is that the Hebrew names of Molech and Ashtoreth (another pagan god the ancient Hebrews were guilty of worshipping), both have the vowel pattern of “bosheth” ( בּשֶׁת ), pronounced “boh-sheht”, the Hebrew word for “shameful thing”[1.12].

It is the people’s morality and state of righteousness that is bosheth, the shameful thing, that needs to be examined when you see numbers like Black women are three times more likely to die from pregnancy, four times more likely to get an abortion, or when women are screaming afraid of deadly complications from pregnancy or childbirth, because they won’t be able to get an easy abortion. They’re not seeing the connection with their sins and morality preventing God’s protection and blessing, which would give them healthy pregnancies and childbirth.

Apostle Paul said, Women will be preserved through childbirth if they continue in faith and love and sanctity with moral sense" (1 Timothy 2:15), so there is a direct connection to having serious health problems or dying in pregnancy or childbirth if you do not live in faith and love and sanctity or righteousness.

To the believer who thinks abortion is a necessary option for prenatal care, I would say look to your sins first and increase your faith in God and His promises. But to the unbeliever, I cannot give instruction they would take seriously. I can only try to reinforce what the Lord is trying to remind everyone of by having gun control and abortion law coincide – You are truly murdering innocent children through abortion; You are not understanding the root causes of your social problems so that you can solve them correctly.

Furthermore, it is not only a physical person you kill through abortion, but an eternal spiritual one as well, because a person’s soul is eternal. We do not die with the body, and because a person is a whole being, even spiritually, at conception, a death in the womb has the same consequences as death after birth.

How do we know that is true and that even an undeveloped fetus should be treated as a whole human at conception? God guided me to see that His references to people in scripture as worms was not simply a derogatory metaphor (Isaiah 41:14; Job 25:6; also Psalm 22:6), but He also used it as a very literal comparison to worms being complete beings even though they have very simple organic systems.

I came to this revelation after seeing that some worms share a very large percentage of genes with humans, for example the acorn worm shares 70% of its genes with humans[1.10], so God is not just saying humans are complete beings at conception, but we are also very literally just like worms in a biological sense.

Spiritually, however, we are very different and because our spirits or souls are a part of us at conception, the soul of a baby that is murdered before birth will go into purgatory, the same as a murdered baby that is already born. Purgatory is called Sheol and Hades in the Bible, and I’ve seen evidence of aborted babies souls in purgatory, where the tormented souls of unborn, murdered children were perceived by spiritually sensitive people.

Why should God send the souls of innocent babies to purgatory? They are paying for the sins of their parents, especially the sin of murder in abortion. If these things don’t prove to you that abortion is murder and has serious consequences, even in the afterlife, then I pray that God softens your heart to the truth.

Also consider the consequences of everyone involved in abortion, from the pregnant mother to the people that perform the abortion. Because abortion is murder and murder is a serious sin (Exodus 20:13; Deuteronomy 5:17), God’s judgment will fall on all of them. This takes the form of curses or bad events, like illness, loss of property or wealth, serious accidents, etc., so God’s judgment is a big reason why you see people who’ve participated in many abortions will also have many health, mental, and socioeconomic problems, so ask why God keeps people in poverty and hardship when abortionists say the poor are in more need of abortion services.

Ruth Tidhar, Director of CRIB – EFRAT, a non-profit that gives assistance and consultation to pregnant women in Israel, Canada, England, and the U.S., said, "In all the years that I have been speaking with pregnant women, I do not remember a single woman who chose abortion and who wasn’t harmed by it. Abortion clinics don’t tell them how much the abortion harms them psychologically and spiritually, frequently leading to depression”[1.5].

Whatever way you want to think of abortion, those who resort to it will always pay for it. Murder is a serious sin and God will judge all sin (Romans 2:5-11; Ephesians 6:5-8; Colossians 3:25; Joshua 24:19; Jeremiah 32:19; Numbers 14:18; Nahum 1:3; Proverbs 24:12; Hebrews 12:4-11).

The last thing I want to discuss here are extraordinary claims by some researchers that legalized abortion dramatically reduces crime, even up to 50%[1.13, 1.14]. This is also called the Donohue–Levitt hypothesis, which came from a study in 2001. However, subsequent studies have not unequivocally confirmed their results, and another study suggested that the removal of lead in gasoline brought a similar 50% decrease in violent crime[1.14].

The biggest problem with statistical analysis studies like these is they often do not show accurate pictures of cause and effect. The picture constructed by stats very much depends on what numbers you are gathering and how you interpret them. Statistics rarely ever include a complete picture of data, but only use what information is available or chosen. Critics of these studies have pointed out that they omit important factors, like the change in elicit drug use during the same periods, so these studies and their conclusions should be given appropriate weight.

There could be an effect of legalized abortion on future crime rates, as the Donohue-Levitt hypothesis proposed, but I would say the effect is minimal, as other studies have shown[1.14]. Donohue-Levitt said the reduction of population from abortion eliminates many people that would grow up with high risk of becoming criminals, because aborted babies are unwanted and more often are in low-income communities and from families that do not give adequate love and support. Therefore, the elimination of those children reduces crime significantly in later years, because these children are more likely to grow up to commit serious crimes.

God may have commanded a kind of eugenics or selective killing when He had the Israelites kill every man, woman, and child during the takeover of the Promised Land, but we must remember that was for the time in the Bronze Age when brutal warfare and killing was common. For today's world, it's not only horrible to suggest eugenics or selective killing of infants to improve society, but violent crime has not decreased dramatically since abortion was legalized in 1973.

In recent years, it has increased dramatically, especially after the civil unrest when George Floyd was killed by a police officer, and after the first mass school shootings decades ago. Violent crime has been increasing across the country in recent years, such as with carjackings[1.15], and among teens, and even in rural communities far from big cities. These trends obviously came long after the 1973 institution of abortion, so many other factors are responsible for crime.

The only thing I can say that is the single most relevant factor in increased crime is the increase in sin of communities and their lack of morality to change it. May you be strengthened in wisdom and righteousness to see what is truly wrong with your communities and do what is necessary to avert future disaster, like in Ukraine and Uvalde, that comes from remaining in sin, through Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus. Amen.

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Does God never allow abortion? 8/17/2022
Updated 8/22/2022

Soon after I posted the discussion on abortion above, I felt I had to address issues related to the concern for women’s health because it is often brought up by abortion advocates. After Roe vs. Wade was overturned, masses of liberals have been protesting the loss of Federal abortion protection and are mobilizing to protect and expand abortion wherever they can.

Their recent win in Kansas to reject a new law that would have removed the state’s abortion protections[2.1, 2.2] much like the Federal overturning of Roe vs. Wade show that a very motivated and well-meaning but misled majority can keep abortion law in the wrong places and prevent what should be universally regulated rather than haphazardly allowed from place to place.

The need for universal abortion regulation is not why I’m writing now, though. The reason is to address issues related to what I brought up before about serious health risks that motivate abortion advocates, like in Kansas, to try and put control of abortion in the hands of doctors and patients instead of the state or any other authority.

The Kansas amendment would not have enacted an outright ban on abortion, but its passing would have allowed for future state regulation and possible complete bans, even in cases of rape, incest, and where the mother is at definite risk of dying. Cases like this brought abortion restrictions down, like in Ireland in 2018[2.3] after public outrage from a pregnant mother, Savita Halappanavar, died because the state would not allow the termination of her failed pregnancy in 2012[2.4].

Irish law at the time would not allow the termination of a pregnancy if a fetus’ heartbeat was detectable, so though the pregnancy miscarried, the baby was still alive but in such bad condition that Savita died of sepsis or bloodstream infection before the fetus completely died. Since then another woman in Poland, Izabela Sajbor, also died like Savita did because their abortion law also would not allow termination of the pregnancy if the baby’s heartbeat is detected[2.5].

In the original post, I noted how these cases are extremely rare, but abortion advocates use and exaggerate them to motivate supporters, which obviously works because it has overturned abortion restrictions.

Soon after the United States brought down Roe vs. Wade, President Biden vilified the decision by bringing up a 10-year-old rape victim who had to travel out of her state to get an abortion[2.6]. Many people and news agencies attacked the comment and said the victim and story were made up, but the account is true[2.7, 2.8] and the attacks on it show the extreme bias and insensitivity the other side has to anything, whether true or not, that opposes them.

We should not be completely insensitive to people that fall into these extreme cases. We should not jump to conclusions and fail to make righteous judgment. These cases are why I need to speak further about abortion, because absolute no-exception bans on abortion are not how God works.

God does abort babies, as miscarriages and severe complications that result in death during pregnancies and childbirth are His judgments for sin. That should be obvious after I spoke of 1 Timothy 2:15 before, stating, "Women will be preserved through childbirth if they continue in faith and love and sanctity with moral sense."

The bottom line is that serious injury, deformation, disease, and death for unborn babies and their mothers are a result of sin and the loss of blessing and protection from sin. This was a point I recently told Jews in an Israeli publication that was promoting abortion and overlooking where their problems were actually coming from. I said:
Israel, instead of seeing only issues of personal liberty and privacy [related to abortion], ask the Lord why your families are cursed with failing pregnancies. Ask yourselves why God has made you choose between the lives of your women and the unborn. And ask yourselves why you do not choose to see a living child with a spirit and soul that the Lord placed in the womb as not having equal right to live as the woman.
It is because of sin that the Lord left people to manage failed or imperfect pregnancies, so it was God’s will that Savita in Ireland and others like her died from them. But that truth will not be accepted by most nonbelievers.

And can we say with absolute certainty that God will not allow abortion unequivocally in all circumstances when His judgments include aborting the unborn? This is an issue that hardline anti-abortionists in believing communities are obviously overlooking.

To further support that God does allow abortion, I will point out the church has had a history of miracle abortions, mainly in the Catholic Church[2.9, 2.10], but whether all these miracles are directly from God or not is harder to say, because I know for certain that the church was already in false teachings and gospels and under the influence of the demons that promote them as early as 100 AD. The Catholic Church has been plagued with false miracles, so we cannot say for certain that it was the Lord that did all these miracles, which miraculously made unwanted fetuses disappear.

Still, we can credit God, even if the miracle came from imposters of God and the saints, because it is said, All things come from God, (1 Corinthians 11:12) and God allowed the miracles to happen, whether they were false miracles or directly from God.

What does all this mean for allowing abortion? Should we allow it in extreme cases, like those of Savita and Izabela, where it’s certain the baby cannot survive and the mother risks dying? And what about rape and incest? At least one of the miracle abortions in the church’s history involved a nun who was raped[2.9].

These situations are why the Lord called me to continue talking about abortion. Absolute hardline abortion bans don’t reflect God’s will. But let me be clear that I am not advocating unnecessary abortions, even in the case of rape or incest. Let the Lord determine the outcome of unwanted pregnancies through prayer and petition, as He has brought miscarriages to women who were raped.

But in cases like Savita and Izabela’s, where the baby has suffered too much decay to live and infected the mother because of it, then the choice should be given to quickly and humanely terminate the fetus so the mother may survive. Let the Lord judge the people involved in finishing the termination of the baby in cases like this, as it is not very different than taking life-support away from a braindead patient.

However, for cases where there is no immediate risk of life to the mother then we cannot murder an unborn child unless it is absolutely certain the baby will not survive long after birth. Mental health, depression, and financial hardship are insufficient reasons to kill a person as I noted in the first post.

But what about cases where the baby is abnormal or disabled? Sometimes so disabled that doctors don’t believe the baby could live long after birth. Fetal testing for disorders has become more popular in recent decades and has made parents seek abortions, but like other extreme cases, these kinds of abortions are in the minority. Still, is it ethical to kill a child who has severe disability or isn’t predicted to live long?

My use of “predict” and doctors’ opinions should give you a clue to the answer. No one but God can determine the longevity and good that even a severely disabled or short-lived person can bring, so let God decide if or how long a child lives and what sort of life he will have. Use prayer and petition in these cases, like for cases of rape and incest.

A short, painful, or disabled life may be tragic, but God has used children and people of severe disability for good. I’ve seen many accounts of this, so keep hope in God to make the best out of what may seem hopeless, for God causes all things, [the good and bad], to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

It is not our place to simply murder someone because of disease, disability, or abnormality, or because we do not want to care for someone in such condition. As I asked in the first post, What would you do if the child was out of the womb in your hands? You would not be so quick to kill would you?

I also said it is not hard to find help or care for an unwanted baby. There really aren’t good enough reasons to kill an unborn child unless she definitely will not survive and the mother’s health is at serious risk because of it. The only exception I would give where the mother is not at serious health risk is with fetal defects that are not survivable after birth, like acrania and anencephaly[2.11]. Parents should be given the choice to abort the fetus in those cases, which obviously should be done with prayer for guidance on why the pregnancy was cursed.

Let all the points that were brought up remain in your minds when you consider abortion law and teaching, and let the words meant for Israel also be heeded by all believers -
Isaiah said, Lord Yahovah, Your hand is lifted up in anger, yet they do not see it. Indeed, fire will devour Your enemies. Yahovah, you will establish peace for us.

Is it peace you are seeing in your days, brethren? Do not continue in the path of enemies to God. Instead of seeing only issues of personal liberty, privacy, and health care related to abortion, ask the Lord why your families are cursed with failing pregnancies. Ask yourselves why God has made you choose between the lives of your women and the unborn. And ask yourselves why you do not choose to see a living child with a spirit and soul that the Lord placed in the womb as not having equal right to live as the woman.
The Lord’s wisdom and strength to see and walk in righteousness be on you all in Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus. Amen.

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