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YouTube Video Help Tips (How-To)
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Minister Ty Alexander
(Ty Huynh)
  4/10/2012 11:14 AM
How To Turn Captions/Subtitles On and Off
Some YouTube videos have subtitles available, but the video player usually does not turn them on by default.

To turn on captions, click the CC-Subtitles button (see screen below). If more than one language is available, a pop-up menu will show the languages you may select. Otherwise, the available language will just turn on and highlight the CC button.

To turn off captions, click the highlighted CC button again to unselect the captioning feature.

Other videos have captions or text edited into the video itself and cannot be turned off. In that case, using the CC-Subtitles button will not work to turn off text showing in the video.

How To Change Video Playback Resolution
Even though HD (High Definition) videos are available on YouTube, most YouTube video players default to a low resolution of 360p so you do not see the picture with the sharpest detail available.

To change the playback resolution, click the "Change Quality" button that looks like a mechanical gear (see screen below). Then select a different resolution. 720p or higher are true HD resolutions. Once the new resolution is selected, the player will refresh the page and start downloading the video at the new resolution.

Changing to a higher resolution may affect the quality of your video playback if you do not have a high-speed or reliable Internet signal.

NOTE: The following tip may not work in newer YouTube viewers

How To Pre-Load Videos
This will help people with slower Internet connections download the video before playing it so the connection speed does not cause playback stuttering.
  • Simply go to the video page on YouTube and let it start playing.
  • Then click the Pause button in the lower left corner of the video player window (see screen below) to stop playback.
  • Do not change or refresh the web page. The video will continue to download as it is paused. You can see the progress with a gray bar in the video timeline. The timeline should continue to fill with gray after the red area on the timeline. The red area is the part of the video that already played.
  • Once the rest of the timeline is filled with gray, the entire video was downloaded and you may click the Play button again to view it without the problems of a slow network connection. You may optionally want to switch the video resolution lower if your connection is extremely slow (see next tip), though, this is not recommended because the default setting is already low.

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