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Service for Yom Teruah (Rosh Hashana) 2022 (Church Service)
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Minister Ty Alexander
(Ty Huynh)

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Good day or evening, wherever you are, in the name of the Lord. I’m Ty Alexander Huynh, Elder Minister and Teacher of Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus. Welcome to this Yom Teruah/Rosh Hashana service, the first of a series focusing on the High Holidays or High Holy Days, which in Hebrew is called “The Days of Awe.”

Last year on Yom Teruah, the Lord had me proclaim His Alarm to leave the Harlot Babylon and further reveal who she is. I never considered Yom Teruah to be related to an alarm teruah or militaristic trumpet call to attention, but last year the Lord used the traditional Jewish notion of teruah calls to attention for His people, so they can understand their sins and the Harlot Babylon. Obviously, this is meant to get the attention of traditional Jews as well as Christian believers who are sensitive to God’s holy holidays.

Ever since God’s alarm teruah was sounded last year, He has given many more proofs of the fulfilment of prophecy related to our times now at the end of this age. God showed me prophecy in Zechariah 13, which is Old Testament prophecy for our times now, was fulfilled and is continuing to be fulfilled today by ministers that spread false prophecy. They are the false prophets that God spoke of in Zechariah 13:2-6.

Though most of these ministers or false teachers proclaim to serve the Lord, they do not realize they are also guilty of false prophecy and idolatry, because they are more loyal to deceiving spirits and their false teachings than to our one true God and good, true teaching. And so, they are part of the Harlot Babylon whom I talked about in God’s Alarm. I’ve confronted many of these false teachers and prophets, but most often I am met with scoffing and mocking, in which God showed me that I fulfilled prophecy in Isaiah 28 as one who spoke with “stammering lips” and “foreign tongue” to mockers who could not understand me or the truth (Isaiah 28:11), and in those confrontations the Lord further showed me how I was the same as Elijah confronting and killing the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18:17-40).

These ministers and preachers are in today’s spiritual Ephraim (Isaiah 28:1), who are constantly drunk on their spiritual wine, and are actually priests of the Baals of today, the imposter spirits of the Lord I have often spoken of. Through my many rebukes, God has been telling them and all who want to remain loyal to Him that they must end loyalty to these Baals and the false teachings and guidance they give, for loyalty to them has God’s People guilty with sin that defines the Harlot Babylon, and so God’s Alarm call on last year’s Yom Teruah made it clear to repeat the urging the Lord gave through Apostle John, "Come out of her, [the Harlot Babylon], My people, so that you will not share in her sins" (Revelation 18:4), because she will be destroyed in the days ahead, and with great violence, "for her sins have piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her offenses" (Revelation 18:5, 18:21).

God showed me that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is only the beginning of this judgment on the Harlot Babylon, who includes the church and all believers living in her sins, and the Lord proved how Russia is part of the great army of Revelation 9:15-19 that will kill a third of mankind. Ukraine is a large-majority Christian nation but her people live in sin and false beliefs that are not very different from the nations we all live in, so the Lord pointed out with the Russian invasion and fulfilment of prophecy that His People are coming under judgment now.

All this fulfillment of prophecy is grave and should show the Lord truly anointed me to speak as one sent by Him, yet His People remain stubborn and loyal to their errant ways. They have lost discernment and remain loyal to ministers and leaders who cannot see through their blindness how full of darkness they are.

My People, gather up your belongings from the Harlot Babylon, for you will continue to live under the siege of the Day of the Lord Yahovah. For as in the days of Jeremiah, who told the people, they would fall with Jerusalem and be captured, I must repeat today, the Lord will bring distress on those who claim to be His yet remain in the sins of the Harlot. Their wounds will be incurable, their sanctuaries and property destroyed, and their beloved gone from them. The shepherds are senseless and do not inquire of the Lord Yahovah, but take heed of their idols and Baals, so they will not prosper, and all their flock will scatter.

Behold, the noise comes; a great commotion from the north. It makes the cities desolate, a haunt of jackals.

Yahovah, the people’s lives are not their own. It is not for them to direct their steps. Discipline Your People, Yahovah, but only in due measure – not in Your anger or we will be reduced to nothing. Pour out Your wrath on the peoples that do not acknowledge You, on those who do not know You. For they have devoured Jacob; they have devoured him completely and destroyed his habitation.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, the Lord led me to speak about why His judgment was upon the world and on believers in the same way as those who do not believe. Many believers seemed to understand the pandemic is God’s judgment, but most still do not understand why they, the church, or other peoples of God, like the Jews, would suffer the same judgments as presumably more sinful and unblessed nonbelievers. I addressed the peoples then, and do so again:
  • Communities of color, especially in the United States, you wrongly accuse poverty and oppression by authorities for your woes. Does God not supply the poor and bring to wealth as well as poverty? Look to your pride, anger, and focuses. Should you not forgive as the Lord has done, and should you accuse falsely? The Lord has said love your enemies and bless and do not curse.
  • Communities of indigenous descent and those who honor ancient traditions, you value and honor your native and old traditions, but some of them have you in idolatry and practicing witchcraft and divination. You cannot honor the Lord and also live in these sins. They are why He brought judgment upon pagan nations and peoples, and they are why your peoples continue to suffer.
  • People in authority - in government, business, the church, religious and all institutions, military, and law enforcement - the Lord sees you giving partiality to your own and not making righteous judgment. Should those in authority not be judged to higher standards? The peoples are angry for reason, so when you stand in places of authority, the Lord takes it into account. Be the examples of righteous authority you have sworn to be and make righteous judgment.
  • Business leaders, bosses, and supervisors, you place greed, profit, and arrogance over the just treatment and well-being of your workforce. Would they protest or threaten to unionize if you gave your workers fair treatment and sufficient rest? Why should you unceasingly make people work past their allotted times? Why should you force people to constantly run at unreasonable speed? You breed discontent, not loyal nor hardworking employees. To what end? The Lord says greed is idolatry and to neglect and oppress the poor will close the door to heaven. The riches of this world will fade like flowers for the unrighteous.
  • All peoples and nations, your lusts have overrun you and you no longer honor what is right. Honor marriage covenants and love your neighbor instead of pursuing your greed, which again is idolatry, and defiling marriages, your bed chambers, and harming your brothers and sisters with pursuits of lust, covetousness, and self-interest. You no longer know how to fulfill the greatest commandments to love the Lord and your neighbor. Remove your lusts, greed, and self-interest; stop murdering infants in the womb; keep your tongues from sinning; do not keep anger and hate; but fulfil love, charity, and forgiveness.
  • The church and God’s People, especially those lost in lies and false teaching, which the Catholics, Orthodox, Pentecostal/Apostolic, and those who were the Lord's first people, the Jews, have especially fallen to, you have all gone from discernment and do not know your God, so the Lord has allowed imposters of Him, His Spirit, and false prophets and teachers to be those you wish to hear. They are a test and curse to you.

    But now is the time for the tares of the kingdom to be gathered and made known. Learn discernment and know your God. Come out of those the Lord calls the Harlot Babylon so you will not share of her sins. Her end will come. Did the Lord not divorce Israel? (Jeremiah 3:8) And can not the ingrafted branches be removed? Remove from yourselves the false vines, who produce thorns to shackle you, and adorn yourselves with the true Vine and His teachings – our true Lord and Savior Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus.

    Recognize and acknowledge the Lord, His name is also Yahovah, and He gave His authority to His Son, Mashiach Yeshua - Christ Jesus. The voices you listen to are not the Lord’s and the shepherds and rabbis you value do not know Him. Stop your worship of the saints, angels, and spirits. Stop your self-worship and worship of people and pursuits. Instead, make yourselves what is approved, for the Lord desires your worship, a life out of darkness, that is in spirit and truth.
The death and troubles of the pandemic were only one of the tribulations in the Day of the Lord where terror and pit and snare confront you, inhabitant of the earth. Then it will be that he who flees the report of disaster will fall into the pit. And he who climbs out of the pit will be caught in the snare, for the windows above are opened, and the foundations of the earth shake (Isaiah 24:17-18).

Since the pandemic started in 2020, there has been civil unrest, increase in horrible mass shootings, increase in severe weather and climate change events that brought record heat waves and severe drought around the world, severe floods that were rare have become common, destructive hurricanes and typhoons are more common, multiple mutations of the COVID-19 virus came and remain, a monkeypox epidemic spread around the world, polio and measles made a comeback, Russia attacked Ukraine, depression, suicide, and violent crime has increased, financial upheavals, stock market losses, and high inflation are pressuring many, baby formula shortages put the health of millions of infants at risk, cancer and severe illness increased around the world, and food and financial insecurity has increased.

Terror and pit and snare - The Day of the Lord Yahovah is a siege upon the fortress of the Harlot Babylon and on the immorality of the peoples. Isn’t there enough proof for you to see it?

God put an urgent alarm call into Yom Teruah these past years, but that is not the main intent of God’s first High Holy Day when He proclaimed it as a remembrance or memorial in the Old Testament (Leviticus 23:24). However, thousands of years ago, the Lord did not tell His people what the teruah blowing of trumpets and shouting was to commemorate. It was sometime after God gave the commands for Yom Teruah that this holiday became associated with a New Year holiday, or what is called Rosh Hashana, Hebrew for Head of the Year.

When I spoke of Yom Teruah in another sermon, I noted how Rosh Hashana is not a Biblical holiday, nor is linking Yom Teruah to a New Year holiday supported in scripture. Some think the New Year link came after the Jews were exposed to Babylonian and other pagan cultures during the exile, but there were no pagan New Year festivals at the same time as Yom Teruah. It is much more likely the New Year link came from Jewish traditions that mark Yom Teruah as the time God created Adam and Eve or when He created the world. These traditions of making Yom Teruah commemorate a new beginning cannot be accidents or from dark influences, because I was guided by the Lord to see why Yom Teruah got linked to a New Year.

God left the purpose for this holiday hidden in reserve for Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus, because I saw how trumpet blasts were traditionally made to announce a king (1 Kings 1:39; 2 Kings 9:13, 11:12-14; 2 Chronicles 23:11-13), and I also saw how all the High Holy Holidays point to Christ. Yom Teruah connects with the birth of Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus and how He brought a new age with Him – the Christian Age. This is affirmed by timings given in scripture with correlations in the stars and the ancient Jerusalem temple priestly duty cycle (see Yom Teruah in The Lord’s Holidays and Sabbaths).

This means our teruah blasts and shouts on Yom Teruah are not meant for a New Year, but they do commemorate a new beginning or new age that affirms Christ as our King of kings at the head of God’s kingdom. However, in the past year, the Lord made me connect a teruah alarm call to attention with this holiday, so there is more meaning to the commemoration of Yom Teruah that will extend into the next age when Christ has returned physically to reign over the earth.

The Hebrew word, zikron ( זכרון ), used for “memorial or remembrance” associated with the teruah calls on this holiday (Leviticus 23:24) also means “reminder,” which goes with the reason why God would have me also connect Yom Teruah to a teruah call to attention for His People. In the next age, God’s Teruah Alarm Call to leave the Harlot Babylon will be over, but there will still be need of a teruah “reminder” call for all the people. This reminder goes with the next High Holy Day, Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement when sin and repentance are dealt with – these connections mean God also wants Yom Teruah to be a reminder of leaving behind sin and seeking righteousness through the example and laws of Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus.

Today’s Jews have a hint of this association with Christ in Yom Teruah, as they traditionally focus on repentance during this holiday to prepare them for the next High Holy Day, Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement. May all of God’s People still devoted to the traditional forms of Judaism have their eyes opened to the work and atonement of Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus, the Savior they long waited for but failed to see when He first came two thousand years ago. Amen.

Those who see the Lord in Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus, today, will joy when He returns to reign over the next age. He will bring a new set of laws and statutes for all the world, as He will be head of God’s kingdom on the entire earth, the only king (Zechariah 14:9), and place His seat in the third temple of Jerusalem. Immorality will still be an issue for the people in the next age as Christ continues to place all enemies under His feet, the last of which will be death (1 Corinthians 15:25-26) done away with at the end of the next age, so Yom Teruah’s reminders with trumpets and shouts will remind the people and commemorate Who is Ruler of all on earth and that all will be subject to judgment for sin under His laws and reign.

And so, Yom Teruah’s alarm call to leave the serious sins of the Harlot Babylon today, will continue to call the people to pay attention and address their sins in the next age when judgment for it will more severe and swift, for the Lord and His anointed will rule the nations with an iron scepter (Revelation 2:27, 12:5, 19:15).

Let us affirm the rule of Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus with a song. But before singing, may you help this ministry continue teaching, helping the needy, and spreading God’s voice and truth. May you give with the QR code on the screen or use the 3rdCompass.org/donate page. Thank you and the Lord bless you this Yom Teruah with resolve and joy in pursuing the maturity of Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus. Amen. Please stand for the teruah trumpet and worship. The Lord’s Spirit and grace be on you all as you worship, and may you all have a wonderful and blessed feast for this holiday as well. Amen.

[Song For Yom Teruah]

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