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Refining Wisdom Heals All Wounds (Article) 7/17/2011 9:41 PM
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Minister Ty Alexander
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When lost hope takes the sun away and crushed spirits shrivel our hearts, does time always heal our wounds? That old adage may be a nice saying, but unfortunately, it's not always true. Grief, resentment, and regret often linger into old age and death, and if we don't see a greater hope or purpose in our experiences, the barriers we put up in our hearts will harden into an iron casket that won't open until it's too late.

But even the hardest heart can open if the right keys of wisdom shine into its keyhole. However, there's something even worse than a locked heart... False Hope. These are phantom keys of wisdom that appear to heal our hearts, but in truth they only mask our wounds by displacing them with temporary fixes, like a tourniquet for a broken leg isn't enough to mend the bone.

Tourniquets, like rebounding to the first available person after a heartbreak and flooding ourselves with pleasant things and thoughts to create a temporary, virtual Eden. How many of us have put ourselves into chocolate comas, went to a bar or club to drown in drinks or inappropriate attention from strangers, or bought a shiny, new toy or two or three?

False hopes make us feel better and create the illusion of a happy, joyful life, but our wounds never heal properly with them, and a minor upset can snap us right back into stinging pain. True, everlasting peace, joy and renewal never come from false hopes or beliefs. Real healing power comes from setting our bones straight and stitching up our wounds with the refined wisdom that only our Creator possesses.

God made us and knows exactly how to sew us up. Unfortunately, most of the world does not acknowledge this, even those who are very spiritually aware, and even those in the Christian world. The problem is we tend to focus on what we know, what makes us feel good, and what appears to be right, but the result is a tunnel vision that shoehorns our logic into a small porthole that prevents us from seeing the bigger picture.

Science and modern society have negated God because their view into the world only examines what can be seen and tested. Little do they acknowledge that the unseen and untestable would dramatically change their perspective. Likewise, religions such as Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism have overlooked essential parts of reality that attest to the truth of Christianity, but sadly, the modern church has also slipped in understanding the bigger picture. She understands the importance of believing in Jesus, but she has also failed to connect all the dots.

All the dots must be seen and connected to reveal the true picture of reality. The picture including God and Christ was one I dismissed in my earlier life in science and engineering, but when I began to see the dots or clues God was giving, I accepted the greater picture Christianity painted - that our world was created, and we in it, with purpose and design behind everything.

I found the things in the Bible turned out to be true and in painful detail. Not just the statements that scientific evidence has backed up for decades, such as lost manuscripts from non-Christian sources and cultures and archeological sites that confirm Scripture, but also very personal experiences teaching me about the reality of the spiritual world and how it really works. All of it lines up exactly as God states in the Bible.

No other philosophy or text matches up with our reality so precisely than Christianity and the Bible. If that is true, then why do so many people dismiss them? There are many factors involved, but perhaps the single most important is people have narrowed their focus too much to see outside their sphere of knowledge. Another factor is that God usually does not coerce belief by leaving irrefutable evidence around. However, He does leave a lot of clues and reveals more about the truth to certain people. That's where witness testimony becomes important. That's my role here.

I've been given many experiences to share for a greater purpose, and it's my aim and hope that unbelieving eyes and wounded hearts would open and break free of iron chains to see the fullest picture of reality God has given to date.

I mentioned East Asian philosophies earlier. They promote spiritual growth by focusing on peace and meditation, and recognize the cause and effect of breaking God's laws as a real phenomena. Most people call it "karma," but they don't understand its origins as coming from God nor its detailed mechanics. They may understand we are born in a sinful or corrupt state and that our craving for bad things results in negative effects, but like the scientist looking through a telescope, they are only seeing a part of the picture and have built their philosophies on incomplete information.

What are they missing? God and His laws. Our universe runs like clockwork because of the laws God made. Not just the physical laws that science is good at probing but also the spiritual laws that run everything else. God created order and structure for everything through the laws He made. They have effects on us that most religions have recognized through centuries of simple observation, but they only see the cause and effect, like the scientist only sees the cause and effect of physical laws. They're missing the details and the origin, as well as the greater set of laws and knowledge contained in God's refined wisdom.

What about religions that acknowledge God and His laws, like Islam and Judaism? What are they missing? They too are only seeing part of the picture, because they miss the importance of why Jesus came and died. They acknowledge Him as a person and even a prophet, but not truly as He was and is - God born in the flesh, sacrificed, and resurrected, so we could be redeemed from our sinful state and painful existence through the New Covenant in Christ.

Though many religions grab spiritual gems and pieces of truth, they only give us temporary or incomplete fixes to our physical-spiritual problems, because they haven't connected the gems into the correct picture of reality, and much worse, they've gone off on tangents of philosophy that actually pull people farther away from God. Christianity gives the only real cures by showing exactly how reality works and how God's laws have real impact on us. The Bible is not just stories in a book. I've been a first-hand witness for years of many of the spiritual things discussed in the Bible. These things are backed up by thousands of other witnesses and physical evidence to show the truth.

That brings me back to Buddhism and one of its prominent leaders. On May 1st this year, a promoter for the UNITE Twin Cities Christian group talked about how they were able to get into the Mariucci Arena at the University of Minnesota on short notice. They had an event for the May 5th National Day of Prayer, and he noted that getting scheduled into the arena was not something any organization could do, much less on short notice. He wasn't trumping UNITE as a big, influential group, but trying to convey how God moved to get them in.

They tried getting into other venues but were turned away because of date conflicts. When they got to the Mariucci Arena they found it was also already booked, but they could have it on the 5th because the group that reserved it booked three days, but they only needed two. That's not the ringer, though. When UNITE asked how much it would cost, they were told it would be free, because the people who booked the arena already paid for the three days and instead of getting a refund, they said, "Give it to whomever may need it."

Who reserved the arena and gave away a day's booking, so UNITE could get onto the university campus and promote Christ to students? It was the Dalai Lama - an interesting twist of fate that had a globally recognized Buddhist organization paying for a small Christian group to help evangelize for Jesus.

This short testimony shows how God usually works - by moving people and events with precision, even those who don't believe in Him, to work in a greater scheme. It also shows the indirect way God provides for His people. He doesn't have to perform grand miracles to show how in control He is of everything.

Some people might say this working of events has nothing to do with God and is just a coincidence or the simple result of the Dalai Lama's generosity, but viewpoints like that are... well, honestly, more instances of a narrowed perspective. I know that to be true, because I've been given experiences first-hand, along with many other witnesses, that demonstrate how God works in the world. I've seen Him control other people's works, like music, art and movies to convey messages not intended by the artists. He moves people who haven't opened their minds or hearts to Him, yet He still directs them in His greater plans for all of us (see Marching Behind The Veil for examples).

I even saw it in my own work as an artist before I came to Christ. A mural I painted depicted the theme of Christ triumphing over Satan as well as other Christian themes that would later become important in my life. The Christian themes were not my intent in the painting nor did I realize they were Christian at the time, but later with numerous other clues God gave in my life, I understood He was guiding me invisibly to acknowledge Him.

He is doing that for all of us, nudging our preferences and work to point right back at Him, but most people are unaware of what God is doing in their lives. For instance, Taylor Swift has a strong connection to the number 13. I thought photos of her with a thirteen written on her hand were interesting, because I knew God's meaning for it and wondered if she knew what it truly meant1.

Later, I found she believes it's her lucky number because of her experiences, but she didn't know its meaning as God defines it. Thirteen means great blessing and promise1, which comes from the promise He gave to Abraham of a blessed son (Isaac) who would spawn many nations, kings, and most importantly, the line leading to Jesus. It is a number that conveys God's promises and blessing to man that can only come by God's hand.

Popular culture would have you believe a different interpretation for 13, but we all know that popular notions are not always the correct ones. God gives meaning to other numbers as well1. One with a major theme is 213 or two-thirteen, which combines the meaning of thirteen with that of two. We'll see the meaning unfold as we continue.

On December 10, 2009, I received an email from a ticket vendor for a coming concert tour of the Celtic Woman group. This was the first time I heard of them. When I went to their website, I was dumbstruck to see when the mouse pointer hovered over the photos, it sprouted a leaf graphic that I used in designing my business cards a month earlier. It was the exact same graphic. A very strange coincidence, I thought, as I took out a business card and compared the graphic to the one on their website. It was the very same almond shaped leaves interspersed on swooping, curly vines.

Then after I bought two concert tickets, I got another surprise. The total for two tickets, taxes, fees and an additional charity donation I decided to tack on came out to be $213.33. "Two-thirteen?!" I exclaimed, because I was already given that number along with 111 many months before through spiritual guidance. I didn't know the full meaning for these numbers at the time, but I did know they had to do with the "Last Days" or end time events because of things and Scripture relating to them.

I was going to just buy the tickets and go about my business, but the 213 link got me to look again. I decided to go to the store and use a coupon I was saving to get one of their CDs. The only one I found was their Christmas album, so I took it to the check-out counter and gave the clerk my coupon. The final total came to be $2.13

"What?!" I thought, "Two-thirteen again. How can this be? What in the world are you telling me, Lord?"

I knew as a logical and scientifically inclined person that the chances of all these spiritual and real-world elements aligning like this was minuscule, nearly impossible, especially two final bill amounts coming out to be two-thirteen. Only God could have worked out such an outcome because of the many factors involved in tallying the amounts.

So with these very strong nudges, I listened to Celtic Woman's music intently and found much of it spiritually moving. Their beautiful voices are angelic and inspiring. However, God wasn't done with my experiences with them.

On Sunday, December 13th, I went to church service and found they changed the background decorations on the stage to use hanging fabrics that reminded me of the five members of Celtic Woman at the time. I was also amazed to see the fabrics were laid out at different heights that matched the various heights of the Celtic Woman performers. The reference to them and the rest of my guidance was eerily accurate, so I paid extra attention to the sermon for anything that popped out at me.

The only part that stood out was when the pastor talked about Isaiah 9. It is a prophecy written in the past tense about the future coming of Jesus. It reads, "For to us a Child is born, to us a Son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace..."

It talks about Christ coming as a child and son and also clearly states that He is God by His titles. It is written in the past-tense to emphasize the absolute certainty of this prophecy. It was guaranteed to happen, and so I thought all the guidance related to Celtic Woman also had to do with a guaranteed promise. But what exactly is the promise?

I didn't know, but I did think all this meant I had to try and get the people of Celtic Woman saved into Christianity, so I sent them all copies of my first book8 hoping they would see the bigger picture of reality. The books would have gotten delivered to their Ireland headquarters just before Christmas, but other than that I haven't a clue what happened to them or whether they had the intended impact.

In the time that followed, I listened to Celtic Woman music and found one song in particular that touched my heart, because I started realizing God was sending me songs. Their song "Send Me A Song" talks about facing a scary and uncertain future symbolized by a windy, churning sea. It parallels the journey of trust in God I was taking and continue to take as He leads me to wherever I'm going, but I've always been reassured because He's continued to send me songs and guidance along the way.

One of the last set of songs was contained in Colbie Caillat's newest album, All Of You, which was released on July 12, 2011. This was special for me because it was like a birthday gift since the 12th is my birthday. The songs spoke a lot about love and marriage, which I had received much spiritual guidance about how it relates to our lives with God. However, there was more to Colbie's music here and God's intended message.

On the 12th at lunchtime, I was listening to the song "Brighter Than The Sun" when I went to my computer and noticed the iTunes program had an update window up. That was nothing unusual as I've seen it wanting to get updated before, but then I noticed the window said, "Version 2.13" and it was stamped with a 2.22.

Hmmm, two-thirteen again, I thought, but ok. I just clicked the update button as usual. However, it didn't perform an update as usual. The window just went away. Odd, so I checked the version number for iTunes and it was 10.3, which was the latest version. Then it hit me. The popup window was actually another perfectly timed reminder from God. He wanted to remind me of important things related to the songs I got, and I had a duty to convey them to everyone else. It's the reason I'm writing this now.

You might be thinking, "God sent you a message on your computer? Yea, right!" But that's reality. I've seen God manipulate many things in the real world. I've experienced much more of this "stapling" of the physical with the spiritual world since 2009, and heard others experience similar things (see Marching Behind The Veil for more examples). It's just a matter of fact that God links spiritual guidance with the physical world. It's no different than all the evidence confirming things written in the Bible.

Later, I figured out the iTunes update window was for an update to the Apple updater program, so it was a normal update timed and synchronized perfectly with spiritual guidance and other events to send me a message. This example attests to God's precision in orchestrating anything with any number of connected variables to the smallest detail.

So the message God wants conveyed remains. What is it? What does 213 mean and why is it so important?

Two-thirteen combines the meaning of thirteen (great promise and blessing) with that of two (love). I learned the numerical meanings after a road trip with surprising revelations on May 4, 2010, but it wasn't until later in 2010 that I understood the full meaning of 213 to be a promise of great love and blessing that goes with the return of Christ and complete His Marriage to the church and make her the Pure Bride - a perfected church or People of God. That theme can only be understood in a greater context2, which will materialize as we continue.

This goes with guidance about correcting the church because in order to become the Pure Bride, the church needs to get rid of false beliefs and incorrect teaching about God and His Kingdom. Christians, too, can fall to problems of narrowed focus and error, and because of her error, the church doesn't understand how promoting the wrong paths with God is hurting His plans to perfect her.

This focus problem of the church was highlighted by Taylor Swift songs, like You Belong With Me. They told me the church is overlooking God's plans, because she is focused on the wrong "girl" or "bride," like the boy in You Belong With Me. The wrong Bride refers to the Harlot Church or church who is not focused on the right things and is teaching in error.

God wants us to focus on the right Bride, which is His path into marriage prophesied to come for our time in Revelation and the New Testament. This road leads to the Pure Bride/New Jerusalem and involves getting our wedding garments - our "righteous acts" as stated in Revelation 19:8.

God wants all of us on that road, not just a select few. The greater truth is, God wants ALL OF YOU. That's a link up with Colbie's album, All Of You, and the many songs on it emphasizing finding true love and marriage. This meaning was reinforced the same day I got her album when a friend asked me to look at her printer, because it was printing washed out photos. I noticed the washed out look matched the album cover photos for All of You, which are deliberately washed out to convey the brightness in her song, "Brighter Than The Sun."

I thought it was an oddly timed coincidence, but then I realized God orchestrated these things to convey He truly wants every single one of us, no matter what circumstances we're in or what we've done or are doing wrong, because my friend actively rejects God and is living a lesbian lifestyle.

God wants all of us by His side. There is no condemning if only we acknowledge Him correctly. He made us. He made our hearts and knows how to fill and complete them. That is the link back to the 2.22 part of the "iTunes" reminder. It means True Love and goes back to when I posted my first Internet blog on July 26, 2010 about waiting for true love3. I felt a strong, spiritual urge to write that day about what I was feeling and finished around 9 am. I posted the blog first on WordPress just after 9:30 am and then a few minutes later on my website at 9:39 am.

I note the times here, because after I posted the blog, I reviewed it and noticed the timestamp on WordPress was 2:22 pm, not 9:30 am. I knew immediately it was stamped 222 to coincide with its meaning. I thought it was God's sense of humor at the time, but now I see it ties in with everything here. We shouldn't just hold out for our true love in this life, but also the True Love God has in mind for us to become His perfected Pure Bride (read "True Love - What does it mean to God?"7 for more).

He's calling to us and pouring out His Spirit everywhere for this purpose, but much of the church does not understand the details. Other religious communities acknowledge there has been something unique happening in the last few decades, because spiritual centers around the world have reported a marked increase in spontaneous "kundalini awakenings" or flare-ups of our spiritual selves that usually only happens after practicing meditation and yoga for some time.

Symptoms can range from intense heat in the palms of the hands and soles of feet to feelings of electricity flowing in the body to heightened states of awareness and many other forms of psychic and spiritual-physical experiences. It's happening to people who aren't exposed to or practicing any type of spiritual regime. Kundalini experts are quick to acknowledge this new phenomena and often associate it with a union to a divine being or their notion of God, but they do not understand where it's coming from or what it means.

These spontaneous spiritual awakenings and all sorts of other spiritual signs and wonders are happening, because God is pouring out His Spirit just as prophesied by Joel, "In the last days, God says, I will pour out My Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Even on My servants, both men and women, I will pour out My Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy..." (Joel  2:28; Acts 2:17)

This great outpouring is called the River of Life and ALL people are receiving God's Spirit in one form or another. Some are getting "kundalini awakenings," others are being subconsciously directed in their works, like I've shared here, and still others are prophesying by visions and dreams exactly as stated above. You may have personally witnessed unusual spiritual occurrences too.

The evidence for this is so prominent that much of the church acknowledges the Last Days of Revelation are happening now, but she too fails to connect all the dots. However, some of us  were taught by many God-given experiences to connect the dots properly.

God is trying to wake up all the world with this massive flow of spiritual awakening through His Spirit. It correlates with all the other signs in the heaven and earth that are happening with increased frequency and severity, but most of the world and church are missing the bigger picture, because they're focused on the wrong things.

God has sorrow in this, because His people are hurting from wrong paths, bad teaching and false ideas of His Kingdom. He wants the church to change and correct herself of these things.

The church's errors in teaching and understanding is not only hurting from her incorrect walks with God, but also that her faulty doctrine and policies create a barrier between her and God. This can't be readily seen, especially by the church, but God revealed her state through many experiences2.

The church can't see her problems because of her focus on worldly things and interpretation. God revealed this truth through another amazing display of stapling spiritual guidance with the physical world by using the total lunar eclipse of December 20104. The analogy can't be understood unless you know how a lunar eclipse occurs. It happens when the earth moves in line between the sun and the moon, so the earth's shadow covers or eclipses the moon.

In March 2009, I got guidance referring to the eclipse almost two years later, but it wasn't until September 2011 that I got all the pieces to understand God's symbolism of the church and eclipse. It's not apparent until you replace the sun, earth, and moon with the symbols given in the guidance, which are His wisdom, the church and His path towards the Pure Bride, respectively.

The picture shows how the church is missing or ignoring God's plans (the moon), because she is eclipsing or overshadowing His wisdom (the sun) with her worldly views and carnal mind (the earth). Her focus on earthly interpretations of Scripture and spiritual things is making her dismiss God's plans to perfect the church and true path into His Kingdom.

Why is this a problem, though? Isn't focusing on God's love and celebrating the joy of salvation in Christ a good thing? The problem is the wrong focus also negatively affects God's people in serious ways, because focusing too much on the love of God, prevents the church from seeing the true mechanics of His Kingdom.

The church is missing the fullness of God that includes how His laws and covenants work. They're critical to understand, because the whole of reality is run by the rules and laws God made. They bring order and structure to everything, not just the physical laws that govern space and time but also the spiritual laws that govern everything else.

Once we understand this, it's easier to see why individual perspectives or philosophies, whether they're Christian or not, have no bearing on what happens in the real world. We have to step outside ourselves and see God's laws and reality as they truly are to understand the harm that wrong paths have.

We can't change any of God's laws, like the New Covenant, any more than we can change His laws of physics, so whatever our position about the law, whether we feel it's unfair or doesn't exist or whatever, doesn't change the fact it's there and in force. It's like getting a speeding ticket for going 100 in a 70 and trying to get out of the citation by saying, I didn't know the speed limit.

Ignorance doesn't negate the law or that it was broken. Obviously, we want to be on the right side of God's laws, especially for something as important as eternal salvation, because God is very clear there are only two sides to eternity - with God in the eternal life of heaven or without Him in the eternal "death" of hell.

Seeing how important having eternal salvation is, it shouldn't be a surprise that becoming saved in Christ is the first and most important thing to get. The New Covenant has terms to fulfill or break just like every other conditional covenant God made, but it's not fulfilled or broken like the popular church thinks.

The true mechanics not only require belief in Jesus but also a confession of that belief to another person. The Scriptural and physical backup for the true mechanics were made plain to us as God showed how to properly connect the dots in Scripture and the physical world5,6.

There have been hundreds of witness accounts confirming the truth of these mechanics. They show a real and tangible effect in people at the moment someone else acknowledges their confession of belief in Jesus. It's actually the exact moment when our spirits are reborn with God's Spirit, which is a requirement for entry into God's eternal kingdom as He states in John 3:3-7.
But the majority of the church did not connect the dots right, and so are not saving people into eternity as they should. A large portion of believers are not truly saved, because they did not fulfill the covenant terms for eternal salvation by making that confession to someone else and holding on to it by never denying belief in Jesus in front of others. This is spelled out in Matthew 10:32-33; 1 John 2:23; Romans 10:9-10; 1 John 4:15; Luke 12:9; and 2 Timothy 2:12.

The church's error is a tragic consequence of not having all the right information and fully understanding God's laws and covenants, which is no less tragic than anyone being condemned because they don't believe in Jesus. The reason for not having eternal salvation is no different in either case, because neither fulfilled the covenant terms for it.

This is one of the reasons why God expresses so much sorrow about the state of the church. But that's only a part of her problems. God is also sad over His people not understanding the importance of walking within His commands, because breaking them brings consequences even if you have eternal salvation. His people are being lost prematurely and losing temporary or physical salvation (not eternal salvation), because of curses brought by breaking God's laws.

Are you getting the connections? We're in the Last Days of Revelation, which has God's marriage to His people as a focal point, and the Parable of the Wedding Banquet is actually referring to God's own wedding. He's called His anointed servants to announce it (Matthew 22:1), but His people (the church) are ignoring the invitation and continuing to conduct business as usual (Matthew 22:1,5). Then He sent His servants to invite everyone else, but all who attend must be prepared or properly dressed. Otherwise, they're thrown out (Matthew 22:13).

This makes it clear that our wedding garments are required to attend God's Wedding, and we know those garments are righteous acts. One of those acts is to become saved by fulfilling the terms of the New Covenant, because you cannot belong to God through Christ if you do not have or are reborn with His Spirit (John 3:3-7; Romans 8:9). This means it's entirely possible to miss God's marriage and destiny for us if we do not get our wedding clothes through righteous acts.

It isn't about losing eternal salvation, but it is about realizing your full inheritance in God's Kingdom and walking as close to God as possible, because our acts affect our spiritual fruits and standing in His Kingdom, now and into eternity, even though they may not affect our state of eternal salvation.

Making the perfected Pure Bride is not a one step or one day ceremony like earthly marriage. It is a long process of refining. Revelation 21:2 notes the perfected Pure Bride or New Jerusalem coming after the thousand year reign of Christ after His Second Coming, but we are being guided to prepare now because Christ's return is nearing.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight."

(Proverbs 3:9)

The wisdom of the world mirrors your soul - incomplete, filled with holes -
but Godly wisdom burns truth, hard to hold, but makes you whole;

Continue to learn about the full truth in"Marching From Behind The Veil"2


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