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Truth of Reality
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Minister Ty Alexander
(Ty Huynh)
  1/4/2010 10:22 AM
Foreword from 3rd Compass, the book;
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Reality is easier to understand than you think...

What is reality, really? All of us have our own perspectives about the universe we live in. Our personal experiences and knowledge make our view of reality very subjective, but isn't there only one true reality? That is the absolute reality the we aim to highlight. It's the reality we all share together, and no matter how you may view it, our places in it remain the same.

This reality is so vast and has so many layers that measuring and understanding it completely is nearly impossible. We won't try to explain everything about our reality - all the physics, the chemistry, the biology, and philosophy. The sciences cannot be wholly conveyed in one place. However, the sheer amount of information is not why we must focus more on one topic or another. We must focus on the most important aspects of our true reality - the ones that explain all the rest and that have the most impact on us and our lives.

We aim to dismantle the modern age's tendency to prefer scientific facts and methods over everything else. This doesn't mean logic and reason are thrown out the window. On the contrary, it can be shown why the scientific view of reality is insufficient for understanding our absolute reality.

It's only when we break through the surface of our reality that we can see things are not as they seem. Reality is truly far deeper and wider than science can probe or we can even imagine. It's only in the Big Picture of Reality that meaning to our existence can be seen and the truth be understood. But not just that, the bigger view gives us the reasons for so many things that science can't explain, such as why there is suffering and hardship in our world and why we struggle within and between ourselves.

See past the surface...

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