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The Meaning Of Numbers (Teaching) 5/29/2015 11:41 AM
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Minister Ty Alexander
(T Huynh)
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It is important to know what God's meaning for numbers are as opposed to worldly interpretations, because many popular meanings for numbers are tainted by pagan and other belief systems.

The meanings I give here were revealed by God through His Spirit and have real world backup for their true meanings with related Scripture and other evidence, such as gematria, which is the numeric values of words and phrases from the sum of each letter. Gematria for Hebrew and English, especially, have shown how God guides and controls languages to an amazing degree of detail.

Note: When a number is given in triplicate, such as 111 or 666, it means a full, absolute, or infinite amplification of the number. This is similar to how statements are repeated in triplicate in Scripture to mean a complete amplification, such as in "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord..." in Isaiah 6:3 and Revelation 4:8. See triplicate definitions of numbers below for more meaning.

    1: God the Father, the Foundation and Beginning, the Rock; solid, complete and the beginning

2: Love; the ideal connection between two people; not necessarily romantic love, but love and charity in general; ideal love for someone also includes obeying them; see "True Love - What does it mean to God?"4 to understand this; see 213, 214 and 222 for Scripture; 2 also links to the following Scripture:
  • See 14 and Ezekiel 14:14 (two 14's) on how it relates to Love
  • Joel 2:23 states to rejoice in the Lord after judgment and opposition (23) in the verses before; it shows His continued love (2) after sin is reconciled
    3: God the Trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; see 111 also; Jesus embodied the Holy Trinity and its completeness was only fulfilled after He came, died for our sins, and was resurrected; the Holy Spirit coming in power to believers would not have happened otherwise (John 16:7); 3 links to the following Scripture:
  • Romans 3:23 notes how everyone has sinned (23) and fall short of God's Glory; only Jesus (3) was perfect in being sinless (Hebrews 4:15, 1 Peter 2:22, 1 John 3:5, 2 Corinthians 5:21)

4: Hope; links to the following Scripture (see 413 and 444 for more):
    5: Faith

6: Man's Number

7: God's Number; wholeness, spiritual perfection

8: Renewal, Resurrection, Regeneration, A New Beginning1; Sunday, the Lord's Day, which is the 8th day when Jesus was resurrected

9: Judgment; links to the following Scripture:
  • Psalm 9, which talks a lot about God being Judge and how He brings judgment
  • Romans 6:23 notes how the wages of sin is death; death (9, judgment) is the result of opposition to God (23); death is also the manifestation of God's opposition or judgment (9) for sin
13: Great Blessing & Promise from God for Man that can only come by God's Hand; 7 (God's Number) + 6 (Man's Number) = 13; it comes from the promise God gave to Abraham of an heir (Genesis 17;19), however, after waiting about 10 years for the promise (Genesis 16:3) Abraham and Sarah tried to make it happen themselves (Genesis 15:4,16:1-12); the result was Ismael, born through the slave woman, Hagar (Genesis 16:1-12), when Abraham was 86 years old; 13 years later when Abraham was 99, God reiterated the promise of an heir and stated Isaac, the true promised heir, would be born through Sarah (Genesis 17:1,19,21); note how 13 embodies God's Promise and Blessing that can only come from His Hand and not through our own efforts; it is a warning to wait on the Lord; we should make sure we don't do things to force God's Promises to happen, so if they are taking very long times to come, always ask the Lord if you need to do something or simply wait;

Also note the number of years between God's promise of an heir and the reiteration of that promise is 23 years, which goes with the meaning of 23 of opposition; it was Abraham's carnal thinking in how God's promise should come that brought opposition to the actual plan God intended
(see 23 for more details)

  14: Deliverance, Salvation, Release and Promise Delivered; 14 follows 13 in that a promise (13) comes to be or deliverance is granted after the promise is made; 14 links to the following Scripture:
  • The 14th time Abraham's name is mentioned in Genesis 18:13, God tells them that Sarah would indeed have the promised son, Isaac
  • In Genesis 18:14; God commanded the Passover to be celebrated on the 14th day of the first month to celebrate deliverance from Egypt (Exodus 12:18; Leviticus 23:5; Numbers 28:16; see The Lord's Holidays5 for more). The first instance of this command appears in Exodus 12:14
  • The 14th time Joshua's name is mentioned in Numbers 27:22, Moses laid hands on Joshua to commission him as the next leader for the Jews, which released Moses from his leadership role
  • In Numbers 14:38 the faithful scouts are allowed to live, so they get the promise of life in the Promised Land while the others are not (see the meaning of 36 and Numbers 14:36-37)
  • In Judges 4:14, Hope (4) of Deliverance (14) is given when Deborah declares the Lord will give victory over the Canaanites
  • Ezekiel 14:14 notes how the righteous are only able to save themselves; it is gotten by God's promise of deliverance and salvation (14) for those who keep His commands (2 from two 14's), because it is righteous acts (obeying God) that earn blessings of deliverance and protection; true perfect love (2 & 222) for God is to obey His commands (1 John 5:3, John 14:15); see True Love - What does it mean to God?4 for more about that
  • Matthew 14:14 shows God's love (2 - two 14's) through Jesus' healing people in the masses; their healing/physical salvation was given (14)
  • The 14th time Jesus' Name is mentioned in the book of Luke, He delivers a man from a demon (Luke 4:35)
  • In Acts 27:27-44, everyone on the ship with the apostle Paul was delivered to safety on the 14th day after being in a storm at sea
  • 14 links with 713 and God's Full (7) Promise (13) of Salvation (14) in Daniel 7:13-14, which shows Christ coming and being given Sovereign Power over God's Kingdom
  • Revelation 12:14 shows God's promise of deliverance given (14) to His Wed Bride (the woman of Revelation 12 who gives birth to the Lord's Man-child) after she is persecuted by the enemy. She is given the wings of an eagle so she can fly to a place where the enemy cannot reach her.
  23: Opposition, such as God's opposition or others' opposition to God; 23 links to the following:
  • There were 23 years between God's promise to Abraham of an heir and His reiteration of the promise (see 13 for details); God meant the 23 years to go with the opposition that carnal thinking has to God's intended plans or meaning (see reference to John 21:23 and Romans 8:7 below)
  • Leviticus 26:23 begins a section noting how God's severe opposition (23) will come if we do not accept His rebuke for sin and turn away from it
  • In the Song of Moses, Deuteronomy 32:23 states opposition (23) for sin and is in the middle of examples of His opposition
  • Numbers 22:23 where the angel of the Lord stands to oppose Balaam on his donkey (23), but he does not realize he is opposing God (23) by urging the donkey to continue
  • Joshua 23:13,15-16 - These verses note how disobeying the Lord will bring His opposition (23)
  • Judges 2:3 also notes God's opposition (23) for disobeying Him
  • The chapter of 2 Kings 23 gives examples of how King Josiah opposes (23) the wickedness throughout Israel by removing pagan altars and reinstating the Law of Moses for the people
  • The chapter of 2 Chronicles 23 shows how God opposes and removes Athalia, the wicked mother of King Ahaziah of Judah who usurped power by killing most of the king's heirs
  • Ezekiel 14:23 notes the opposition God sends to the unrighteous in Jerusalem through severe judgments (23); it is given for a reason and should not be considered random bad luck; see the number 14 and Ezekiel 14:14 for this Scripture's relation to 14
  • Joel 2:23 states to rejoice in the Lord after judgment and opposition (23) in the verses before; it shows His continued love (2) after sin is reconciled
  • Matthew 23 shows God's opposition (23) to the Jewish scribes and Pharisees who do not truly follow Him
  • John 20:23 notes how keeping unforgiveness will have our sins unforgiven by God since this goes with Matthew 6:15, "If you do not forgive others their sins, Your Father will not forgive your sins"; God's unforgiveness (23, His opposition) refers to His withholding deliverance, healing and salvation from the curses or judgments that our sins brought us; see Balancing the Truth and Prayer6 for more about that
  • John 21:23 goes with Romans 8:7, "the carnal[/worldly] mind is enmity against God...", it opposes God because carnal or worldly interpretation opposes God's interpretation and the actual truth, like how the disciples in John 21:23 spread the wrong interpretation of what Jesus said because of their carnal or worldly understanding; this often happens in the church and actually gives opposition to the truth when untruth is spoken from it; we must never infer too much from God's Word or guidance without getting His complete and correct interpretation3,6; interpretation belongs to God, not man (2 Peter 1:20, Genesis 40:8)
  • Romans 3:23 notes how everyone has sinned (23, sin is opposition to God) and fall short of His Glory; only Jesus (3) was perfect in being sinless (Hebrews 4:15, 1 Peter 2:22, 1 John 3:5, 2 Corinthians 5:21)
  • Romans 6:23 notes how the wages of sin is death; death (9, judgment) is the result of opposition to God (23, sin is opposition to God); death is also the manifestation of God's opposition or judgment (9) for sin
  • The terrorist disasters of 9/11 occurred on Elul 239, the day's corresponding date on the Hebrew calendar (The Mystery of the Shemitah, page 174); 9-11 was God's opposition (23) and judgment for the United States because of her sins; see 2/23/2016 in Marching From Behind The Veil7 for more details
  36: Enemy or Triumph And Reconciliation Over Enemies; Often refers to enemies of God and Jesus' reconciliation for man and His triumph over the enemies of man (sin and Satan); 36 links to the following Scripture:
  63: Friend or Lover; it is the reverse of 36, which means enemy; links to the following:
  • Song of Songs 6:3, "I am my beloved's and my beloved's is mine..."; guidance from the Lord given to someone in Brideship depicted a ring engraved with "My Beloved"6,7; it refers to how the Lord knows His own, which are people who are truly saved into His Kingdom and those who walk in true Brideship
  • Isaiah 63 speaks of Isaiah's solid faith that the Lord is still Loving Father and Redeemer for His People despite His anger at them for sin
  • Words with English gematria value 63 include "Divine", "El Shaddai" (Hebrew for Lord God Almighty), "Saint", and "YHVH" (God's Divine Name in Hebrew, commonly pronounced Jehovah, Yehovah, Yaweh, etc.)
111: Symbolizes the Holy Trinity and the completeness of God in that (God is both 1 and 3 at the same time, since 1+1+1 = 3); 111 also refers to the beginning of the Christian age in the first coming of Jesus, since God's completeness was fulfilled on earth in that and the coming of His Holy Spirit in power after His resurrection; His Spirit would not have come in completeness to us until Jesus died (John 16:7); this Christian age is "this generation" that Jesus speaks about concerning His second coming (Matthew 24:34; Mark 8:38,13:30; Luke 21:32); the 111 triplicate refers to the complete fullness of God in the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit; 111 links to the following:

153: Symbolizes the Gospel Age, Evangelism and Preparation for God's Kingdom, which also goes with Brideship (213) and the purpose of this ministry to prepare God's People; 153 links to the following:

213: Symbolizes the promised return of Christ (Second Coming) and Brideship; it also refers to the last part of the Christian New Testament age starting with 111, which is "this generation" that Jesus speaks about concerning His second coming (Matthew 24:34; Mark 8:38,13:30; Luke 21:32); 213 links to the following:

214: The Second Coming of Jesus and end of "this generation" (see 111 and 213); 214 contains the Promise of Christ's return (13) finally being delivered (14) and refers to the end of our current Christian age and the beginning of the Millennial reign when God's Bride reigns with Him

222: Godly True Love, Full Love or Perfect Love; the triplicate refers to Godly Love (2) that is fully realized; see "True Love - What does it mean to God?" for more; 222 links to the following:
  • Genesis 2:22 is the first occurrence of 222 in the Bible and notes God's love for Adam after He sees he needs a companion and so creates Eve to be his partner and wife; this is an example of God's unconditional love, which requires nothing from us to attain or return
  • Genesis 22:2, which is the first use of the word "love" in the Bible, shows what love for God must include - obedience to His commands; this goes with how we need to also obey God's laws and commands to get blessings of acting in righteousness, like Abraham did (Genesis 22:15-18); see "True Love - What does it mean to God?"4 for more
306: Being righteously bold to do something despite great adversity, pain and even death in its accomplishment; visually, 306 shows Man (6) separated from God (3) and refers to how Jesus was separated from or "forsaken" by God to die on the cross; I have received much guidance on this number and there is 3rd Party guidance correlating it by showing Jesus' death on the cross is linked to 3062 in that He died at 3:06pm on the cross; Martin Luther King, Jr. was also assassinated outside his motel room door numbered 306.

314: To muster our own strength and will to accomplish something; This number goes with 413 and is its reverse; 314 refers to our need to focus on our God-given duties and goals with firm resolve that we gather ourselves, while 413 refers to God giving us that strength, help and resolve; links to the following:
  • Philippians 3:13-3:14 where the apostle Paul says, "This one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind... I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus."; our spiritual race towards God's goals often have us tackle difficult circumstances and opposition, which we need strong resolve and faith to overcome and accomplish God's will, such as the faith shown by Caleb and Joshua when the Lord told the Israelites to take the Promised Land, while the other scouts turned the people away from God's plan (Numbers 14:1-38) (see 14 and 36 for more about that Scripture); this is a faithful resolve that is often needed to walk in Brideship and leave behind the old ways of the church that are in error

413: The Promise of God's Hope and Blessing to overcome great odds with the strength given by God, not in searching for His strength or willing ourselves that strength; it combines 4 (Hope) and 13 (God's Promise & Blessing); also see 314, which is the reverse of 413; 413 links to the following:
  • Philippians 4:13 where Paul exclaims he can do anything in God, Who gives him strength
  • Acts 4:13 notes Peter and John's confidence through God even though they were untrained and uneducated
  • 1 Peter 4:13 notes how we should rejoice as God brings us through tests and tribulation to share in Jesus' suffering, which God strengthens us to go through
  • Exodus 4:13 shows Moses wanting to walk away from the leading role to free the Jews, but we see God moving Moses and ensuring him all the help he needs
  • Ephesians 4:13 goes with God giving us the strength in our anointed roles as Pastors, Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Evangelists, Psalmist, etc., so we can fight for the unity of His People until we are all truly One In Christ (Ephesians 2:11-13)
444: Full Hope or Perfect Hope from 4 (Hope); the triplicate refers to the great hope of grace and deliverance of God in Jesus as well as God's Glory and Perfect Love shown in the New Covenant; 444 links to the following:
  • The Old English gematria value for Jesus is 444
  • The Hebrew gematria for the following are all 444:
    "The Glory of the Lord dwelt", "Shed Blood", "Carried away into exile", and "Damascus" where the apostle Paul's hope in God was restored when his sight was given back and where his new ministry for Christ to give Full Hope to the Gentiles began
  • The Greek gematria for "perfect love" in 1 John 4:18 is also 444
  • The Old English gematria for Joshua matches that of Jesus (444), which is a precise link to the two names being actually being equal, because Joshua is the English transliteration of the Hebrew name Yehoshua, while Jesus is the English transliteration of the same name in Greek (Iesous); this language transliteration is why many non-Westernized Christians call Jesus, Yehoshua, Yeshua or Yahushua; I have gotten guidance that God prefers Jesus
666: the Number of the Antichrist(s); the triplicate refers to man (6) fully corrupted; 666 links to the following:
  • Revelation 13:18 where it states 666 is the summation, calculation or adding up of values, like gematria values, to make the number of the Antichrist
713: A Full Promise; it combines 7 (Fullness) and 13 (Promise); 713 links to the following:
  • Daniel 7:13-14, which goes with God's Full Promise that Christ would come; see the number 14 for more on this
888: Infinity, eternity, or everlasting life/renewal; the triplicate refers to renewal and resurrection (8) fully realized; 888 links to the following:
  • The Greek gematria value for Jesus (Iesous) is 888, Who gives us everlasting life through the New Covenant

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