You may donate tithes and offerings by clicking the 'Donate' button...
You may select which fund on the PayPal page.
If you do not specify a fund, your money will go into the General Fund. Thank you!
NOTE: A small transaction fee will be taken out of your donation by PayPal.

Where your money goes...
The tithe helps people
Your tithe is used for its traditional purposes - the poor and needy, orphans, foreigners to Christ, full-time servants of the Lord, and to supply festivals.

Tithe funds will not be used for other expenses, such as supplies, equipment, and utilities.

Please make a general offering to provide for other expenses.

You can learn why the tithe should be used this way in Properly Handling God's Money and Our Taxes.
General offerings fund this ministry
General offerings go into the general operation fund and pay for utilities, supplies, property, and other ministry expenses.

Tithes do not go into this fund.

If you wish to give to both the tithe and general fund, then please add a note to your donation saying how much you want in each fund. You may also make separate donations to separate them or if you cannot add a note on the PayPal page.

Your money will help spread the truth to all who need it. Thank you very much,
and God bless you in HaMashiach Yehoshua - Christ Jesus!

3rd Compass - Christ Hephzibah Church is a nonprofit organization.
However, this ministry does not endorse claiming donations on tax returns,
because we should not seek any returns on charity (Matthew 6:1-4).
Learn more about that Scripture here....


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