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Connecting The Dots 9/20/2011 11:03 AM
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Minister Ty Alexander
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blog originally posted 9/11/2010 1:01 PM

I talked about my time remembering at the Lake Andrew biker retreat in my last blog. On that Saturday night, the group gathered around a campfire and shared personal victories God had given us. One person told his story about a miraculous healing he had after suffering for days in the hospital. His condition continued to worsen until finally he prayed and submitted to God wholeheartedly, and the next day his body began a complete reversal, dumbfounding the doctors. They even wanted to make his case a clinical study to try and explain the miracle scientifically.

Before his recovery, he was an "unmotivated" believer, just going to church and through life, really, without a true, growing relationship with Christ. Basically, he was only going through the motions without his heart being in it. He wasn't quite "all in."

Another person told us how she was stubborn in giving up an expensive hobby. She used to own and ride horses and when she had her last one she knew she was getting Godly nudges to give it up, but in her heart's stubbornness she didn't want to give it up.

She amusingly relayed how the horse had changed its demeanor suddenly and didn't even want to be ridden. It hunched its back and stiffened up whenever she got on it. But she forced it, thinking, "It's my horse, darn it, and I'm going ride it!"

After about a year of forcing the horse to ride that way (she admitted she was pretty stubborn), one day she went out to it and it just lay down on its side and looked at her. She thought, horses don't usually do that and took it as a hint to finally move on. She put the horse on sale and soon a lady came by just loving it and when she rode it, it didn't hunch or stiffen up at all. The horse even seemed to prance about.

"Hmmm," she thought and sold the horse to the lady, who afterwards came back saying, "That horse is the greatest ever! Do you have another like it?" which raised another eyebrow. Funny... I knew her experience was a Godly lesson in pride and submitting to God's will.

Many of us dismiss God's nudges to change, thinking there's nothing wrong with doing what I want as long as nobody gets hurt. We often reason that way, weighing good things we do to balance out the bad. After all, if I average out to be more good than bad then it's all cool, right? Well, God doesn't think that way. He wants us continually maturing towards His ideals. A lot of our behaviors keep us farther from God but it's hard for us to see exactly how they affect us. It's only when we've gone through the change that we can see how it benefits us.

It's also difficult to see how slightly negative things can quickly cascade into worse and worse things. People involved in chemical abuse often say how their problems start from just smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol and then progress to trying marijuana to trying heroin to trying cocaine and so on until they are lost in addiction. Drugs aren't the only things  that can progress into uncontrolled and unwanted behavior. Like chemicals, power, position and personal satisfaction are intoxicating.

We often can't see how things can get worse in the situations we're in. It's part of our nature because we only experience a limited set of things, and we forget a lot too. We can tell each other about our experiences, but often we don't connect others' experiences with our own until things are painfully obvious.

However, God often warns us to change well before things are painful. I've seen more than enough examples (see Marching From Behind The Veil) to not smirk when one person says it's a sign while the other scoffs and says they're connecting dots that shouldn't be connected. The dots are meant to be connected. We need faith to do it sometimes, but sometimes things are not truly from God, so we need to test things and have wisdom.

In any case, God leaves it up to us to acknowledge His signs and follow through. He usually doesn't coerce. He nudges, taps, and whispers continually. Are you listening to those whispers and tidings of wisdom?

3rd Compass -> Group News and Articles -> Connecting The Dots
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