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Dedicated to making ready a people prepared for the Lord (Luke 1:17)
through unity in the truth untainted by false and bad teachings.

The church is united by the truth of Christ, but we are divided by the details. Some of those details are critical and to teach false gospels is a sin that Apostle Paul said is cursed (Galatians 1:8-9), so if teaching and ministering for God correctly is important to you then you cannot afford to ignore what is shared on this site.

I've worked hard for more than a decade to get the truth and important teaching correct as I was guided by God and learned more difficult truths about spiritual warfare and God's kingdom.

I share most of that knowledge on this site at no cost, but there are monthly expenses to pay for and third-world ministries have depended on regular support from this ministry as well. Missionaries reaching poor and tribal areas of India would especially benefit from aid.

We would very much appeciate your help with a donation here...

Thank you with the Grace of Christ,
Ty Alexander Huynh
Minister of HaMashiach Yehoshua - Christ Jesus,
Executive Director, Christ Hephizbah Church



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