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COVID-19 Coronavirus Facts, Faith, and Fulfilment of Prophecy (Prophecy)
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Minister Ty Alexander
(Ty Huynh)
  3/14/2020 4:44 PM
Article updated 9/15/2021

I am compelled to write about the current coronavirus pandemic because of spiritual analogies that go with it. First though, I will present some facts about the pandemic to alleviate fears and show that it isn’t as bad as the world makes it to be.

COVID-19 Facts and Statistics:
  • The virus is a SARS coronavirus classified as SARS-CoV-2[1] and is of the same family that caused the previous SARS epidemic of 2003. The 2003 SARS virus is classified as SARS-COv[2]. Note COVID-19’s classification simply has a 2 appended to the name.

    COVID-19 has been confirmed in almost 142 times more cases so far than the previous SARS virus (1,133,758 vs. 8,000[2, 4, 20]). However, the SARS epidemic of 2003 had a higher death rate of 9.6%[2] as opposed to COVID-19’s current morbidity of 5.5%[21], so the previous novel coronavirus about twice as deadly. However, in some countries the mortality rate of COVID-19 is much higher, like Italy is at 12.3%[21], while other countries have a very low rate, such as Germany's 1.5% mortality[21].

    It is also likely that fatality rates for both viruses are much lower because of milder symptoms in unreported cases.

  • Coronaviruses are a class of viruses that also cause the common cold[1]. The primary viruses that cause common colds are rhinoviruses with more than 100 types, while six coronaviruses have been identified to affect humans[3]. COVID-19's origins are likely from a bat coronavirus[22].

  • As of 4/5/2020, there are 62,784 deaths from COVID-19 worldwide[21]. Death rates[5] for COVID-19 are higher for the elderly, but still at low percentages (1.3% in patients 50-59 and 3.6% for ages 60-69). The rate is much higher for patients 70 or older (8.0% fatality rate for 70-79 and 14.8% 80 and older). Death rates for younger people are less than 0.4% and less than 0.2% in children and young adults[5]. The elderly and at-risk have the most risk for death, but still, getting COVID-19 is not guaranteed to bring death or serious illness.

    For comparison, the 2009-2010 H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic is estimated to have a 4.2% mortality rate[5], but is still being spread and is now included as part of the seasonal flu[6].

    The seasonal flu’s death rate is 0.1% in the United States[5], and was estimated by the CDC to have affected 35 million people and killed more than 34,000 people[7] in the U.S. during the last flu season. This year has reported 10,000 killed by the seasonal flu in America as of February 3[8]. In the United States, COVID-19 has 7616 deaths[14], so it has not surpassed the seasonal flu in deaths in the United States.

    For further comparison, the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, which was an H1N1 virus[6], had a mortality rate of 10.0%[5], 2.2 times higher than COVID-19’s current rate. The 1918 pandemic far surpassed more recent pandemics in spreading and deaths, with an average estimated 27 million deaths among 500 million infected[9]. The number of deaths was calculated from the average of the CDC’s numbers of 1% to 3% mortality[6] among the world’s population, which was about 1.8 billion at the time[9].

    These numbers show that the death rate from COVID-19 is low compared to previous pandemics from novel viruses, though it is being spread more than the most recent epidemics.
The statistics for COVID-19 show that the virus is not much different from previous ones and is less deadly, yet the world has gone far into panic with mass quarantining and eliminating social gatherings. This is the first pandemic I recall that has completely cancelled large group events, such as sporting events, concerts, conventions, parades, and festivals, and severely restricted international and local travel.

Has the world overreacted out of excessive fear? I believe so, and God has lessons behind it. The reason behind deadly epidemics is judgment for sin. This is no different than what is actually behind cancers, AIDs, other illnesses, afflictions, and tragedies.

God wants the world to wake up and see the real reasons behind things and change, so we do not suffer from all these curses. This includes the church and God’s people in the Jews, as they are not immune to judgment. One of the earliest centers for the COVID-19 outbreak was a church in Daegu, South Korea[10] and New York recently issued a quarantine around a Jewish synagogue[11]. Since the pandemic started, there have been numerous reports of the virus spreading and killing in church congregations as well as Jewish communities.

Israel has been hit by the pandemic and lost much revenue from quarantine activities in the same way as other countries. The spiritual lesson God is bringing is that His People also need to wake up to things and change because of widespread sin and darkness in the church and Judaism.

I won’t get into a specific list that needs addressing here, because things are complicated and the kinds of sin and darkness that need correction are varied. But I can say, much of it has to do with bad and false teaching that make people believe their faith and teaching has nothing wrong in it. False salvation and righteousness too often is the cause of so much sin being found in the church and God’s People in general.

It is those bad teachings that cause more harm and death than something that is labeled a “new” threat, like the COVID-19 virus. Already long-established teachings among God’s People that falsely define what is right or true are like the much deadlier pandemics before this coronavirus. And like some of them, they’ve become nearly intractable parts of religion and Christianity, much like previous viruses are now part of the seasonal flu, which has been killing many more people than COVID-19 year after year.

If the church and God’s People tested and quarantined bad teaching like COVID-19, we would all be spiritually healthy and not suffer from the judgments of this world, or continue to spread the bad things that keep sin and darkness out of our lives. Lack of good management of the truth and sin is the biggest reason there have been so many reports of sex abuse and other crimes in the church and world.

The mentality of today, though, reflects the new information and social media age we’re in. I believe a major reason the world is panicking from COVID-19 is the general attitude of people, not just the media, to spread alarming news without full details or clarification, too often so that attention is drawn to them, and to accept information without sufficient evaluation.

I’m not saying COVID-19 is harmless, but people have shut down the world out of excessive fear that it is more harmful and novel than it truly is. The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said digital monitoring of infected individuals’ movements would be used to keep the pandemic in check[12]. This includes cell phone tracking.

Netanyahu stated, “Up until today I avoided using these measures in the civilian population but there is no choice”[12]. This “no choice” decision is based more on fear, since the virus’ lethality is not as high as people think.

However, there are major financial losses and social upheavals from this pandemic. These are more God's judgment than the illness and death from this pandemic. I’ve no doubts it is God’s will this happen, as it is judgment for the world to wake up to a bigger picture of what is wrong. It is a taste of the kind of things the world will experience more and more if it continues to ignore God and what is right.

So as a person of faith, I have no fears of this pandemic, and as a minister and teacher of Christ Jesus, I understand God’s reasons for it. There are worse things we should be concerned about, and we should not fear any pandemics, so long as our loyalty and righteousness to God is true.

On Sunday, March 15th, I received a message from a fellow pastor quoting 1 Chronicles 7:14, "If My People, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." May the people and world hear and act.

Update 3/17/2020 1:39 PM
Section updated 4/7/2020

Even though most of the world is worried over the virus and it is spreading despite a lot of isolation and quarantine efforts, the numbers for its morbidity haven't changed significantly.

The WHO currently reports 1,210,956 confirmed cases world-wide and 67,594 deaths[23]. That makes the fatality rate 5.6%. The current morbidity in the United States, though, is far lower at 2.7% from 8910 deaths and 330,891 cases[14]. This is a reflection of the population in Italy and Europe being affected more. Europe has 73.2% of the global deaths and 54.1% of cases now[23].

Widespread panic has continued to shut down society with many schools, restaurants, bars, and other places being forced to close for weeks. Still, the danger from COVID-19 remains mostly in the elderly and at-risk, so these closures are meant to prevent further spread of the virus and keep the health care system from being overwhelmed, though now it appears that isolation efforts have limited effect because the virus continues to spread rapidly, and places like New York City are overwhelmed.

Despite news of the virus spreading and much death in some places, I would remind to help alleviate fears that the fatality rate is still low and the great majority of people being tested for COVID-19 are coming up negative about 96% of the time. In California, the high number of negative results for COVID-19 is confirmed at 98.1% for 19 deaths and 1000 people tested as of March 20th[16]. And as of 4/7/2020, MPR reported Minnesota had 986 confirmed cases out of 28,128 tested, which is 96.5% negative for COVID-19.

However, in the President's April 6th live TV pandemic task force briefing, he noted that America has done 1,790,000 tests; far more than other countries. This gives a better figure for test results if the accuracy of the tests has stayed the same. Assuming that and using the CDC's total cases, it makes the negative rate for COVID-19 tests 81.5% in America, which is still a high.

The great majority of people being tested with flu-like symptoms do not have COVID-19, and this virus still isn't as dangerous as others. Death from it remains relatively low if you get it, but because people are focusing on the virus simply spreading and believe it will kill or seriously harm them, it creates panic and the feeling that fatalities are also overwhelming the world. This is only true in some places.

I know simple facts won't alleviate grieving families, and I would hope they find peace in this time. But it is important to remember why God brought this pandemic - it is for judgment of sins that continues God's call for the world to change. This includes believers as I noted before, so communities need to question why they are being afflicted by this pandemic and ask God for the wisdom and strength to change. We cannot simply blame people's disregard for social distancing or isolation when the reason for the world's suffering is under God's control.

Some authorities have also told churches and other places of worship to not assemble. To that I will say to honor authority (1 Peter 2:13-20; Romans 13:1-7; Colossians 3:18-25), because they are trying to keep the virus from spreading too fast.

The church need not worry over missing church services or other gatherings for weeks or even months. It isn't a sin to not attend church or Bible study, and believers may still contact each other even if it isn't in person. The pandemic will go away in its time and life will pick up again, though, it will be at significant cost to the world that ignores God's call acknowledge Him and change. I'm afraid that it will be America that suffers the most because of her excessive pride in rejecting God and in being a model of immoral standards to the rest of the world.

Those who have truly found God's kingdom and sought righteousness need not fear. We need simply to maintain our faith and loyalty to Christ and pray for blessing and protection to get through all things.

Update 3/21/2020 2:56 PM
Section updated 4/5/2020

As the world shuts down, isolates, and works fervently to study COVID-19 out of fear and desperation, the virus and pandemic are doing exactly what God wants it to do. He is showing the consequences of our bad focuses on self-wisdom and over dependence on science instead of in God. He is showing the penalties of allowing sin and darkness to go unchecked.

News reports have been made that men are dying almost twice as much as women in all age groups from this pandemic, and people, especially those overlooking the spiritual reasons behind things, will keep looking for answers in biology, charts, and scientific analysis. But as someone who speaks for the Lord, I can say that men are suffering more because of their spiritual lives, or more accurately put, their lack of a righteous spiritual life, and those who are dying or suffering severely from this pandemic are suffering because of sin.

It goes with my spiritual guidance related to the #METOO problem and media that I wrote about before. The choices we make in life do affect us more seriously than much of the world believe, and the judgment coming from events like this pandemic are meant to wake up the world to it.

Focusing on statistics and trends is not what we should be doing with this or any pandemic. God wants us to see the kind of societies we’ve made for ourselves. We are truly lost and isolated just as the quarantines have made, not just from each other but from God. Those who do not keep faith and loyalty to God and what is right are feeling most what it is like to not have the Lord’s blessings. The world is feeling a foreshadowing of worse things to come if it continues to ignore God and the benefits of listening to Him.

The majority of people in wealthy nations have been sheltered from the realities of war and tribulation for decades, but the movement of the world’s most powerful nations towards more and more immoral choices have produced the increasingly violent trends of crimes involving guns, hate, and sex that have been witnessed in recent years. Wealth, power, and science will not keep the world from God’s judgments; acknowledging God through Christ and seeking righteousness will.

God is showing the world how things will be if it continues to focus only on fighting COVID-19 and not on His reasons for bringing it. When the world vows to keep rising and fighting in this pandemic, like with other disasters, they are missing the critical point that they are fighting God and His judgments.

This pandemic is another unprecedented disaster, like 9/11 was, to get America and the world to wake up and change. 9/11 was a warning to America that God's protection is going away, and this pandemic is an even more serious warning of further judgment that was predicted by Jonathan Cahn's spiritual guidance related to 9/11 and the Shemitah year.

Communities, and especially those in the medical and emergency fields, have lamented how they feel like they are in a war zone because of this pandemic, but that is exactly what the Lord has brought the world to feel, and it will be worse if people don't realize how to deal with this through God. It is meant to urge change as it is meant as judgment; because the world, including God's People, have become too comfortable and allowed too much sin and darkness to rule.

Update 3/23/2020 12:14 PM
A pastor brother sent me a couple verses from Isaiah this morning where the prophet says:
Come, my people, enter into your rooms, and close your doors behind you;
Hide for a little while, until indignation runs its course.
For behold, Yahovah is about to come out from His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity; And the earth will reveal her bloodshed and will no longer cover her slain.
(Isaiah 26:20-21)

These words speak closely to our time in the COVID-19 pandemic as it is God’s judgment for all, including God’s People, “For He has brought low those who dwell on high, the unassailable city; He lays it low, He lays it low to the ground, He casts it to the dust(Isaiah 26:5).

But through this, may peace come to those who remain in trust and faith to Christ and what is right, for “the one that remains faithful. The steadfast of mind[, Lord, You] will keep in perfect peace, because he trusts in You. Trust in Yahovah forever, for in God Yah Yahovah, we have an everlasting Rock… The way of the righteous is smooth;

O Upright One, make the path of the righteous level. Indeed, while following the way of Your judgments, O Yahovah, we have waited for You eagerly; Your name, even Your memory, is the desire of our souls. At night my soul longs for You, indeed, my spirit within me seeks You diligently;

For when the earth experiences Your judgments the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness. Though the wicked is shown favor, he does not learn righteousness; He deals unjustly in the land of uprightness, and does not perceive the majesty of Yahovah.

O Yahovah, Your hand is lifted up yet they do not see it… You have increased the nation, O Yahovah, You have increased the nation, You are glorified; You have extended all the borders of the land. O Yahovah, they sought You in distress; They could only whisper a prayer, Your chastening was upon them.
(Isaiah 26:3-4, 26:7-10, 26:15-16).

Come out of her, my people, the great unassailable city, so that you will not participate in her sins and receive of her plagues; for her sins have piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities (Revelation 18:4-5).

Update 4/5/2020 4:06 PM
Section updated 5/11/2020

Sometime after I posted the update on March 23rd, a Christian brother told me some people do not think Isaiah 26 refers to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Isaiah 26 goes with chapters 24 through 27, which all speak of our time now. Here’s why:
And the people will be like the priest, the servant like his master, the maid like her mistress, the buyer like the seller, the lender like the borrower, the creditor like the debtor.(Isaiah 24:2)
– Almost everyone, no matter their status or wealth is being affected by this pandemic and will be affected by future events.

The earth is also polluted by its inhabitants, for they transgressed laws, violated statutes, broke the everlasting covenant.(Isaiah 24:5)
– The earth is polluted literally and figuratively by sin around the world, which is the transgression of God’s laws, and includes careless management of earth’s resources, because God will judge “those who destroy the earth” (Revelation 11:18).

The new wine mourns. The vine decays. All the merry-hearted sigh.
The gaiety of tambourines ceases. The noise of revelers stops. The gaiety of the harp ceases.
They do not drink wine with song; Strong drink is bitter to those who drink it.
The city of chaos is broken down; Every house is shut up so that none may enter.
There is an outcry in the streets concerning the wine; All joy turns to gloom.
The gaiety of the earth is banished. Desolation is left in the city and the gate is battered to ruins.

(Isaiah 24:7-12)
– The “new wine” symbolizes Christian believers (Mark 2:22; Luke 5:37-39) and they mourn, not just because of things the pandemic brought, but because of the realization they may not have been as righteous or taught correctly about righteousness and salvation as they thought. This leaves them vulnerable to the pandemic and other judgments of our time.

New wine may not be obvious as symbolizing Christians, so to make it plain Mark 2:21-22 and Luke 5:36-39 refer to new cloth and garments and new wine needing to be paired with new wineskins and new cloth instead of old ones. The new wine symbolizes our new state of being reborn with God's Spirit when we are saved by Christ, while the wineskins, cloths, and garments represent our acts or behavior.

New wine and cloth should be paired with new wineskins and garments because if we continue in our old lives of sin and darkness (the old wineskins and garments) after accepting a new Christian life, it will create conflict within us and in our lives that is symbolized by the old wineskins bursting and the new cloth tearing away from the old garments.

This conflict often results in sin and these things go with “the vine decays” in Isaiah 24:7 to show that false teaching does not hold up or give true salvation or result in true righteousness. It does not come from Christ - our true Vine, Who will not decay. False teaching, like false gospels and false sin, keeps people from walking lives of new garments and wineskins that the new wine and cloth need to be paired with; believers need to walk in actual righteousness and not false versions that are commonly taught by the church and world.

All the references to the “merry-hearted, gaiety, and revelers” sighing and being stopped refer to how this pandemic has cancelled most public mass gatherings, like those celebrating holidays, sports, etc. Other Tribulation events will also continue the trend brought by COVID-19 to shut down the world.

The city of chaos is broken down; every house is shut up so that none may enter… desolation is left in the city and the gate is battered to ruins.” - These are all obvious references to what has happened in major cities around the world in this pandemic.

The outcry concerning the wine has a double meaning in people lamenting the loss of alcohol on the streets during the pandemic, but more importantly it goes with the “new wine” of verse 7, which refers to Christians and Christian teaching. The outcry over wine will be that of bad or false teaching in the church that is revealed during the pandemic and times of judgment now, because believers will lament that they find they are not protected from events of the Tribulation as they were led to believe.

[Update 5/11/2020: Since posting this update, I've seen many instances where the "new wine mourns" relates to the church's lamenting and anger over false teaching. Some who have worked much on exposing false teaching in the Word of Faith movement noted that the pandemic exposed many false preachers because of their prophecies, predictions, or claims were shown to be wrong[3.1.110].

I've also heard from friends in Nigeria and Uganda relaying the same things, such as the prophecies of false teachers and prophets being exposed as lies by the pandemic, ministers selling useless protection from COVID-19, and some exposed ministers actually said the Holy Spirit lied to them about what they shared.

The Spirit and God lying is not only impossible, for the Lord does not lie (Titus 1:2; Numbers 23:19) and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth (John 14:16-17, 15:26, 16:13; 1 John 5:6), but it shows the state of the church having no discernment, neither in where they get their spiritual guidance and gifts, nor in following good ministers. "By this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error" - We, however, are from God and those who listen to us know Him (1 John 4:6).]
COVID-19 is only a part of the judgments coming to the earth before the Lord returns and the Rapture happens, which is spoken of in Isaiah 26:19, “Your dead will live; Their corpses will rise. You who lie in the dust, awake and shout for joy, for your dew is as the dew of the dawn, and the earth will give birth to the departed spirits.

Isaiah 25:7-9 also speak of the Lord returning and making a banquet when we will say, “Behold, this is our God for whom we have waited that He might save us. This is the Lord for whom we have waited. Let us rejoice and be glad in His salvation(Isaiah 25:9).

Isaiah 27:1 speaks of now and when Satan is bound to prevent the enemy from misleading mankind during Christ’s Millennial Reign after His return (Revelation 20:1-3). It goes with now, because the Lord has shown me the Leviathan of Isaiah 27 is the enemy that is misleading the church.

My testimony, like in Light Within, reveals how the enemy does this as imposters of the Lord, saints, and angels. This knowledge helps the church get rid of false teachings and the demons related to them, and ultimately will help in destroying the Harlot Babylon, which happens before the Lord returns (Revelation 18:1-24).

The false teachings of Leviathan and its demons are within the Harlot, which must also go with her destruction, because the Lord will not be leading a corrupted church or People when He returns, and He said the tares or weeds planted by the enemy will be uprooted (Matthew 15:13) and gathered at the end of the age (Matthew 13:39).

This all goes with my guidance in the number 213 representing the end of our current Christian Age, which is now, just before the Lord returns. See The Meaning of Numbers for more about it and my background page for evidence of the number’s predestined role.

God is calling more fervently to people everywhere, to His People, especially, to leave the Harlot now. That is why I quoted Revelation 18:4-5 in my update of March 23rd. The Harlot Babylon, the great unassailable city, is the church and other religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam who live in sin and teach false versions of God’s kingdom and righteousness. See Light Within for more about the Harlot and may God bring you out of her, through Maschiach Yehoshua - Christ Jesus. Amen.

May you also not be concerned with the timing of things or judgment coming to the world. There are many years yet and many things must occur before the Lord returns. “The way of the righteous is smooth(Isaiah 26:7), so focus instead on leaving the Harlot and learning the true ways of God’s kingdom and righteousness.

Update 4/18/2020 4:59 PM
COVID-19’s 35,443 deaths in America as of today[14] have now surpassed the number of deaths during last year’s seasonal flu[7], which was close to the yearly average, though the CDC reported about double the number in the previous flu season, which had an estimated average of 70,696 flu deaths[24].

COVID-19’s deadly reach around the world has the world and God’s People under a cloud of fear, but I mentioned before that focusing on numbers and judgment should not be our focus. Severe illness, hardship, and death is among devoted believers just as it is in the secular world. I’ve seen many news stories that show afflicted believers displaying their faith with crosses and Stars of David in the background or around their necks as they tell about their suffering and death of loved ones in the pandemic.

Many believers seem to understand the pandemic is God’s judgment, but most do not understand why they, the church, or God’s people in the Jews would suffer the same judgments as presumably more sinful and unblessed nonbelievers. I only gave brief explanations of the kind of sins God’s People and the world need to change from before, but now I will give a little more detail related to different groups:
  • Communities of color, especially in the United States, you wrongly accuse poverty and oppression by authorities for your woes. Does God not supply the poor and bring to wealth as well as poverty? Look to your pride, anger, and focuses. Should you not forgive as the Lord has done, and should you accuse falsely? The Lord has said love your enemies and bless and do not curse.
  • Communities of indigenous descent and those who honor ancient traditions, you value and honor your native and old traditions, but some of them have you in idolatry and practicing witchcraft and divination. You cannot honor the Lord and also live in these sins. They are why He brought judgment upon pagan nations and people, and they are why your peoples continue to suffer.
  • People in authority - in government, the church, military, and law enforcement - the Lord sees you giving partiality to your own and not making righteous judgment. Should those in authority not be judged to higher standards? The peoples are angry for reason, so when you stand in places of authority, the Lord takes it into account. Be the examples of righteous authority you have sworn to be and make righteous judgment.
  • All peoples and nations, your lusts have overrun you and you no longer honor what is right. Honor marriage covenants and love your neighbor instead of pursuing your greed, which is idolatry, and defiling marriages, your bed chambers, and harming your brothers and sisters with pursuits of lust, covetousness, and self-interest. You no longer know how to fulfill the greatest commandments to love the Lord and your neighbor. Remove your lusts, greed, and self-interest; stop murdering infants in the womb; keep your tongues from sinning; do not keep anger and hate; but fulfil love, charity, and forgiveness.
  • The church and God’s People, especially those lost in lies and false teaching, which the Catholics, Orthodox, Pentecostal/Apostolic, and those who were the Lord's first people, the Jews, have especially fallen to, you have all gone from discernment and do not know your God, so the Lord has allowed imposters of Him, His Spirit, and false prophets and teachers to be those you wish to hear. They are a test and curse to you. But now is the time for the tares of the kingdom to be gathered and made known. Learn discernment and know your God. Come out of those the Lord calls the Harlot Babylon so you will not share of her sins. Her end will come. Did the Lord not divorce Israel? (Jeremiah 3:8) And can not the ingrafted branches be removed? Remove from yourselves the false vines, who produce thorns to shackle you, and adorn yourself with the true Vine and His teachings. Recognize and acknowledge the Lord, His name is Yahovah, and He gave His authority to His Son, Mashiach Yeshua - Christ Jesus. The voices you listen to are not the Lord’s and the shepherds you value do not know Him. Stop your worship of the saints, angels, and spirits. Stop your self-worship and worship of people and pursuits. Instead, make yourselves what is approved, for the Lord desires your worship, a life out of darkness, that is in spirit and truth.
Those who will not heed God’s call to better discernment and change will not be kept through the coming times as the Lord promised the Church of Philadelphia in Revelation. He will keep you through the hour of testing that is now upon the world if you show your desire for righteousness, seek Him in Christ and do not deny His name, for He knows your deeds and your heart. Those who overcome will be given the Lord's name and the name of His New Jerusalem upon them, an eternal inheritance. So do not think if you have been safe in this time of distress that you have no need of change. There is much yet to befall the earth.
Terror and pit and snare confront you, O inhabitant of the earth. Then it will be that he who flees the report of disaster will fall into the pit, And he who climbs out of the pit will be caught in the snare; For the windows above are opened, and the foundations of the earth shake (Isaiah 24:17-18).

Woe unto you that desire the day of the Lord Yahovah! To what end is it for you? The day of Yahovah is darkness, and not light. As if a man did flee from a lion, and a bear met him; or went into the house, and leaned his hand on the wall, and a snake bit him. Shall not the day of Yahovah be darkness, and not light? Even very dark, with no brightness in it?

I hate, I despise your festivals, and I will not delight in your solemn assemblies. Though you give offerings, I will not accept them, neither will I regard your rich offerings of peace. Take away from me the noise of your songs, for I will not hear the melody of your music.

But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream. Did you give me offerings in the wilderness, My people? But instead you have borne the tabernacle of your greed and upheld your idols and gods, which you made to yourselves. Therefore will I cause you to go into captivity beyond Damascus, says Yahovah, whose name is The God of hosts.
(Amos 5:18-20)

Only your movement towards the Lord in Christ and His righteousness will spare you from the terror, and the pit, and the snare. The Lord be blessed forever and ever. Amen.

Update 5/11/2020 1:38 PM

Update 5/22/2020 5:16 PM
Section updated 6/10/2020

Many places in the world are reopening after months in shutdown from the pandemic, and I now feel the Lord compels me to continue in the spiritual analogy I started when I first wrote about COVID-19. God wants the world, church, and His people everywhere to open their eyes and see why this judgment, and others like it, are coming, and how they are an analogy to false teaching that is widespread in both the secular and non-secular worlds.

I wrote on March 14th that some earlier pandemics had become a part of the seasonal flu, which relates to how harmful false teaching throughout Jewish, church, and religious history has also become an intractable part of the church and other religious communities. Though people’s lives already had unhealthy contagions, COVID-19 made people much more aware of them, and though it is not as deadly as other diseases, it can produce serious harm to some people and has made the world come out of its isolation very cautiously and armed with preventive measures like never before.

I said on March 14th that if believers quarantined bad and false teaching like the world has COVID-19, we would have healthy religious lives instead of the unhealthy and even dangerous teachings that are endemic in many believers’ lives. Like the seasonal flu and COVID-19, false teachings have been spreading for centuries and they have varying effects on individuals, but they can cause very serious harm and even eternal death to believers who’ve put faith in lies and things that do not help them get or keep salvation in God or Christ.

When believers return to their churches, temples, and synagogues with masks and social distancing rules in place, they should bring this spiritual analogy to mind and see that God is making them aware that the spiritual world they live in is also full of unhealthy contagions that easily spread when they are accepted and not taken seriously.

This is a problem of too much bad discernment in the church and religious communities, and that the tares or weeds of the enemy (Matthew 13:38-39) and their teaching are also too readily accepted. This problem and its consequences will become worse if believers, churches, ministries, and religious teachers continue to do business as usual without accepting there are harmful things they need to identify and get rid of, just as they are trying to do with the COVID-19 virus.

I stated earlier in this writing that more judgment will come to the world and to believers if they do not recognize their errors and change. And related to the analogy with false teachings is that the world will be put under a test to see if it will accept what is good and true or continue to believe in lies (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12). It will be a test of serious consequence, because it can cost people, even believers, eternal salvation, for “if anyone worships the beast and his image… he also will drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is mixed in full strength in the cup of His anger, and he will be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever; they have no rest day and night…(Revelation 14:9-11).

But to those who persevere in the truth will be part of the resurrection, for “the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received the mark on their forehead and on their hand; and they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years(Revelation 20:4).

The COVID-19 pandemic is a more serious warning to the world and believers that things are not as God desires. I’ve talked to ministers who do not believe the pandemic is from God, but I’ve given ample proof in this writing to show it is God’s will and judgment that was prophesied by Isaiah.

Some people also wonder why a loving God would allow this virus to take so many innocent lives, as the elderly are greatly susceptible, and even children have died from it. However, this pandemic is within how I know God to work. The innocent are not truly innocent because no one is without sin (Romans 3:23, 5:12), and the church often assumes having salvation in Christ negates all consequences of sin when the New Covenant actually only fully atones for our eternal salvation or entry into heaven for the next life. It does not negate the consequences of sin in this life.

My time working in hospice care, where I often went to elderly care facilities, made the consequences of sin over a lifetime very aware to me. I noted that many people ended up infirm in elderly care because it was their judgment for sin, which may have occurred or accumulated many years ago. Their sin removed blessings that would have come from righteousness, like long life is God's promise for honoring our parents (Ephesian 6:1; Exodus 20:12; Deuteronomy 5:16).

Having severe infirmities at old age is not simply because of the aging process. The spiritual effects of our right and wrong acts have much power in our lives, and for a great majority of people, sin throughout life takes away blessings that would be had in old age and often ends life prematurely. The Lord will simply let sinners who do not want to change, live in their bad choices (Psalm 81:11-12; Proverbs 1:23-33), which eventually brings judgment, and can leave people to their own devices without any blessings of protection or healing, which is another reason why many people are severely affected by judgment like COVID-19, while others are hardly affected.

Removal of blessings and leaving people and families to their own devices is also a major cause of harm and curses coming to children as well. But the Lord keeps well the righteous and He is slow to anger (1 Samuel 2:9; Exodus 34:6; Numbers 14:18; Nehemiah 9:17; Psalm 86:15, 103:8, 145:8; Joel 2:13; Jonah 4:2; Nahum 1:3), which means those who truly deserve blessings of healthy, long lives and protection for themselves and their families were righteous. While those who have sinned, God is patient to judge, so their judgment may come at the end of their lives, like I’ve seen in hospice and elderly care.

In the case of children suffering for sin that is not their own, I was led by the Lord to understand much of their suffering and premature death is from their parents’ or ancestors’ sins, which is proof that generational curses still affect the world today. This is something I’ve spoken much of in ministry work – the world needs to see how their sin affects others, so that we consider more seriously what we do, whether we are parents, children, or leaders. So let this life in pandemic be a warning to the dangers of sin that have brought it, because worse will come to those who do not heed God's spiritual warnings.

Update - God's Reprieve 11/7/2020 4:01 PM
Updated 4/30/2021

As winter approaches and the pandemic rages stronger than ever, I am again compelled to write of the spiritual analogies that compare the pandemic to bad and false spiritual teaching. Cases and deaths in the United States are the worst in the world, now nearing 10 million cases and over 230,000 deaths, and many other countries, including Israel who touted new technological data surveillance and analysis to combat the virus, have been seeing the pandemic renew its severity.

However, because COVID-19 is God’s judgment and is completely under His control, I stated back in March that science will not save the world. Israel, today, is more of a secular country than God’s nation, and turns to science and technology more than God, while today’s “New Israel,” the United States, took over Israel’s place as a nation-by-God when it was founded, now also, depends more on science and self-reliance instead of faith. But because God made the U.S. the preeminent nation for carrying God’s banner in Christ, it has come under the most severe judgment of all nations because she has become corrupt, so do not blame politicians and leaders for the pandemic being as bad as it is. It is the Lord’s will.

The nations continue to suffer without coming back to God and changing towards what is good, though the Lord knows they are weary of pandemic shutdowns and fighting the virus. This has brought people, including God’s own, who have not changed their thinking, to go back and conduct affairs as they’ve always done, which allows the virus to continue spreading farther and farther.

In the church and other religious communities, this failure to change and acknowledge why God brought judgment means the virus continues to spread until it reaches saturation, which is how bad spiritual teaching also spreads. Like COVID-19, the false doctrines in the church, Judaism, and other religions have spread and come to saturate their communities, because people fail to discern good from bad and the reasons for judgment, and so they go on to conduct ministry and life as they always did, believing they are healthy, but they are actually working to spread their viruses of false teachings and guidance.

Despite their errors, the Lord is merciful and hears His people crying. Next year will have public joy and celebration again, but not for communities that have not acknowledged God's judgment in the pandemic and call to change. By the Lord’s grace will joy be had, and not because of any efforts from man to combat the virus nor because of “herd immunity.”

But heed God’s call to correction in this pandemic, for those who choose not to change and not give victory to God will find need of further discernment when they come out of the pit with the snare hidden at their feet; the windows of heaven are opened and the foundations of the earth will shake. In Christ and His righteousness will you be saved, His glory and dominion be blessed forever in Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus. Amen.

Update 1/28/2021 5:32 PM
It has been a little over a full year since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and we now know much more about the virus. And it is also very clear it is very unlike any other diseases in its category. Though its deathrate remains low at 2.2% from today’s WHO stats of 2,166,400 deaths and 100,455,529 confirmed cases worldwide[25], it spreads and has effects that are much different than the flu.

Many people report suffering from the virus for weeks if not months, and have serious health complications many months after recovering from the initial infection. A new category of illness affecting children who’ve had COVID19 has also now been categorized as Multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C)[26], and new, much more infectious, and potentially more dangerous variants of the virus have been identified coming from the U.K., South Africa, Brazil, and California.

The scientific community marvels at the speed of which these variants appeared, less than a year since the initial outbreak, but I see it as God’s rebuke for depending on science and not faith and righteousness to combat the virus. The pandemic is God’s judgment, as I’ve said many times here, but even much of the church fails to accept that reality.

People and nations that have depended mainly on science to fight the virus have been rebuked with spreading infections despite so much effort to contain the pandemic. This has happened in Israel, which early on trumped its technological efforts in combating the virus.

And now, about a month into having multiple vaccines for COVID-19 distributed to the public, there seems to be a large downtrend in cases worldwide this month of 32.5%[25]. Scientists might attribute this to the vaccine and their material efforts to control the virus, but as of yesterday, the world has only gotten 82.5 million doses in 59 countries and the U.S. got 25.6 million of those shots[27], 31% of the world’s vaccinations.

Also consider the current vaccines in distribution require two shots to be 95% effective and most people have not gotten the second shot. In the U.S., only about 15.7% of people got both shots, so if that trend is extended worldwide, the effectiveness for those currently vaccinated would be about 57%.

That would mean, out of the 82.5 million people vaccinated worldwide, only 47.2 million people have immunity from the virus. That is a tiny amount of people with immunity from vaccines considering the world’s population of 7.7 billion. It only amounts to 0.6% of the population. If we only consider the U.S. population, the number is only 4.4%, with 14.6 million with immunity from vaccines out of a population of 330 million[28,29].

These very small numbers for the effectiveness of vaccines cannot explain the large drop in COVID19 cases worldwide this month, especially considering vaccine rollout was just starting in mid-December last year. They simply did not have time to create a large effect on the virus. The addition of four faster spreading variants should keep cases surging, but cases are still going down. The efforts of man cannot be the reason for the virus’s downtrend.

However, there is something else about the new virus variants I want to talk about, and that is the spiritual analogy they have to false teaching that I’ve talked about in this thread. Scientists have identified the Brazilian variant as something to be more worried about, because it caused a massive resurgence of cases in Brazil[30].

I said that theses viruses are analogous to false teaching in the church and other religions that have taken hold in the world, and they are impossible to get rid of. The fast-spreading COVID-19 variants are like more recent surges of false teaching that I’ve seen in past years, especially in the church. Most of them are fueled by imposters of God that use real spiritual powers to trick the church into thinking they are the real thing, and like the movements of Pentecostalism and other sects of Christianity that have spread very quickly, because they trick people with false miracles and seemingly good spiritual guidance and gifts that are not truly from God.

They are like these fast-spreading COVID variants in how they trick immune systems into thinking they are safe, but in actuality, they are only variations of false teaching and false gifts that are seemingly made authentic by spiritual powers of the enemy who trick believers into thinking they are God and the real thing.

False Holy Spirits and the demonic powers behind false spiritual gifts, have been infecting the church for centuries, but recently we’ve seen how this becomes dangerous to the Body of Christ. They fuel false crusades and misguided inquisitions, because the lies and twisted truth they spread are so readily accepted by the brethren. We were reminded of the dangerous consequences of this when supporters of former President Trump stormed the U.S. capital on January 6th.

The immorality of this kind of lawlessness against government rule that the Lord put in place (Romans 13:1-6; 1 Peter 2:13-17) should be evident to most people, yet I’ve seen recent surveys saying nearly half of Americans and almost all Republicans still support Trump[31,32].

I believe this is in large part because they believe lies and misinformation saying the election was rigged and other unvalidated conspiracy theories. Can we blame a public and leader for supporting lawless behavior, because they believe they were in the right, even though their beliefs were corrupted by lies and misinformation? Can we blame dictators and those who use obviously lawless acts, because they think they are in the right? The holocaust was fueled by such people, who took their beliefs to extremes and fed it upon a naïve, believing public.

A line must be drawn with what is right, and leaders who should know what is right should be held accountable. God will see to that, but an issue that really harms us as nations, and especially as a People of God, are that so many will believe anything without any double-checking. This has happened to the church and God’s People, which is why He said, “They are not a people of discernment(see The People’s Loss of Discernment).

We should be wiser as a People, but the variants of false teaching and false spiritual gifts misleading the church to follow misinformation and cult-like sects of Christianity are many. I’ve seen them create all kinds of protocol and procedures to follow in order to get spiritual guidance and perform miracles, some of which are true spiritual miracles, but that is not a new power of the enemy (2 Timothy 2:9; 2 Corinthians 11:14).

Just remember, the Lord does not change (Malachi 3:6), and though some of His ways can change, like Christ coming to change God’s kingdom with the New Covenant, God does not create all kinds of different protocols for different groups of Christians who should be in the very same kingdom.

There is only one kingdom of God, and so only one set of rules for Christians, but now, especially, at the end of the age, we see the power of the Baals - the lords, powers, and principalities of the dark spiritual world – whose name literally means Master or Lord, and who have been masters of impersonating God for thousands of years, have gained ground in the kingdom. They continue to create sects with their own lies and sets of protocols to enslave believers, and it all gets mixed up with what is truly of God and the truth. This has blinded the brethren into keeping the chains and ways of the modern-day Baals.

May you have the discernment to know the truth and leave behind the imposters, for you cannot serve two masters (Matthew 23:9-10; Matthew 6:24; Luke 16:13), and it is idolatry to worship any who is not God or make them your Master.

Update 9/14/2021 11:57 PM
Are taking vaccines helpful or sin?
Should I comply with vaccine and mask mandates?

When the pandemic started early last year, I had the strong spiritual feeling COVID-19 would subside and then come back stronger, which indeed it has with its downswing early this year and now it is in a resurgence, largely due to the Delta variant of the virus.

A news report noted how the Delta variant was getting “more efficient” and better adapted to combat man-made protections, like vaccines[33]. There have been many “break-through” cases reported of vaccinated people getting infected, and perhaps most notable in the Christian community, was that Reverend Jesse Jackson and his wife were hospitalized for over a week with COVID-19 when Jesse was vaccinated, while his wife was not[34]. Thank the Lord, they both recovered[35], but every believer should question why they were seriously harmed by tribulation.

In a previous update here (1/28/2021), I noted how COVID-19’s variants are God’s rebuke at the world for relying on science to combat what is His judgment for sin. So without repentance and the recognition of why this plague is upon the world, there is no stopping it until God deems it time to stop.

But unfortunately, we are in a time of increased judgment from God that is hitting the church and God’s People as a whole just as much as the rest of the world. I recently spoke of why this is in God’s Alarm and the Harlot Babylon, so please look at that if you have no idea why the church would fall to judgment as well.

I also noted in the alarm that a righteous servant of the Lord should not be seriously harmed by things like COVID-19, so in the church and communities of faith that expect divine protection, if you are seeing your ministers and leaders falling to great harm and death in these days because of God’s judgments, then you need to look closer instead of simply dismissing things and saying it is the devil’s work.

Instead, recognize the Lord brings both the good and bad, He raises up and brings down to the grave (Deuteronomy 32:39; 1 Samuel 2:5-7; Isaiah 45:7; Lamentations 3:38; Job 12:23; Jeremiah 31:28; Ecclesiastes 7:14; 2 Chronicles 25:8; Proverbs 22:2). King David knew his sicknesses came from the Lord and that it was sin that brought it, for he said, Yahovah, be gracious to me. Heal my soul, for I have sinned against You (Psalm 41:3).

Now that hospitals are being overwhelmed again with COVID-19, but this time with many more children and young people succumbing, and the news has reported that the great majority of people being infected are unvaccinated, especially in areas where the rate of vaccination is low, how should you view vaccines if you’ve been holding out on taking them?

I feel the Lord has moved me to write this update to address false beliefs about vaccines, masks, and mandates related to them, so let’s look at those issues.

Myths about vaccines
I know that many in the religious community have shunned taking COVID-19 vaccines because they believe they are related to the antichrist beast and Mark of the Beast (Revelation 13:17, 14:9-11, 16:2, 19:20, 20:4). Conspiracy theorists have spread that a chemical called luciferase or luciferin are contained in vaccines and are a “marking” mechanism for the Beast. However, there are no vaccines containing luciferase or luciferin.

Some people believe anything related to the Latin word and name Lucifer, meaning “Light-bearer,” has to do with Satan, however, we need to keep context correct and not label everything related to the Latin words and roots for light as also related to Lucifer or Satan.

Luciferase or luciferin are organic, biological compounds found in animals, like the firefly, that emit light, so the “lucifer” in these words simply mean they produce light and have nothing to do with the devil.

Conspiracy theorists have also spread that a patent submitted by Bill Gates and his company, Microsoft, use luciferase or luciferin as a marking mechanism related to the Mark of the Beast. The patent, though, has nothing to do with vaccines, but does have a link to the Biblical Mark of the Beast, as its patent number is W0/2020/060606[36], which has a triple six in it, and its application does have to do with the exchange of money (cryptocurrency in this case). However, because of Bill Gates’ work in philanthropy and supporting the World Health Organization (WHO) and vaccines, some people spread this patent as anti-vaccine information.

The truth is, there are no vaccines, including those for COVID-19, that use luciferase/luciferin or that have any devices, like that of patent W0/2020/060606, in them that can be used for marking someone as noted in Revelation.

Luciferase and luciferin are used in research to mark biological processes that are studied and can aid in vaccine research[37], but they are not used in the mass production of vaccines or to mark people. And patent W0/2020/060606 does have disturbing functionality to what the Mark of the Beast will do, but that is an entirely different subject and has nothing to do with vaccines.

What is of more concern here is that some vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines, do use cell cultures that came from aborted fetuses (mainly from fetuses that died in the 1960’s) in their development and mass production, though, vaccines do not contain the actual fetal cells of aborted babies in the final product[38, 39] and other vaccines have no connection with aborted fetuses, such as earlier vaccines for smallpox and polio[40].

There are many widely used vaccines that use these fetal cell cultures for production, such as vaccines for Hepatitis A, Rabies, Rubella, Varicella/Chicken Pox, as well as the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, while fetal cell cultures were only used in the research for mRNA vaccines, like COVID-19 vaccines from other manufacturers[38, 39].

Still, the death of babies through abortion is linked to getting many vaccines on the market, including all COVID-19 vaccines. Some people deem the long-disconnected source of vaccines from the abortions as distant enough to be morally acceptable. This is similar to many, many other medical and useful products that have come from sin, such as medical and product research that have put animals through torturous experimentation, even very intelligent and emotional creatures, like primates and dogs.

The Lord said man is to be held accountable for the blood of every animal killed unrighteously, like that of a murdered person, as He told Noah, I certainly will require your lifeblood, from every animal I will require it… (Genesis 9:5-6), so cruelty to animals is a sin that society has and continues to benefit from. If this interpretation doesn’t agree with you, then ask, do you think God would create a death penalty law to hold all unintelligent animals accountable for killing a person? Instead, the Lord has guided me that He was speaking of holding man accountable for killing animals in unrighteous ways.

Society has and continues to benefit from the products of sin. Does the benefit outweigh the sin and does the sin negate whether we should benefit from it? Those questions are difficult to assess, as animals are different from humans, yet sin is sin, and I would rather we not benefit from it, but in a world full of sin and its products, it is impossible to remove yourself from any association with it at all.

Also consider that God does use sin and bad things, for example He used unrighteous, pagan nations to bring judgment on nations as well as God’s People. God can also turn sin and bad things around for the better, as even the bad can be used for the good, as we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

So whether you consider vaccines that came from research done on aborted babies as good enough to use as other products that came from sin, like the torture of animals or organ donorship from the murder of a grown person, that is for you do decide.

From what I’ve stated, though, about vaccines and that COVID-19 is God’s judgment on the world, and a call to repent and focus on spiritual matters, not scientific, it may not be a surprise that I do not support vaccine mandates. God will protect the righteous and we should have the right to have faith in God’s protection rather than rely on science and the devices of man.

Those who belong to God are supposed to be unharmed from poisons and harm (Mark 16:17-1; Acts 28:1-6), like COVID-19, but the reality is, sin greatly affects the protection we get from God, and because sin is so widespread, even in the church and God’s People as a whole, I cannot look down on any believer who takes vaccines and fears illness and things, like COVID-19. They can help and many people of faith have succumbed to the virus.

As a people of faith and of God; vaccines, science, and medicine are not what we should put faith in for help and protection. However, sometimes we have no choice but to turn to science and medicine when we cannot turn away God’s judgments, which are penalties for sin.

Believers who have suffered through disease, like cancer or chronic illness, know that miracles of healing are scarce and medical help is often needed, so being forced to use medical help should be considered like a prison term that has to be served – most of the time it is judgment the Lord deemed necessary, though He can bring severe hardship to people for other reasons.

Forcing people to take vaccines, though, is something I cannot support, as it does infringe on religious freedom, ignores that vaccines are not 100% effective, ignores that vaccinated people can spread COVID-19[41], and ignores that some people have immunity from COVID-19 and other illness, either naturally or supernaturally. Authorities mandating vaccines are trying to mitigate public safety, but their policies should not force vaccination on everyone.

If I were faced with absolutely no choice but to be vaccinated, such as for necessary work or travel, I would get vaccinated, as sin associated with vaccines is distant from the final product, and vaccines have nothing to do with the Mark of the Beast or denying Christ.

Mask mandates, on the other hand, are easier to accept because masks did not come from sin. Using them does help stop the spread of disease, but they are by no means 100% effective, just as vaccines are not. Like any mandate, though, mask mandates can be unreasonable and force people to comply when it does little to help. Any mandate can become like the heavy yoke of the Law of Moses if we need to worry about compliance all the time.

My faith does not force me to wear a mask when I’m in contact with strangers, so I comply with mask mandates like Jesus complied with paying the Roman temple tax – it is not because He absolutely had to; it is so as not to offend (Matthew 17:27) and to honor and respect authority (1 Peter 2:13-20; Romans 13:1-7; Colossians 3:18-25).

God’s command to honor authority is not meant to be an absolute yoke, though, as some man-made laws are not meant to be absolute and issues of unrighteous laws and authority can affect how we comply with authority. As far as most mask mandates are concerned, I would simply put on a mask without complaint as they are within reason and do help prevent disease from spreading.

May the things I shared here help you have better discernment and peace with authority, through Mashiach Yeshua – Christ Jesus. Amen.

References 9/15/2021 12:02 AM

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